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Top 9 Weight Loss Foods

Not all foods make people gain weight. There are some that could actually contribute to weight loss when they are consumed in moderation. The following are the top 9 weight loss foods that are currently making waves within the weight loss industry.
Hummus is of Middle Eastern origin. This is a high protein snack that not only fights hunger, but also tastes great, particularly when combined with healthy side snacks, such as vegetables.
Just about everyone loves salsa. This spicy side dish is great with tortilla chips, or even margaritas, and it isn’t high in calories.
Many people are under the impression that egg yolks aren’t healthy, but this isn’t the case at all. When combined with the yolk, an egg not only has a better taste, but it is also much higher in protein, which allows individuals the chance to stay fuller for longer.
Raw Almonds
Peanut butter might contain large quantities of protein, but almonds tend to be high in vitamin E, as well as antioxidants. What is more, these nuts contain Vitamin B-12 and magnesium, which aids in boosting energy levels within the body.
Chia Seeds
Chia seeds contain high levels of calcium, omega-3, iron and calcium, but they are also great for weight loss. These ingredients actually absorb a lot of the sugar within the body, helping to stabilize the sugar levels and prevent them from being turned into fat. 
In order to benefit from them, individuals simply need to throw a small handful of them into their breakfast bowl in the mornings.
Parmesan cheese isn’t just great on Italian pastas, but it can also be used as a handy tool for losing weight. Some people enjoy peeling slices of this cheese onto their crackers, while others prefer adding some to spice up a salad. 
Since this is such a strong cheese, a small amount can really go a long way.
Sprouted Grain Bread
Many health professionals prefer this bread to many of the options on the market at the moment, because as they say, sprouted grains tend to be digested by the body much more easily.
Yogurt contains probiotics, which are very well known for aiding in digestion within the body. It has been found that bacteria within the gut could end up contributing to the rate at which fat is absorbed within the body, and by opting for a yogurt that contains these probiotics, individuals can actually control this bacteria and promote weight loss.
Apples aren’t just good for your overall health; they can also help you lose weight. It has been found that individuals who eat an apple before eating their food are less likely to overdo it when it comes to meal time. This alone can do wonders in help them shed pounds.
Losing weight isn’t just about cutting back on what you eat; it is about choosing your meals carefully so that you are providing your body with everything that it needs to function optimally.
We are all creatures of habit. How well do I know after weighing as much as 292 pounds and out of breath with every step. 
It was easy for me to fill up on chocolate cake and ice cream instead eating the healthy meals mother taught growing up. Today I am still a diabetic, but it is not necessary to continue taking glyburide-metformin to control my blood sugars. 
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Top 9 Weight Loss Foods

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