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Successful Weight Loss Is A Mental, Not A Physical Process

Does that mean that if you want to lose weight all you have to do is meditate, or sit and think yourself thin? No, I’m afraid it’s not that easy. But successful weight loss is not easy and imagining that it is, is the reason so many people fail at it.
Education is geared around examinations, but no one expects to pass an exam with just a few weeks work. The training for examinations is measured in years. The reward for the effort that goes into passing an exam comes in the years that follow.
Losing weight is about attitude, understanding your body, and most importantly, understanding your mind. It is about learning new skills, and undergoing training too.
If you are serious about changing your body shape and size then you need to take the whole thing seriously and, rather than jumping on the latest celebrity diet bandwagon, recognise that what you need is a lifestyle change. 
It’s a bit like going to live in another country. They have different social rules and expectations, there is a different language to learn, and it will take a while before you feel part of it.
When you don’t allow yourself the luxury of taking time to learn the new rules that will ensure your success – then you will fail. When you want it all over in two months – you will fail to keep the weight off.
There is no way round this.
The vast majority of people who diet regain all of the weight they lost, plus more, within twelve months of reaching their target. Around half of people who diet give up within a couple of months of starting.
The reason for this huge failure rate is twofold:
  1. There is a multi-billion dollar diet industry that needs you to keep on failing in order for It to survive.
  2. Unless you take the time to understand your body and your mind, you will never, ever keep the weight off for any length of time.
The diet industry needs your money. It is a huge business. The only way it continues to make money is by ensuring you fail. 
It cannot sell you a new diet every year, if you haven’t regained the weight you lost from the last diet. It can’t sell you club memberships over and over again, unless you keep failing. 
It can’t sell you a magical new piece of hi-tech home gym equipment, unless the last bit of kit has been abandoned.
You are fighting this constantly. This industry bombards you with messages that cause you to feel uncomfortable about your body shape, and promises magical solutions that promise the world and do nothing. 
But you keep on buying into the diet thing, and the exercise machine thing, and the weight club thing because they tell you that that is the only way you can have the body you want.
It is a lie.
Michael Hadfield, author of ‘How to Lose Weight Easily’, has been helping people to lose weight for around 14 years. 
Watching this free video is the first step you need to take in order to begin that process of understanding your body and how you can work with it to lose the weight you need to lose.
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Successful Weight Loss Is A Mental, Not A Physical Process

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The Importance of Self Esteem for Successful Weight Loss

THE CONNECTION BETWEEN LOW SELF ESTEEM & SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS: If you struggle with low self esteem or low self confidence, and are overweight, you could well be forgiven for thinking that losing weight will solve all your problems and you will feel happier about yourself and life in general… 
But what if I told you in actual fact, the TRUTH IS MOST LIKELY THE OTHER WAY AROUND… if you work on your self esteem, your weight loss is more likely to be successful and permanent.
10 Reasons why having Low Self Esteem could reduce your chances of successfully losing weight:
  1. Healthy self esteem enables you to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed even during plateau’s
  2. Experts say that people with low self esteem tend to eat more
  3. Happy confident people tend to be naturally busier meaning more energy (calories) are burned just through everyday living, plus when you are busy and engaged in life, you tend not to think so much about food and have less time to pick or snack through boredom
  4. Low self esteem is often accompanied by a lack of motivation, lack of energy and a lack of desire to do any exercise for a number of reasons. It may be they worry how they will look, what people will think, it’s too hard, or they really don’t enjoy it.
  5. People with low self esteem can often be less active. The physiological make up of our bodies is such that energy creates energy, the less energy spent leads to having less energy, the more energy spent leads to having more energy
  6. People with higher self esteem tend to focus better and plan better, both essential for successful weight loss
  7. Research has proven those with higher self esteem are far more likely to succeed than people who don’t
  8. People with low self esteem are less likely to have busy social lives, which means they have less going on leading potentially to loneliness and boredom, both of which factor very high on the list of why people eat more than they need
  9. People with low self esteem can easily lean toward a more negative outlook on things
    • They don’t even attempt to start because they don’t truly believe they will succeed
    • If they have a ‘bad’ day, they may feel they have proved themselves right so what’s the point in trying and so give up
    • They are easily downhearted and can tend to give up if the scales don’t drop when they feel they have been ‘good’ (but this can be for a number of reasons and doesn’t necessarily mean no progress has been made)
  10. People with higher self esteem usually have a more positive outlook on things
    • They make sure they are prepared and organised before embarking on a weight loss goal, increasing their chances of success
    • They have a higher level of determination to succeed
    • If they have a ‘bad’ day they accept that sometimes this happens, forgive themselves and continue with their plan making any adjustments that might help prevent this happening again
    • If things don’t seem to be working (ie the scales haven’t moved even though they have been ‘good’) they look into why, ask for help or try a different approach.
So whilst it is true that weight loss can indeed greatly improve self esteem and self confidence, it is worth realising, if you do struggle with low self esteem, not only could it potentially prevent you from succeeding, but it could also result in the weight being put back on if any underlying causes have not changed.
If you think you may have a low self esteem, and have struggled to lose weight, even though you truly believe it would improve your confidence and self esteem, maybe it is worth working on your self esteem either before you embark on a weight loss goal, or at the same time.
Foundations Weight Loss, Fitness and Confidence programme does just that. It provides you with all the information and tools you need, to gain a complete understanding of how you, as an individual, can lose the weight you want to, in a way that suits you, your personality, your lifestyle and your individual preferences for food and exercise ensuring your chances of success are as high as possible, not only of losing weight, but of staying at your desired weight permanently!
Research has proven that successful weight loss, fitness, health and confidence can be significantly improved through Coaching.
Compared with alternative methods, the powerful way that coaching works with you as an individual, on every aspect of your mental and physical approach to confidence, fitness and weight loss brings about significant and permanent changes.
Without doing the work on the inside, the outside results will rarely be permanent.
Visit to find out if we can work together to achieve your weight loss, fitness and confidence goals. 
There are many options available and payment plan facilities for most programmes.
Your Success is my success, and I mean to Succeed
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The Importance of Self Esteem for Successful Weight Loss

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Successful Weight Loss On The Vegan Diet – 5 Ways To Ensure Success

The majority of folks who embark on the vegan diet will experience profound weight loss. This will often occur whether it was their original intention or not. 
Some people who have adopted the vegan diet, however, find that their weight is stationary and is just not coming off like they would have hoped. 
If you follow the 5 tips outlined below then I guarantee you that you can lose weight successfully on the vegan diet.
1. Eat a variety
Don’t eat the same boring foods over and over again. It has been proven that when a person consumes the same foods and meals on a regular basis, they become bored with their food and consequently eat more of it in an effort to seek the ‘comfort’ that they are not experiencing. 
This is often done unintentionally. You need to eat a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and juices. Enjoy cooking and creating your own meals in order to find joy in your food. Have fun in the kitchen.
2. Eat in moderation
Regardless of what diet you are on, you should never over-eat. Avoid regularly going back for seconds. Don’t justify that you can eat more of your food simply because it is healthy. 
Healthy foods can be quite high in energy content such as avocados, nuts and seeds. Enjoy these foods daily, but in moderation. 
One or two small handfuls of nuts every day should suffice. Stick with half an avocado per day. Be sensible with the amount of oil that you use in your cooking and your salad dressings. 
By eating in moderation and in a sensible, adult-manner, you can guarantee weight loss success on your vegan diet.
3. Exercise
Everybody should exercise, whether they are overweight or not. Even if you are eating super healthy, you still need to exercise. 
Keeping your body moving and your heart pumping will do wonders for your waist-line. So get off your couch, turn off your computer and start moving your body
Whether it be brisk walking, dancing to your favorite music or going to the gym, ensure that you engage in physical exercise as often as possible, preferably 3 to 5 times per week.
4. Avoid Vegan Junk Food
Some people who adopt veganism do so in an unhealthy manner. Vegan junk food is a big culprit for sabotaging any weight loss efforts on the vegan diet. 
Vegan junk food includes hot chips and deep-fried foods, packet crisps and chips, dairy-free chocolates, sugar-laden “health-bars” and cookies, etc. 
Eating these foods everyday will guarantee that your weight will be stationary, or worse, will increase. Limit these unhealthy, calorie-laden, sugar-laden, fat-laden foods.
5. Bake Your Own Snacks
You should endeavor to make your own healthy vegan baking recipes. This will mean that you are in control of what goes into your food. 
You can control the amount of sugar and calories that go in. For example, bake your own healthy brownies that feature nuts, cacao powder and dates, rather than processed sugar and chocolate. 
Try out some healthy bars, cakes, slices and other homemade treats to keep you away from the store-bought vegan junk food. 
You can easily freeze your vegan baking recipes in air-tight containers, so don’t worry if you’ve made a large quantity. 
Find healthy vegan recipes online via websites or gourmet recipe e-books. Lose weight in a fun and enjoyable way!
Read more about vegan weight loss at ” The Vegan Diet: Save Our Planet – Lose Weight – Glow With Health.” 
Find out the amazing health benefits of the vegan diet, why weight loss is so easy on this lifestyle, where to get your vegan recipes from (recipe e-books), and what to do if you are unsure about going vegan.
Alternatively visit for reading on the vegan raw food diet.
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Successful Weight Loss On The Vegan Diet – 5 Ways To Ensure Success

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