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The Best Kind Of Exercise To Do To Become Slim

I was a fat and overweight guy. Like most other people who tried losing weight, I tried following fad diets and the workouts found in fitness magazines. 
However, I failed to lose any visible weight! It was only when I understood the underlying principles behind fat loss and took matters into my own hands did I succeed. 
I was able to transform my abdominal region into six pack abs. I lost 25 pounds in 2 months. You can do it to if you have the right information. Let me show you how.
The following are some underlying principles you must understand before you can go further with your fat loss transformation.
First of all, you should definitely boost your metabolic rate. If working out is like an active source of income, then an increased metabolism is having a passive income. 
Your end goal is to always increase your body’s metabolic rate by making use of healthy eating and exercising.
However, I want you to take note of the following. If you were to perform long and boring, low intensity cardiovascular exercises like jogging, you will only lose lean muscle mass and cause your metabolic rate to slow down. 
You may look skinnier, but malnourished like a marathon runner. If that is your goal, by all means, carry on. Otherwise, if you are like me, and want to be fit and athletic, then make sure to read on.
Building your lean muscle mass will increase your metabolism and help you lose fats at a faster rate even if you are sleeping. What method should you use then? Should you make use of weight lifting? 
I personally recommend you try body weight circuit exercises. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is free of charge. 
Other than that, body weight exercises can be performed anywhere you wish, even in the hotel room if you are overseas.
Why do I recommend that you structure these exercises into a circuit? To burn fats as quickly as possible, it is important to keep your heart rate up. 
Although performing one set of a body weight exercise, such as push ups, and resting for too long before starting another set of body weight exercise is better than entirely not exercising, its fat loss effects will be diminished. 
When you keep rest periods short, you will actually be able to increase your heart rate more, and keep your muscles working harder than normal. 
This way, you will burn more calories through the work out session as well as increase your metabolic rate.
There are many body weight exercises. What kind of exercises should you perform to get slim then? The following are some of the best ones I recommend.
First of all, it would be the push up. In my opinion, it is the ultimate for your fat loss and muscle tone purpose. It requires you to activate all of your core muscle to keep your body straight when performing it. 
It also works out your chest, your triceps, and your shoulders.
The next one would be the pull up. For females, it will be the incline pull up. In my opinion, the push up and the pull up are the best exercises you can ever perform if you want to burn as much fats and build as much lean muscle. 
The pull up also works many parts of your body. It requires your biceps, upper back and lower back to pull altogether for you to complete one repetition.
Such exercises which activate many different muscle groups in one motion are known as compound exercises and are most effective in helping you build lean muscle mass and increase your metabolic rate.
Both of these exercises will also work out your stomach, and as your fats get burnt away, you will soon be able to literally see your six pack abdominal start to pop out!
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The Best Kind Of Exercise To Do To Become Slim

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