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Lose Weight by Eating – The Only Permanent Solution

Why is America the fattest nation on earth? There are several reasons, first and foremost is what we eat, not how much we eat.
Culprit number one: Weight Loss Industry
The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar giant.
The goal of this industry is not to help you lose weight but rather to help them get richer and richer.
Every magazine, TV show, info-mercial and newspaper ad sends a message that if you will only buy their book, video or exercise device you will look like the sexy male or female model demonstrating whatever.
I have a clue for you; those sexy young things probably didn’t lose an ounce from what is advertised.
The truth is most of this is totally worthless and they know it. So they just keep pumping out more and more knowing full well you will buy the next great promise, over and over and over.
It doesn’t matter how many crunches, sit-ups or how many of these ab burner contraptions you use you positively wont get a sleek set of 6 pack abs until you get your body fat down to at least 5%. You can’t spot reduce with exercise no matter what the advertisements say.
Culprit number 2: High Carbohydrate Diet
Our western high carbohydrate diet. Carbs come primarily from grains. Grains are cheaper to produce, ship, store and manufacture into products in our food supply.
Grains are mostly starch and starch turns into sugar as it is digested. The sugar peak in turn causes an insulin spike. 
Your muscles can only use and store just so much sugar so the excess gets turned into fat. You could call Insulin the hidden fat storage hormone. Hidden because nobody thinks about insulin unless they are talking about diabetes.
As time goes on your cells become insulin resistant which sets you up not only for obesity but type 2 diabetes.
Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers their diet was rich in protein as well as plants. Grains are nothing but seeds. Take a hand full of wheat seeds and pop them in your mouth and chew. Not good… not good at all.
Early humans only ate grains in emergency, meat, fish and poultry kept them strong, vital and gave them the power to survive nearly anything. Modern diseases like arthritis, copd, diabetes and heart disease were virtually unknown.
The mainstream wants you to believe that eating less and moving more is the right way to control fat. Trouble is, nobody can live like that indefinitely. 
Restricting calories and running around like a bunny gets old real fast. Severely limit carbs or eliminate them if possible, eat plenty of protein as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts and you won’t be bothered with weight problems ever again.
Man wasn’t supposed to live on grains. Make your diet rich in protein, meat, fish and poultry. Vegetables, fruit and nuts. 
Do away with the carbohydrate foods and you will definitely lose all your excess fat, regain your energy and help to preserve your health and looks.
Willard House writes about diet, weight loss and health.
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Lose Weight by Eating – The Only Permanent Solution

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