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Fight The Obesity Demon – Keep An Eye On Your Weighing Scale

According to latest surveys, at least one in three of the global adult populace is overweight, and nearly one in ten is fat or obese. 
Besides, there are over 30 million kids under the age of ten who are beyond the normal weight range. Being obese or overweight may have a serious effect on your overall health condition.
When you have extra fat in your body, it results in serious health issues like heart attach (and other cardiovascular diseases), osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, and sometimes even cancer (breast, colon and endometrial). 
Over time, these conditions cause complete disability and premature death. Besides resulting in problems for families and close ones, the cost of treatments increases as well. 
Fortunately, it’s possible to bring your weight under control. The key to success lies in striking the right balance between the energy consumed and the energy spent during the day.
The Rising Alarm of Obesity
Overweight or obesity among people is mainly an outcome of the changing way of life. Unhealthy or improper food items fail to deliver the necessary nutrients. 
It just adds to your energy intake, leading to obesity or plumpness. Lack of physical activity and unhealthy mode of amusement also add to a person’s body weight. 
Heredity is another vital reason. Improper dietary habits result in excessive fat accumulation in one’s body. Physical inactivity and poor metabolism are the two main reasons behind obesity, in children and adults alike. So, it’s highly essential to lose those extra fat and stay fit and healthy.
What’s Holding you Back?
You embark on a strict diet, count calories, pursue a weight loss program, and even exercise most days. Yet, when you step on that weighing scale and the needle refuses to budge, your whole world comes to a stop. 
Even with healthy eating and exercising habits, you may end up making a few mistakes that retards your weight losing process. Here are a few handy tips that’ll surely help you in attaining your “weight loss” goal.
Settle on the Right Calorie Intake
Here is a simple rule – take in lesser calories than you need for doing your daily chores and you’ll lose fat. Sadly, 70 percent of the people fail to analyze their daily calorie needs; there are others who even overestimate. 
You consume 2000 calories everyday; however, if your body needs just 1600 calories, the remaining 400 are enough for adding another 4 kilograms to your frame.
Keep an Eye on Your Food Amount
When it comes to dieting, it’s important to check what’s on your plate. Simultaneously, you must also check on the amount of food that you’re snacking on. 
Let’s put it this way – Your husband has bread and butter for breakfast, your son has a glass of hot chocolate, and you have a bowl of oatmeal with banana and walnuts. 
You won’t believe, but you take in 700 calories for your breakfast. So, it’s better to exclude the bananas. Again, if you prefer taking bananas, just limit it to a slice or two.
Erique Benson writes article on health and fitness related topics. 
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Fight The Obesity Demon – Keep An Eye On Your Weighing Scale

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