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Top 10 Weight Loss Apps

Apps can be utilized for just about everything, from finding locations to coming up with new and exciting holiday destinations. 
Recently, apps have been making it easier for individuals to lose weight by focusing on this specific goal and there are some that are a lot more popular than others.
The BMI Calculator
The BMI Calculator has received almost a five star rating by Android users, based on more than 10,000 ratings. The idea behind the app is based on the work of Adolphe Quetelet, who utilized a calculation to determine people’s ideal body weight. This can help individuals set their goal with regards to how much weight they need to lose.
The Diet Assistant
This app provides assistance to those who are struggling to get results on their own. Not only does the app act like a personal trainer, but also like a head chef, providing everything from personalized diet plans to grocery lists.
Ideal Weight
The Ideal Weight app informs users of their ideal weight, calculates their BMI and allows them the chance to determine where they are, as well as where they need to be with regards to their weight loss.
The Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker
MyFitnessPal has come up with an app that not only allows individuals the chance to calculate how many calories they have consumed on any given day, but also how many they have expended through exercise. This app makes it easier for individuals to keep track of their progress and is made up of a database of more than 1 million different foods.
Lose It!
Lose It! was developed for those individuals who struggle with obesity and allows individuals to set their weight loss goal and follow a very strict calorie intake allotment so that they can reach this goal. This app also allows individuals the chance to track their progress along the way.
Weight Watchers Mobile
The weight Watchers Mobile app is one that is built on the work of the Weight Watchers organization, which was established in 1963. This app provides users with exercise information, recipes, obesity news and a lot more.
Diet Point – Weight Loss
This app allows users to make use of more than 55 personalized diets from categories that include; vegetarian, blood type, detox, fad and low carb.
Noom Weight Loss Coach
This app is an interactive app that outlines daily tasks to help individuals lose weight, from challenges to meal ideas.
Gym Pact
The Gym Pact app allows individuals the chance to earn money by keeping to their pact to lose weight. In the event that a user doesn’t keep up with their “pact”, they will end up losing money.
7 Min Workout
The 7 min workout app is just that; an intense, specifically formulated workout that lasts for 7 minutes and doesn’t require that an individual purchase any workout equipment. This app isn’t only effective; it is fast enough to tempt just about anyone.
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Top 10 Weight Loss Apps

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