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Avoid Commonly Made Mistakes In Portion Sizes

You might be making these mistakes in portion sizes when maintaining a food diary. It is important to read the food labels before assuming that a certain amount makes one serving or has so many calories. 
Take for instance cereal, do you ever measure the amount of cereal you consume? For some cereals it is one cup for others it is 3/4 cup. 
Most people simply tip the cereal box and pour the cereal into their bowls never measuring. Some folks go for seconds. So, you might be actually eating 3-4 servings of cereal instead of the daily recommended one serving.
Lean chicken with out skin or fat is a healthy choice. But what is the serving size that is optimum for an adult? It is 3-4 ounces. It is about the size of deck of cards. 
Depending on your choice of vendor the size of chicken varies dramatically. Some pre-packed chicken breast size are 2-3 recommended size. 
So, make sure that you are following guidelines set by FDA. Yes, lean protein is good for you. But, unless you are following a bodybuilders diet or that of an athlete you don’t large amounts of this healthy protein. 
Follow the dietary recommendation for an adult of your size and weight and you do fine.
Hamburgers served at restatements are huge. You can not count this as one serving of hamburger. The recommended size of beef is 3 ounces. 
The quarter-pound is slightly more at 4 ounces. But some of the burgers served are much bigger in size and probably contain half a pound of meat in them. 
So you cannot say that you had one serving of beef. It would probably 2-3 servings. So keep a close watch on portion size if you are keen on keeping track of your diet.
Coffee creamers are some of biggest culprits when it comes fat consumption. Even the fat-free versions are not free of calories. 
If you are consuming 3-4 mugs of coffee a day, you will easily be exceeding the daily recommended fat intake since no one actually pulls out a tablespoon while measuring the cream. 
The recommended dose is one tablespoon of cream. If you consume 4 mugs of latte you are actually consuming 4 table spoons or more of the offending cream. 
That is if you religiously measure the cream. If not you are probably consuming much more and not even noticing it.
The above are not only common foods that we make mistakes with. Bread, fruits, salad dressings and rice servings are also generally not known and we tend to overeat them.
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Avoid Commonly Made Mistakes In Portion Sizes

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You Can Lose Weight!

If diets haven’t worked for you, and you hate exercise, it is still possible to lose weight. When my brother was alive, I would tell him “Exercise and I have an agreement. 
I don’t bother it and it doesn’t bother me!” He would laugh. It really wasn’t funny, though. I’ve always had a battle with my weight.
In May 2012, though, it was no longer funny. My A1C1 was out of control at 12.0! I’m a Type 2 diabetic. My blood sugar had stayed within limits for 10 years with oral medication and diet. 
But, in the Fall of 2011 I got lazy and arrogant. I quit taking my oral medications. My A1C1 went into outer orbit. The A1C1 is a rating of the blood sugar levels for a 3 – 4 month period of time. 
7.0 is the upper level of acceptable blood sugar readings known as A1C1.
So, how did I lose 40 pounds and bring my blood sugar back under control without insulin?
First, I started taking my oral medication for Type 2 diabetes again.
Second, I stopped eating after 6:00 PM. If you are serious about losing weight, apply this rule to your life. No snacks. No late dinners. 
Be serious and don’t eat after 6:00 PM. Soon you will notice a change in your weight. It won’t be a fast or big loss, but what you want is a strategy that will lead to steady weight loss. And, this works.
Third, stop eating sugar and white foods. No white bread, no potatoes, no rice, etc. Stop eating sugar. The only thing sugar does for you is cause you to desire more sugar. 
No ice cream. No cookies. No cake. No pie. No colas. By the way, stop with the aspertame too. Aspertame kills ants. Did you know that? 
If you get ants in your kitchen, sprinkle the pink packet contents and the ants will be gone in 24 hours. Do you want to ingest ant poison? Get serious about your health and make these changes.
Fourth, pump up the protein. Eat a big breakfast. I have beans, ham and eggs for breakfast almost every morning. The benefits of weight loss overrides the potential for increased cholesterol. 
I happen to use an anti-cholesterol medication and walk daily to offset the cholesterol, and the weight loss tells me that I am on the right track with my diet strategy.
Visually divide your plate into “fourths”. Fill half of your plate with vegetables, one fourth with carbs, and one fourth with meat or protein (ie, beans). Eat up! Don’t starve.
Most diet strategies focus on making your body feel starved. This causes the body to go into starvation prevention mode and to store more fat. 
And, you have a greater battle losing weight. So, if you eat a healthy meal that makes you feel full, but stays away from your poison foods (sugar, white foods, colas, wine, etc.), you will lose weight.
Choose life. Choose health. Make changes before you find yourself in a serious health crisis. You can do it.
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You Can Lose Weight!

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Portion Size Mistakes And Other Weight Loss Tips

Cooking spray is another deceptively healthy choice. You are supposed to spray just 1/3rd of second to get your recommended dose. 
Most people just spray thinking it is a healthy choice as you are not pouring any oil in your food. But if you spray for a second or more you are getting way more calories than what you calculated. 
And if you did not note down the calories from your cooking spray thinking it is negligible you will be making a huge mistake.
Plain old whole wheat bread seems a relatively healthy choice till you realize that some breads are huge and their serving size is just one slice. 
If you making your own sandwich and taking it from home and assuming you made healthy choice and are controlling your portion size without consulting the product labels you will be eating double the amount. 
Check all food and product labels for recommended serving sizes vary across vendors. You would be making avoidable mistakes on your weight loss journey.
How can you go wrong with fruits? Well it is one of the healthiest choices in terms of snacks and you can’t really go too wrong it. Right? Wrong. 
The serving size of fruits is based on their size and weight. Since nature never serves anything in one size you better measure before you eat. One serving of grapes is approximately 16 grapes. 
If you sit in front of huge bowl of grapes and finish the whole thing off you probably ate 4-5 servings.
Serving size of sodas is 12 ounces. Most people just buy a large bottle or fill up a large cup as it is cheaper and plop it in front of them while working or watching TV. 
They end up consuming 4-5 times their recommended amount of drink with large amounts of sugar too. Stop drinking soda altogether or if you have to choose the smallest cup and stick to it. 
Don’t over indulge on this sugary treat as it neither contains nutrition nor a capacity to fill your stomach so you don’t feel hungry later. It only makes your hungry half hour later.
Don’t sit all day at your desk and come home to plop in front of the TV. It is not going to help you burn any calories if you lead an almost comatose life. 
Every hour get up from your desk and walk up the stairs to a water cooler on another floor. Try to take the stairs whenever possible. 
Get off the elevator a couple of floors away from your destination floor and take the stairs. Instead of sitting down at watching TV set up an exercise machine like treadmill or bicycle. 
Walk or cycle away to your favorite movie. Instead of sitting down pick up a duster and clean the cupboards and shelves in the room while watching TV. 
Fold laundry or cut vegetables standing up and watching your favorite TV program.
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Portion Size Mistakes And Other Weight Loss Tips

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8 Ways to Lose Weight Easily

Weight is an issue for more people today than it ever was. More people have quick access to foods that are cheap, easy to get, and full of fat and other harmful ingredients. As a result, more people weigh more now than ever before. 
It can be hard to make a change to lose weight and become healthier. There are a few things that people can do every day to lose weight more easily to keep them motivated to doing more.
Start moving more every day. Just a half an hour every day for a week is going to get the body prepared to start moving more. Increase this amount of time every week for a month. 
You will start seeing the results of your extra movements when you realize that you can do it a little easier each time. Your muscles will start to tone and you will use up more of your caloric intake.
Choose healthier eating options. Instead of a handful of chips, choose a handful of carrots. Replace a soft drink with a glass of water a day. 
Eat fresh fruit instead of a couple of cookies. Changing things here and there is a lot easier than changing everything at once. 
You can still stay have a treat now and then. You just need to limit your portions and how often you allow yourself to indulge.
Set small goals for yourself instead of unrealistic ones. If you think you are going to lose a significant amount of weight in just a short amount of time, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. 
That disappointment will make you give up your dreams of weighing less. Instead of making unrealistic goals, make short and attainable ones.
Join a support group or try to lose weight with a friend. Studies have shown that trying to lose weight with someone else helps a person to lose weight faster. 
If you try to lose weight with someone else, you can encourage each other to keep going when you do not feel like sticking to your goals.
Keep a journal of your eating and exercising habits. This allows you to see exactly what you have been doing and how hard you have worked to get as far as you have. 
You can always refer back to the journal to see how far you have come. You do not want to give all of that effort up with a huge meal or snack splurge. Looking at your journal when you have a craving can be a deterrent for making mistakes.
If you lose sight of your goal one day, get back on track after you have made a mistake.Even if you do make a mistake, it is not the end of your attempt to lose weight. 
You can still get back on track that very same day to ensure that your diet doesn’t go down the drain. Everyone makes a mistake once in a while, but that does not give them license to give up altogether.
Tell important people about your attempt to lose weight. Telling people who mean something to you puts you personally accountable for your weight loss efforts. 
You don’t want to disappoint anyone if you stop trying to lose weight, so you will be less likely to quit so easily.
Remember that you will not likely lose a lot of weight right away. Do not give up your efforts to lose weight just because success didn’t happen overnight. 
Do not try and deceive yourself: losing weight takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Stick with it and you will see results eventually.
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8 Ways to Lose Weight Easily

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