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Tailor’s Bunion: A Big Problem for a Little Toe

What is Tailor’s Bunion?
A tailor’s bunion, which is also referred to as a bunionette, is the medical term for a raised lump at the base of the little toe. 
During the early stages of a bunion, there will be minimal symptoms with only a slight noticeable alteration in the position of your little toe. 
Tailor’s bunion received its name centuries ago, when tailors sat cross-legged all day with the outside edge of their feet rubbing on the ground. This continuous rubbing was believed to lead to a painful bump at the base of the little toe.
A tailor’s bunion is a progressive condition, which means that it will worsen over time. It will develop in the area where the small toe connects to your foot. 
You will often notice a visible bump on the side of the toe that may be red and swollen. Some symptoms can include:
-swelling and inflammation 
-pain on the bump itself 
-irritation of the soft tissues underneath the skin 
-shoes typically increase the pain
There are 5 main causes of this condition:
1. Tight, ill-fitting shoes that are too narrow in the top of the shoe can put excess pressure on the 5th toe and lead to irritation 
2. Structural bone deformity 
3. Trauma or injury to the outside of the foot 
4. The weakening of muscles and ligaments caused by advancing age 
5. Genetics are a common cause of tailor’s bunion
Treatment & Prevention
Tailor’s Bunions are a progressive deformity, and if left untreated the bump will become larger, causing the little to lie over or underneath the fourth toe. 
A podiatrist may recommend these treatments: 
-Icing: icing the inflamed area may help with the pain and swelling. Do not apply directly to the skin, but instead wrap the pack of ice in a thin towel, then apply.
-Oral medications: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen may help to reduce pain and inflammation
-Change your shoes: avoid wearing high-heeled or narrow fitting shoes. Instead wear shoes that have a wide toe box.
-Orthotic devices: orthotics or customized insoles can help protect the joint and correct any structural alignment issues
-Padding: pads placed over the area may help to reduce pain
Tailor’s bunions are a common foot abnormality that can result in pain and limit of your daily activities. Call our office to schedule an examination to determine the most effective treatment for you today.
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Tailor’s Bunion: A Big Problem for a Little Toe

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