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Say Goodbye to Freaky Fad Diets and Try These Simple Diet Tricks That Actually Work

Douse Food Cravings With Water 
It is not uncommon for the human mind to confuse thirst with hunger. So the next time you feel like snacking, gulp down a large glass of water instead. You may not feel like eating at all after that.
Fuel up on Fiber 
Your fiber intake will actually determine whether your diet is going to be a success or a failure. Eating a fiber-rich diet gives you a satisfied feeling and keeps you fuller for longer. What’s more, it is also great for the gut and helps prevent bloating due to water-retention.
Stock up on sugar-free gum 
A food craving does not necessary translate into hunger. If constant munching has been keeping you away from your weight loss goals, pop a sugar-free gum to keep your jaws busy.
Never skip breakfast 
According to the National Weight Control Registry, 78% of dieters who successfully knocked off more than 60 pounds and managed to keep them off, had a sumptuous breakfast e every day. A healthy and balanced breakfast fuels you with energy and keeps you from unhealthy snacking.
No carbs after dusk 
Your metabolism slows down dramatically as your body prepares to sleep. Any crabs eaten closer to bedtime will invariably be stored as fat. Have a light dinner comprising of more protein and less carbs, and have it early.
Eat home-cooked meals 
When you eat out often, you have little control over the preparation and portions. Carry a home-made healthy lunch to work every day because research shows that people who do, stand a better chance of losing weight than those who don’t.
Nibble through the day 
This is the fun part of dieting – every time temptation rears its ugly head, push it back into the cage by snacking on an apple or a handful of nuts.
Be careful of what you drink 
Sodas, packages juices, alcoholic drinks are all packed with empty calories. When you feel like sipping onto something, reach for a glass of chilled water flavored with a dash of citrus or a cup of green tea.
Find some company 
Research suggests that people who diet and exercise in pairs or groups are more likely to achieve their weight loss goals. Having company not only makes workouts a lot more fun, it also gives you the much needed push when you slump.
Maintain a food journal 
Documenting everything you eat during the day will help you keep a track of your calorie count and stay disciplined.
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Say Goodbye to Freaky Fad Diets and Try These Simple Diet Tricks That Actually Work

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