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Very Easy Ab Workouts

Here are some very easy ab workouts that you can do to get that stomach you always wanted. All you need is around twenty minutes of time for around three days and a little bit of dedication.
1. Twists: This one is incredibly simple, all you have to do is stand up straight with your back to a surface such as a table. 
Hold a weighted object like a textbook and twist to your left to pick up the book. When you grab it with both hands, with your hips facing forward, twist to your right and set the book down on the surface. 
Pick it back up and then twist to the left with the weighted object. Repeat each way twisting from the spine, so you workout your obliques, around twenty reps on each side.
2. Reverse Sit-up: Start this workout by sitting on the ground with your knees bent and pointing upward. With your arms crossed in front of your chest, slowly roll yourself down, keeping your core tight, until you are lying down. 
Then bring yourself back up to the starting position without using your hands. Do 15 reps of this and then do 3-5 sets.
3. Butterfly Crunch: Also if you want to strengthen your stomach, a butterfly crunch is the way to go. While you are lying on the ground, bring your arms behind your head and cross them. 
Bring the bottom of both of your feet together so they are touching. Lift your torso up as if you were doing a crunch all the while contracting your core muscles and then slowly lift yourself down. Do this anywhere from twenty to fifty times.
4. Side Sit-up: Finally another great and easy workout is the side sit-up. Lie down on the ground as if you were in a sit-up position and then let your knees fall over toward the left side with your chest still facing upwards. 
With your hands resting behind your head, lift your shoulders up as high as you can without lifting your knees. Do around 20 reps with your knees to the left and then flip them over and do 20 with your knees on the right. Do 3 sets on each side and you should be good to go!
Especially if you are a beginner to working out, these easy exercises should help you work up a sweat, keep a positive attitude and good luck!
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Very Easy Ab Workouts

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