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Staying Hungry – How to Get and Stay Motivated to Exercise

Motivation is a Muscle. Well not really. It is just a metaphor I used to describe the fact that like any muscle, motivation also needs to be worked on constantly. 
It is fuelled by our desires and by our achievements. A muscle requires timely exercise and each session must provide an increase in the intensity of some kind. 
For example, if you have built your bench press bench press to 100lbs for 5 reps, then your muscle would have hypertrophied to be a certain size that gives you the strength to lift 100lbs for 5 reps. 
But when you start adding weight to the bar, even small increments of 5lbs would result in small increase in strength and muscle size. 
This progressive weight overload will eventually result in massive gains in size and strength. So set a big goal like losing 100 lbs of fat or gain 50 lbs of muscle. 
Then set little goals that serve as stepping stones towards the dream. For example break the 100 lbs fat loss goal to little goals like 1-2 lbs per week. 
Keep working on each little goal until you achieve your big dream. This will help build your motivation and ensure that you go the distance.
Why do we lose our motivation?
The reason we begin a task or set up action plans is in order to achieve a goal. Our eyes are on the prize and once we have our actions charted we set out on our path to success. 
While on the path, we always take some time and reassess how far we are way from our goals. When it seems like they haven’t begun showing any results, people get disheartened easily and give up. 
This further leads to the belief that something as simple as losing body fat and getting lean is a herculean task. Actually, it is not.
People tie their motivation to the goals and completely ignore what is important. They fail to tie the motivation to the process instead and this often turns out to be their undoing. This is why they lose their motivation.
How to get motivation to exercise and stay motivated
The most important step of success is the actions you need to take. Your actions determine whether your dreams turn to goals or remain a fantasy. 
So, start fixating on your actions. Start loving each exercise, look forward to each meal. Challenge yourself to be able to overcome temptations. 
Each time you are able to cover a task successfully, you’ll find you’re motivation rising. Increase the amount of work you do in a given time. Look for improvements in the way you execute an exercise. Aim for an improvement or increase in output each session.
Each extra rep added to a set, each extra pound added on the bar, each yard you run more contribute to the bigger goal that you have.
Motivation and results
Results and motivation have a direct co-relation. When you fix a goal you’re motivated. This drives you to take action. When that action yields results, you are excited and you’re motivation increases.
The key however, is the action. Without it there’d be no results. We over focus on and expect quick results. However, we fail to reassess our action plans and determine their effectiveness. 
Remember, on the path of success, it isn’t the goal but the actions that determine your success. Hence, focus on them. 
Learn to love your actions, learn to love each rep, each set and each exercise that you do. Learn to look forward to each meal that you need to eat. Learn to love the discipline that goes with a successful action plan.
Each appropriate action will deliver the desired result and this in turn will further add fuel to the fire. Before you realize it, you’d have achieved your goal and would already be your journey to the next goal.
Steps to stay motivated
· Set Goals – Whatever they may be, write them down. Reaffirm the goals each day as soon as you wake up and each night before you retire you bed. The more you fixate on the goals the more they get embossed into your subconscious.
· Make smaller goals with timelines – Make smaller goals that eventually lead to the bigger goal. If you’re goal is to lose 20 lbs of weight, then chart out smaller goals and fix timelines to achieve them. 
Here you need to worry about achieving the goal and not so much on the timeline, if you do not make the timeline, do not worry. 
It just means that you’re actions were not supportive of the results. You need to work on them again and continue the task until you start seeing results.
· Determine actions – Plan out your actions accordingly. If your goal is to lose body fat, then you will plan a training and diet regime accordingly. 
If your goal is to gain a certain amount of muscle, then the actions would need to be taken appropriately. A sport specific goal would call for congruent actions. Plan them down and again commit to paper.
· Take action – Do not confuse having a strong desire or planning your actions with having taken strong and purposeful actions. 
They are not the same. You must get your body through the motions and get the mind into the game if you want to expect even the slightest of changes to start showing. 
Learn to love the actions and aim to strive for improvement each successive session. I cannot stress this enough. Do not be in a hurry to get to the destination. 
Fitness, fat loss, strength and muscle gains do not work that way. You need to put in the time and effort to achieve long term results.
· Chart progress – Take measurements when you begin, measure the number of reps you’re able to do for a given exercise and the amount of time you take to complete the session. 
Use this as a bench mark and work on improving it. Each week repeat the process. If you do not see improvement for two consecutive weeks, then you’ve either stagnated or you’re not doing something right. Reassess and rework the action plan and get right back on track.
· Celebrate Success – Each little goal that you determine and achieve calls for a celebration. Make some noise about, tell a few people how good it feels and how you found the process enriching. 
Share your experience with them. Watching you making a difference within your life will inspire them to take actions themselves. 
Watching them taking constructive actions to improve their lives will in turn make you feel elated knowing you were the reason they are doing it in the first place. There is no greater motivator than the fact that you are a person contributing positively to someone else’s well being.
Get a training buddy – Get someone who is motivated and equally driven if not more. You can feed off of each other’s energies and mutually benefit from each other’s drive. 
This will help you stay on track. If you are low on motivation one day your partner can pick you up and you could return the favour when your partner feels low.
These are exactly the steps I have followed consciously and unconsciously close to sixteen years. I have had marginal results, dramatic results and for most part of this period – NO RESULTS. 
These motivation fundamentals helped me to stay on track and keep working even though I was not getting anywhere close to my goal for 15 years. 
The outcome, right after the last readjustment to my exercise module, diet and food habits, I lost 20 lbs of fat within 17.5 weeks. 
These tips and techniques helped me learn a great deal about fitness and most importantly about myself and my body. I am absolutely positive that you too can benefit from them the way I have. So get up and get moving. LET’S GET FIT TOGETHER.
Before I started, I was struggling to actually see any substantial result in my body. I was 248 lbs with over 26% body fat. 
But things changed since June 2013. I made some drastic changes in my workout and nutrition patterns leading to a net 20 lbs fat loss in just 17.5 weeks.
My lifelong goal has been to help all of you struggling with your fitness and bodies and to help you have a resource at your disposal that helps you find the best and most useful fitness tips, tricks and advise. 
The lack of accurate knowledge at one location and with too many theories and false promises for a high price made me want to develop an avenue that could help people find the best and only relevant resources for their fitness goals which is cheap and also comprehensive.
Which is why I started my website with precisely that goal in mind. To make a complete fitness resource available that would help you’ll with anything you need to achieve your fitness goals and lead a healthy life.
Visit my website for the best information on how to lose fat and gain muscle at home or the gym and how to get value for money in your fitness endeavours. If you have questions please feel free to CONTACT ME and I shall answer them for you.
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Staying Hungry – How to Get and Stay Motivated to Exercise

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Top 10 Tips on How to Stay Motivated During A Juice Fast

1. Learn all about juice fasting for weight loss before anything else
Do some research about the diet before committing to anything. Try to understand its purpose, its benefits and how exactly it works in the body to know if this is something you’re ready for – physically and mentally. Don’t start a diet unless you intend to stick to it until the very end.
2. List all the reasons you have for going through a juice fast
Before you begin with the diet, take the time to sit down and make a list of your personal reasons for wanting to do a juice fast. When you find yourself wanting to stop in the middle of your diet, bring the list out to remind yourself of why you made the commitment in the first place.
3. Look for inspiration
One effective way to do this is to read blogs of people who have achieved their weight loss goals through juicing. Reading success stories of other people experienced what you’re going through right now will be of great help.
4. Stay positive
Surround yourself with people who are there to support your goals such as family and friends. Being in a positive environment will help you reach your goals easier.
5. Plan your “meals” ahead
Make sure you have a meal plan ready for each day of your juice fast. Following a meal plan, knowing what to juice and when to drink the juice will help you focus on your weight loss goals.
6. Listen to your body
While on a juice fast, your body is going through cleansing and detoxification which may cause your energy levels to drop at times. When you feel tired, rest or sleep. When you feel hungry, drink juice or water. Learning to listen to your body’s needs will help you feel more at ease while juice fasting.
7. Do fun and relaxing activities
Doing things that help you relax will increase your weight loss motivation and will help take your mind off of cravings. Creating art, learning a new hobby, reading a good book or watching your favorite movie are some of the things you can try.
8. Be creative with your juices
One reason why some people stop at the middle of a fast is because they get bored with the taste of juice. This doesn’t have to be the case for you – juice different types of fruits and vegetables so that you also consume different tastes. Be creative with your combinations!
9. Think of your health
If you’re juicing for weight loss and find yourself about to fall off the wagon, think about your health. If you stop now, you won’t only lose a chance in weight loss, but you are also losing a great chance to become healthier.
10. Picture the benefits you’ll get after the juice fast
One of the best ways to feel motivated about something is to think about the rewards. Remember, the harder the challenge, the better the rewards at the end of the line.
Follow these simple tips while juicing for weight loss and you’ll surely complete your fast with flying colors.
Healthy dieting and eating is Donna H.’s passion and it has changed her life. With over a decade of experience and advice from nutritional experts, Donna spends her time writing about what she loves most – nutrition. Her book, Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss can be purchased on
It is also available in kindle edition.
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Top 10 Tips on How to Stay Motivated During A Juice Fast

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