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No Time For Healthy?

Time always seems to be working against us especially when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle. Many people go out to eat or go through the drive through because they simply don’t have time. 
Let’s face it, even with these tips you still might find yourself at drive through. For tips on which drive though or restaurants have the healthiest choices check out our dining out guide. 
We will be reviewing and comparing choices in major chains as well as local places for our Michigan folks. We want to make sure we are thorough so check back every month for a new addition to the list. Back to tips on health on the go:
1- Pre-cut and bag veggies and fruit.
2- Pick a cooking night. Tim and I have Sundays off so we prepare 5 lunches and store them in the fridge so we can grab and go in the morning. 
Great way to save money on going out for lunch.
3-Carry a water bottle. As I have said before water is important so getting in the habit of carrying one on the go will help a lot.
4- Check out meal plans. It’s amazing how long it takes to just decide what to make or what to shop for. Some guides not only have a day-to-day recipes but also have a shopping list. 
This makes it easy to cut down on the time you spend shopping and deciding what to cook.
5- Plan ahead. Even if after thinking about your day tomorrow and deciding that the only option is to eat on the go you can still think of where to go. This helps avoid the, “Well I guess it’s Taco Bell cuz it’s right here.” (Although I do like Taco Bell)
6- Explore pocket sized options to take with you. Things high in fiber and protein helps to combat hunger. A hand full of almonds or a health meal bar can easily slide into a pocket or purse with no refrigeration required.
Most important when planning is to not give up if things are not going well as you implement different strategies. 
Remember that different things work for different people. Taking your time and implementing changes slowly will help to ensure your success and help you want to continue your new lifestyle change.
Evaluate the problem you keep running into and see if there is a better solution. Also keep checking back here for more helpful tips and tricks!
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No Time For Healthy?

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