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One Amazingly Simple Diet Plan

I’m all about simple. Why make anything more complicated, right? Right!
Just how long have you been struggling with your weight? Are most nutritional programs a little too complex or involved that they scare you away?
Since 2006, I’ve ordered many a diet and fitness program. I would get so excited from an infomercial and be totally psyched. 
I would tell myself, “Man, this is it. The answer I’ve been searching for. I’m really going to have the body of my dreams this time!”
Once I dove intro the program, there was always something that made me lose interest and I was done: too limiting, bird-sized portions, eating every 2-3 hours, I was miserable!
After almost completely giving up, I (literally) stumbled upon something that got my 100% attention and did work!
Men and women, listen up: Eat anything you want, anytime you want. Start with these basic daily parameters – Up to 200g carbs, no more than 75g sugar, at least 60g protein. That’s it!
Weigh and measure yourself once weekly (no mas!) and keep a journal on your progress.
If you are being true to these benchmarks, you should lose weight. If you find you’re staying the same, try adjusting your carbs downward at first, but not by much.
Exercise is encouraged (and recommended), but optional. Approximately 90% of what your body looks like is based on what we eat.
If you have struggled from plan-to-plan, New Year’s resolution to resolution, please try this amazingly simple outline. You’re not going to drop massive pounds overnight, but you will eventually reach your ideal weight. Stay consistent and it’ll work!
What you will realize is that if you make better food choices, you can eat a lot more food. Consider a skinless chicken breast (with minimal carbs) compared to a plain bagel (in most cases at least 40 carbs +). Do you really want to invest 1/4 of your daily carbs on one thing?
Also, look at your fiber content. Fiber is the king of keeping your full, and full is what you want. Being full keeps us from mindless eating!
Another suggestion is to keep the junk (basically stuff that comes in a bag or box with ingredients you can’t pronounce) out of the house. 
If you don’t have Little Debbie Swiss cake rolls in the pantry when you’re scouring around for a midnight snack, you won’t be choosing them. Unless you’re really intense and hop in the car to go get them. In that case, you’re on your own.
Honestly, this plan was my breakthrough to refining my physique in a huge way. I know what it’s like to be frustrated.
Now, it’s your turn and I look forward to hearing your success story. As always, I wish you the absolute best. Good luck!
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One Amazingly Simple Diet Plan

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