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Yacon, FOS, and Weight Loss

Yacon is a tuberous plant found in the Andes Mountains in South America. It has been part of the Andean diet for hundreds of years, although it is not only until recently that it has become known to the health and fitness market. 
Its growing popularity may be partly due to its being featured on the show of a famous doctor. It is believed to have the ability to help people healthily and safely lose weight, so it has been introduced as a weight loss supplement, usually in the form of syrup or pills. 
But how does it do this? What are the key factors to its weight loss properties?
The key ingredient to yacon’s ability to help people safely achieve their desired weight is FOS (fructooligosaccharides). 
FOS is a natural sweetener, but it contains only around one-third of the calories found in sugar. It has a molecular structure that makes it difficult for the body to fully break it down, and the body treats it like fiber. 
Because of this, it may help reduce the hunger hormone ghrelin without loading the body with too much calories. Since the supplement contains around fifty percent of its sweetness, taking the supplement may help suppress your appetite and prevent your intake of excessive amounts of food. 
And, this is a very important factor in your long-term weight loss success.
The supplement is available in various forms, the most common of which are syrup and pills. One study on yacon syrup found that the women and overweight subjects that took three to four teaspoons of the supplement every day for 120 days lost an average of thirty-three pounds and four inches from their waist. 
Moreover, it is also a god alternative to sugar if you are aiming to reduce sugar in your diet as it is very low on the glycemic index scale. 
This means that its ability to increase your sugar levels after you eat it is very low. In addition, it is believed to improve digestive health. 
The supplement is also available in pill form, and it is especially for those who find it hard to incorporate the syrup form into their diet.
To sum up, yacon may help you lose weight because of its high FOS content. It is also beneficial for your overall health is it helps reduce your blood sugar levels and improve your digestive health.
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Yacon, FOS, and Weight Loss

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Yacon Syrup Side Effects: Things You Must Be Aware Of!

Yacon syrup became instantly one of the most famous weight loss supplements when a certain famous TV doctor talked about it in his show. 
Whenever there is such a craze, as it is right now with this, there are also lots of misinformed people who don’t understand the effects and the potential side effects. 
Are there any yacon syrup side effects and if there are then how serious are these side effects?
According to clinical studies, consuming 0,14 grams of this syrup per day is enough promote weight loss and boost metabolism. 
A 70 kg person should take in an equivalent of 9.8 grams per day. It is recommended to take the syrup in 2 doses and taking it an hour before a meal. It is also recommended to take it during meals by some experts. 
One study showed that by taking this syrup, a person can lose on average of 33 pounds in a four month period or about 2 pounds a week. How much of that was the supplement and how much was placebo, is up for debate.
Yacon can be found in a variety of forms, such as dried chips, powder, pills and syrup. The root of the plant itself can be consumed as well. 
The main ingredient of all these products is FOS (fructooligosaccharides). It is a natural sweetener which is difficult to break down and it goes through a person’s digestive tract unmetabolized. 
FOS is also a prebiotic that helps to feed healthy bowel flora. In addition to Yacon molasses and syrup, it can be found in vegetables and fruits, such as asparagus, artichokes, garlic and bananas.
Yacon syrup side effects
Moderate consumption of this syrup is considered generally safe, although it is not used in infant formulas in many countries. 
It is known that taking large doses of this syrup can lead to flatulence and diarrhea. Individuals who suffer from diarrhea should avoid consuming supplements that contain FOS.
Small percentage of people have also experienced nausea and bloating. Individuals who are allergic to sunflower seeds should also avoid consuming the syrup. 
It has also been proposed that it has a testosterone boosting ability and can be therefore be beneficial to athletes, but these claims are not tested in humans.
The syrup itself is extracted from the root but it is important to know that the leaves of the plant can be potentially toxic. 
Potential renal damage was one of the potential side-effects of the long-term use of this syrup, according to the Journal of ethnopharmacology.
There are many more indirect yacon syrup side effects. The people really don’t do enough research and therefore don’t know what they get. 
One of the potential side-effects is that this turns into a similar craze like acai berry. People might unknowingly spend large sums of money on ineffective products that are loaded with preservatives and might not even contain the beneficial fructooligosaccharides itself.
People might also have unrealistic expectations and might consider it as a magic pill, which it is not. There have not been enough studies and research done that might yield more clues about the syrup. 
The people, who can reap the most benefits out of this syrup, are people who are overweight, suffer from constipation, don’t consume enough fiber and suffer from high blood sugar. 
Individuals who don’t have these conditions don’t need to consume this supplement necessarily.
Although there doesn’t seem to be very serious side-effects, except potential diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, it is still important to understand how the yacon syrup works and to make sure you actually need it. 
There is no point in spending money on supplements that don’t necessarily benefit you and more emphasis should be put on balanced nutrition.
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Yacon Syrup Side Effects: Things You Must Be Aware Of!

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Yacon Molasses Review – The Benefits You Must Know About!

It is really positive and encouraging that people are becoming more aware of the importance of their health and that they demand better and better health products. 
Thanks to this encouragingly positive trend and the innovative technology, there are more options and opportunities to address health concerns. 
One of the supplements that has gained momentum recently is Yacon and various products derived from it. This is why I decided to do a Yacon Molasses review so people could know the benefits of it.
Since Yacon is low in the glyemic index and a natural sweetener, it is extremely beneficial for people who want to lower their sugar intake. 
Foods that are high in the glycemic index, such as processed sugars increase blood sugar levels rapidly and that in turn spikes insulin. 
So if you are looking to keep your blood sugar stable then you can start using it to replace sugar. You can use it as a sweetener in various recipes or you can eat it right from a teaspoon.
Another benefit of Yacon Molasses is that is helps digestion. If you happen to suffer from regular constipation then you could really benefit from adding it to your diet. 
The reason why it helps with constipation is because it is high in fructooligosaccharides, which are prebiotics. 
Prebiotics are basically food for the beneficial gut bacteria. On top of that it has been proven that it also aids regular waste elimination from the body. 
Instead of taking expensive drugs with dangerous side effects, you could just take a teaspoon of Yacon Molasses a day and get rid of constipation.
Another benefit that I would like to mention in my review is the weight loss benefits. Fructooligosaccharides are the main ingredients that provide these benefits. 
It is known that the body is not able to effectively metabolize fructooligosaccharides. This means the body can not obtain that many calories from it and fructooligosaccharides also suppress appetite.
It also improves cholesterol and prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver. A combination of yacon and silymarin has been shown to improve the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar in patients with diagnosed metabolic syndrome.
Anticancer benefits have also been demonstrated and it has played a crucial role in inhibiting the reproduction of cancerous cells. 
It has also been shown to produce premature death of cancerous cells. A fungus which is present in the roots and the leaves has been shown that provide cancer fighting benefits against blood, colon, skin and nerve cancers.
It has also been shown that improve the absorption of calcium and magnesium, which are crucial minerals for increasing bone density. 
Elderly people who suffer from osteoporosis could really benefit from it as well. Additional benefits are the improved elimination of toxins, production of healthy short chained fatty acids and the elimination of harmful gut bacteria.
It might seem that this is some sort of a miracle supplement. The truth is that it is really not. The body needs vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients to function properly. 
If the body gets the nutrient it needs then it functions better and a person becomes healthier. There are lots essential nutrients that are missing in our diets and that are causing so many health problems. 
By providing our bodies with nutrient-rich foods and supplements, we become healthier. If just one supplement can make such a big difference then you can only imagine what a bigger dietary change can make.
This was my short Yacon Molasses review and hopefully it was helpful. The main thing is to understand the importance of nutrients in terms of health. 
Simple dietary changes, such as regular consumption of yacon syrup or molasses, can make a significant difference.
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Yacon Molasses Review – The Benefits You Must Know About!

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Yacon Syrup For Weight Loss – Does It Actually Work?

There is a lot of talk about using Yacon syrup for weight loss and any supplement that is heavily promoted by well-known doctors then it certainly creates a frenzy. 
Everyone who have struggled with their weight want to learn more about this miracle product and marketers very smartly use this opportunity to market bogus products. 
It can be confusing for the average person to orientate in this pool of information and misinformation. In this article I will explain what Yacon syrup is and the potential benefits it has.
The syrup, which is derived from the root of the plant, has been called “The Metabolism Game Changer.” The roots of the robust plant have used in Peru for hundreds of years and because of the recent clinical studies and research, the benefits for weight loss are supposedly very significant. 
For many individuals who have heard such claims before, it seems too good to be true. But unlike many other bogus and over-hyped weight loss products, this one has medical backing in terms of clinical studies behind it.
One of the main factors that make it stand out from the rest of the countless weight loss products is the root extract which is very high in FOS (Fructooligosaccharide). 
The benefits of FOS are that they act as a natural appetite suppressants and it acts as prebiotics. FOS basically resists the breakdown of enzymes in the digestive system of a human and FOS reaches the colon without it being digested. It is therefore low in calories and it has many other beneficial effects.
For example it also has the same effects as soluble fiber and helps to control and also prevent constipation. Another benefit of FOS is that it aids in feeding helpful bacteria in the colon like Lactobacillus and Bifidus.
Healthy bowel bacteria can have positive effects such as boosting immune system and anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn can help maintain weight.
Another reason why using Yacon syrup for weight loss is beneficial is that the fructooligosaccharides of the syrup modulate the production of gastrointestinal peptides. 
These peptides aid in regulating insulin levels and take part in gastric emptying rates. The way this helps to lose weight, is reduced food cravings and better control over appetite. 
Controlling appetite is one of the hardest challenges a person wanting to lose weight faces.
In a study, which researched the beneficial effects of Yacon syrup on insulin resistance and obesity, pre-menopausal women who were dyslipidemic and obese, were studied over a 120-day experiment. In this double-blind placebo-controlled experiment, 2 doses of the syrup, 0.14 and 0.29 grams, were given per day. 
Various stats and measurements, such as calcium, blood glucose, insulin and lipid concentrations were taken.
The results showed that the daily consumption of 0.14 grams of fructooligosaccharides resulted in significant decrease in waist circumference, body weight and body mass index. 
Decreases in Homeostasis Model Assessment index and fasting serum insulin were observed as well. The results showed that regular consumption of this syrup increased satiety sensations and defecation frequency.
So Yacon syrup for weight loss has clinical studies to back it up. This can not be said to most weight loss products. It has to be said that this product and many other beneficial weight loss products, are only tools that help a person to lose weight.
Supplements can only aid a person and without proper exercise regimen and diet plan, the effects of supplements are minimum. 
But any kind of a positive effect, albeit very small, does add up in the long run. Even an extra 0.25 pounds of added weight loss a week can add up to 2.5 pounds in 10 weeks.
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Yacon Syrup For Weight Loss – Does It Actually Work?

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What Is Yacon Syrup And Is It Really As Effective As Claimed?

There is no secret that the main reasons why people find it difficult to lose weight, is because they are unable to abide by a strict exercise and diet regimen. 
It is difficult to make long-lasting lifestyle changes and therefore any kind of supplement that helps to lose weight, especially if it is promoted by a famous TV doctor, becomes popular in an instant. 
Yacon syrup is the latest supplement and according to a certain TV doctor, it can help lose in excess of 5 pounds in 4 weeks. But what is Yacon syrup exactly and does it work?
What is Yacon syrup?
The syrup is derived from the Yacon plant and it is a staple in Peruvian diet. It has been used by Peruvians for generations as a natural sweetener and also as a sugar substitute. 
It is high in fiber and low in calories (7 calories per teaspoon). Since it is metabolized slowly by the body, the blood sugar spike is very mild and therefore it is especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from high blood sugar.
The main ingredient in the syrup itself that gives all the benefits is FOS (fructooligosaccharides). FOS is a certain fructo-polysaccharide that has low levels of glucose, sucrose and fructose and it is often used as an alternative sweetener for diabetics and those who want to limit their sugar intake. 
You can put it in coffee or tea for example. It can also be used to replace molasses and syrup on waffles and pancakes or added to fruit or oatmeal.
Since the human body does not have enzymes to break down fructooligosaccharides, it is not metabolized in the digestive tract because of it. 
This means it provides very few calories. It is said to increase stool bulk and control constipation. It can help people who suffer from diabetes and high cholesterol. Since it is also an excellent probiotic, it acts as food to bacteria that are beneficial to the body.
In a study published in the Clinical Nutrition journal in 2009, a group of overweight women were given 2 different doses of this syrup over a period of 4 months. In the end of the 4 month study, the women lost on average of 2 pounds per week, which resulted in an average of 33 pounds of weight loss. 
The levels of good cholesterol increased while the levels of bad cholesterol decreased. The supplement also helped to cure constipation amongst other things.
This famous TV doctor also conducted a similar study himself and the experiments he conducted look very positive. But critics say that there were many substantial limitations in the experiments. 
For example it is not known how much weight was lost due to the placebo effect and how much weight was lost due to the syrup itself. 
It might have been that the individuals who took part in this experiment expected to lose weight and therefore followed their diet more rigorously.
The dangerous always is, with the people who want to know what yacon syrup is, that they take this as a “miracle weight loss pill,” rather than just a helpful tool. 
This syrup is certainly effective but people need to have realistic expectations as well. There is no magic pill and people first and foremost need to focus on their diet and exercise program.
Supplements can be used in addition to exercise and diet. If this is done in a smart manner then the supplements, such as this syrup, do provide significant benefits in terms of weight loss and health. 
The main focus should be to make sure a person gets as much nutrients out of their diet as possible and use supplements only if they are necessary.
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What Is Yacon Syrup And Is It Really As Effective As Claimed?

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