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The New Raw Food Diet And How To Approach It To Reach Success

There are always new diets coming out and old ones being tried again. We have all been guilty of trying many diets to maybe have lost some weight but then proceeded to put it back on as we can not sustain it. 
What we did was not bad, as at least we tried but we need to look for something that we can keep going with, without too much angst. 
The ideal result of any diet is to actually end up choosing it as your way of a lifestyle change for the better. Whichever diet we choose it has to be filling because otherwise we fail and we have all done that.
One that many are trying, some for the first time is the Raw Food Diet. This is not only a diet but a very healthy bonus for your body. 
These days we are always in a rush and so turn to processed foods which does not meet our body’s nutritional needs.
This diet requires you to eat vegetables and fruit in their raw form as many of us know most nutrients are directly under the surface. 
In fact anything cooked too long, lose much of the nutritional value it started with.
There are many extras that can be added to fruits and vegetables, with one of the main ones being nuts and seeds. Even dried fruits and seaweed can be included. 
The diet works on the concept of the dieter consumes 75% of their food raw. This allows for a small portion of protein to add variety to your meals. 
Water of course is the preferred drink during this diet but small glasses of pure 100% fruit juice is also allowed in moderation.
Now for people commencing this diet, do not rush right into it as your body has for years been used to some not so healthy habits and consuming unprocessed food. 
Start gradually with eating the raw food for one meal a day and once your body is used to that continue with the other meals.
Eating the raw foods has a detoxifying effect on the body so you may get some side effects like headaches but they will disappear once the body adjust to the healthy raw food. 
Eating your food in its natural unprocessed form can only create a healthy body.
This is called a diet but could quite possible become part of your new healthy lifestyle.
This subject is close to my heart as I have been trying different diets for years. I am now well on my way to a healthy lifestyle change and am happy to share my ideas and tips. 
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The New Raw Food Diet And How To Approach It To Reach Success

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