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Teaming Up For the Benefit of Your Workout

The time comes for you to get up from the couch and get that heart rate up. This task might be met with a sigh and a look of treachery. 
Motivation for your workouts can come in many forms. One form may be in a friend. Consider enrolling a buddy into your fitness routine.
Benefits of Working out With a Partner 
• Safety 
Picture yourself on a jog around the block. You twist your ankle and fall to the ground. Look around and see who is around and how easy it is to get help. 
Now, picture the same scenario with a partner. Having a partner can help to keep a safe pace. A partner can check your form when performing exercises to prevent injury. 
When lifting weights, you can push further because you have the safety of a spotter.
• Healthy Competition 
No one wants to be the weakest link. Working out with another person can help you to push the intensity of your workout. 
You routine will be longer and harder with a partner. The length of time will increase because you don’t want to be the person pushing that stop button before they do.
• Socialization 
Having time with others is important. Exercising with someone on a regular basis will help to build a relationship. Perhaps you walk or run with a friend. 
Those walks result in some in depth conversations that interest you and help to add to your motivation. If you can’t think of a partner, consider a group class. 
This will offer the same benefits of a partner, but with the opportunity to meet new friends.
• Motivation 
Let’s say you start walking with the neighbor at 6:00 every night. Your obligation to your neighbor will help to push you to continue to push through your lack of motivation
You may want to sit at home and relax, but you don’t want to call the neighbor up and cancel without a legitimate reason why. Therefore, out to pound the pavement you go.
Working out with your significant other 
Another option for selecting a partner is your significant other. Working out can become a time for the two of you to be alone. 
It creates some common ground and can help inspire each other to improve. The exercises will help to release endorphins and can improve things in the bedroom.
Some exercises to be performed with partner 
• Running/Walking 
• Partner Ball Slams – Stand apart from each other. Using a medicine ball, bounce the ball in the middle of the space between you. Your partner will catch the ball on the rebound. 
• Sit Up Pass – Sit on the ground in a position for sit ups. Face each other. Use a medicine ball. Do a standard sit up. 
Rise to starting position and pass the ball to your partner. Your partner does the same. 
• Hook Squats – Stand back to back. Squat down and slowly walk in a circle. Remain in the squat position. Count to 20 and continue in the opposite direction. 
• Push Up High Fives – Position yourself in a push up position. Your heads should be near each other. Perform a push up. 
Once you have risen to the starting position, raise one arm and high five your partner. Continue and alternate arms.
So, in the end, don’t be shy when it comes to your routine. Call up a friend or grab your spouse. The addition can be beneficial in multiple ways.
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Teaming Up For the Benefit of Your Workout

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