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Lifts That Kill Your Body – Use These Moves Instead!

Bodybuilding has been around a long time, so it makes sense that a few go-to exercises have made their place in the gym. 
But, today, we have the technology and expertise to avoid what actually hurts us and adjust to what works best. Here is a list of the major back and joint killers everyone does, but shouldn’t.
The weight is based at your ankles, so the torque applied to your knees is significantly higher than what you’re really lifting and causes undue stress on your joints and tendons.
Instead: Reverse lunges keep the weight placed on your muscles and does not transfer to the joints(this is the problem with machine exercises in general).
This is a highly controversial subject, so I’ll refer to a legitimate world-wide accepted pro.
“After a certain point, your lower back doesn’t allow you to transfer force to your bottom half… it’s the weak link, stopping your lower-body muscles from producing maximum work capability.” – Mike Boyle – world renowned strength coach and Men’s Health training advisor.
Instead: Highly recommended in place of back squats is the elevated split-squat. Click the link at the bottom of this article to see what these are.
The first of a few exercises that minimize the space in your shoulder joint for movement – this increases the chances something can strain or tear.
Instead: Parallel bar dips keep your range of motion more open so you can feel when your shoulders start to get tight and adjust accordingly.
This exercise is one that can EASILY wreck your knees and back. The main issue here is the form involved places your center of gravity over your knees – in turn putting the main workload on your knees and lower back. 
If you’re not an experienced lifter and have not been trained, or researched the proper way to do this exercise, do not attempt to do heavy weight. 
Sure, a lot of guys at the gym do it too, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing it right. Chances are they are on track to have lower back and knee issues because of that ‘I’m awesome and I can GRRRt a ton of weight’.
Instead: Using the sumo deadlift will take the majority of the workload off your lower back and help keep your spine more naturally set, helping you lift with better form and save your knees and back.
You guessed it – another exercise that removes that golden space in your shoulder joints! Not only that, but this exercise puts an enormous amount of weight on your lower back. 
You may have a strong lower back, but standing in an awkward position such as this calls for still puts a ridiculous amount of strain on your spine and hips.
Instead: One-arm dumbbell rows. This will target the upper to mid-back muscles just as well and save your body.
This is a staple for men’s workouts everywhere, so telling you not to do it is simply not an option. Instead, LMB will tell you how to do it RIGHT.
Typically, men are apt to attempt lifting as much weight as possible on any exercise just to have bragging rights, look more badass to other dudes, or to get bigger faster. 
They all have one thing in common: setup for injury. When lifting heavy weight overhead, keep in mind that your shoulder joints aren’t meant for that motion – especially keeping your elbows out to your sides and using that caveman burst of energy to force out the rep. 
What this does(just as in the bench dips example above) is minimizes the amount of room in your shoulder joint. With a heavy amount of weight, the chances for a shoulder injury skyrocket. 
Would you wrestle an alligator by lunging at its open mouth? The point is, if you want to lift like a badass, do it right.
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Lifts That Kill Your Body – Use These Moves Instead!

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