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Want To Shed Pounds? – Shed Pounds In 2 Weeks

So where do you start? Well first off I want say that no matter where you are in your weight loss journey this is going to be of some benefit to you. 
Through the course of this article I’m going to teach you some helpful tips that I and others have used to really shed pounds in 2 weeks or less.
Ask yourself “how much weight do I want to shed off my body?” Visualize how much weight you want to lose. Get a good clear picture of what you want your body to look like. 
Everyone will have a different answer but none the less this will be a great starting point. Once your mind sees what you’re going after it will really benefit your progress.
A lot of people when they start to try to lose weight they actually hurt their progress when they start to do things like skipping meals… especially breakfast. 
A lot of people aren’t even hungry when they wake up in the morning, but your body needs that fuel when you wake up. You should start to try to actually eat within 30 minutes of waking up.
When you skip meals it tricks your body into thinking that your starving it, so it stores up whatever you do give it in your fat cells. 
If you really want to shed pounds in 2 week please don’t skip meals unless you’re are on a cleanse or something like that.
Now the things I’m going to tell you are for the person who is truly trying to shed pounds in 2 weeks or less. I need to say that because if your heart isn’t truly with you on shedding pounds then some of this might seem to hard. 
I can tell you from personal experience that once you make these steps in your life you will feel amazing. And it becomes so simple.
If your goal is to shed pounds in 2 weeks then you’re going to need to really focus on nutrition. It has been said that body composition has 80% to 90% to do with nutrition. That means that above all else you need to get on a good food program.
Start cutting out junk food completely. If you want to shed pounds in 2 weeks then you need to completely stay away from junk food. 
If you have to snack, start snacking on celery, carrots, broccoli, and grapefruit. Those foods will help curb any craving you may have at the moment. 
To find more food that you can snack on that will help you either lose weight or just stop the snack craving, just do a Google search on negative calorie foods and you will find a whole list of stuff.
Up your water intake. We consume so much toxins into are bodies today that we truly need something to help clean out that garbage. 
If you don’t have access to some sort of cleanse then you really need to start drinking a good amount of water each and everyday. 
To shed pounds in 2 weeks then you should be drinking At least 90oz to 110oz of water each day. I know that seems like a lot but its needed with all the garbage we take in. Try to make it purified water as well.
You need to really make a commitment to reaching your goals. Don’t make any excuses for yourself. Tell yourself every morning and everyday that you will reach you goal of shedding pounds in 2 weeks.
If you don’t make that commitment then this next part is going to be hard. The step is exercise. Now to shed pounds in 2 weeks you have to exercise hard. 
You need to get anywhere from 60 minutes to 120 minutes of exercise each day. Don’t go any easier than a moderate workout either. 
You want to give yourself the best possible chance to lose weight fast, and exercise will do it. Try activities like running, hiking, weight lifting, swimming, and cycling. To see the best results try to combined some of those workouts, so you workout different parts of your body.
I know that some of this can seem hard but it is truly worth it. If you’re reading this right now you’re off to a great start. A lot of people won’t even take the time to learn how to change their bodies and health. 
You should be proud of yourself for taking the first step. Believe in yourself. If you have read this I totally believe in you. Great job and don’t give up.
Caleb Haney is a professional in weight loss and weight management. He helps people change their lives with revolutionary techniques in health. 
Caleb Haney has been devoted to helping people succeed in their personal growth in health and fitness. He has now been enjoying teaching people and being able to be of service to the internet community. 
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Want To Shed Pounds? – Shed Pounds In 2 Weeks

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