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The Importance of a Well Planned Diet Menu

Obesity is on the rise. People from diverse regions of the globe are suffering with excessive weight. The increase in the number attributes to the fast paced life and improper eating habits. 
The physical strain that a person has to undergo is greatly reduced due to technological development. This is causing the body to store calories. 
These calories transform into fat content that is often found in the regions of belly, the thighs and buttocks region. Diet menu plans for weight loss is available in various specifications. 
As each personality is complex, there is a change in the diet plan that suits to the lifestyle and internal mechanism.
Diet menu plans for weight loss requires immense planning. It is crucial to guarantee that the body receives its natural share of proteins, vitamins and minerals. 
Fish, eggs, soy, green leafy vegetables and amaranth are rich in proteins and vitamins. A proper diet chart ensures the timely production of energy, as required for the body. 
Moreover, release of protein prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue. A diet menu plan can be prepared with high carbohydrate intake or high fat intake. The plan depends on the present condition of a person.
Diet menu plans for weight loss requires constant follow-up. A follow-up ensures that the body is receiving its actual share of essential nutrients, without compromising the overall health. 
Consulting a dietician or nutritionist is advisable. They check for the changes in the body and alter the diet chart, if necessary. 
Losing weight in a healthy way is needed to protect the overall performance, functionality and efficiency of the internal system. Weight loss program can cause severe effect on health if the plan does not adhere to the body.
Sample plan
The following is a sample plan that consumes 1200 calories:
1. Meal 1 – Cup cottage cheese – 215 calories, 6gms of carbohydrate, 9gms of fat, 26gms of protein
2. Meal 2 – 1 oz. of almonds and 1 nectarine – 230 calories, 16gms of fat, 7gms of protein, 22gms of carbohydrate
3. Meal 3 – 3 oz. Chicken breast, ½ cup brown rice and 1 pat butter – 290 calories, 8gms of fat, 30gms of protein, 25gms of carbohydrate
4. Meal 4 – 3 oz. of sliced roast beef and whole wheat toast – 215 calories, 7gms of fat, 24gms of protein, 12gms of carbohydrate
5. Meal 5 – 3 oz. of salmon and 1 cup green beans – 205 calories, 5gms of fat, 26gms of protein, 11gms of carbohydrate
6. Meal 6 – ½ cup of raspberries – 30 calories, 7gms of carbohydrate
Consuming six meals helps the body to produce the required energy, as needed. This method increases the functioning of the digestive system. 
It also aids in developing the efficiency and functioning of various organs. As energy production is continuous, accumulation of fat is eliminated. 
Diet menu plans for weight loss is an essential part of life. By following the plan, gaining good health is possible. However, it is the determination and motivation that keeps alive the need to continue the plan forever.
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The Importance of a Well Planned Diet Menu

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