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The Secret Key To Losing Weight Without Having To Count Calories

Weight loss, to many people, seems impossible and can be very frustrating but there is one simple step that you can take today that is like a secret key to losing weight and it’s one of the most simplest things you can do.
When you decide that you’re going to lose weight, very often, the first thing you decide is that you’re not going to eat certain foods based on the number of calories that they contain or the amount of fat in them. 
And it’s this decision that will get you off on the wrong foot and often leads you to giving up on your diet plan.
Calorie counting, as part of any diet plan, is quite hard to do for a number of reasons but it’s mainly because you don’t know for sure exactly how many calories you should be consuming on a daily or weekly basis. 
Everyone is different and calorie counting isn’t a one size fits all solution for losing weight.
Depending upon how active you are will also determine how many calories your body uses for energy and if you consume more calories than your body uses then you’ll gain weight. 
So you need to find the right balance of making sure there are enough calories in your diet to provide your body with enough energy and not too many so that it stores the excess calories as fat.
It’s easy to see why so many calorie counting diets fail due to people just giving up but there is a much easier way to lose weight than this.
The real secret to easy weight loss is to simply reduce the amount of sugar that’s currently in your diet. It sounds so simple that many people simply dismiss it. 
You may already not add sugar to drinks such as tea or coffee but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sugar in your diet.
Today we live in a world where we can buy all of our meals pre-packaged and ready to cook without us needing to prepare any of the ingredients. 
It’s a world of convenience but with this comes ignorance and it’s that ignorance that’s causing the problems.
You may not realize it but just about every food item that you buy contains sugar in one form or another and because of this it’s very easy to consume more sugar than is healthy for you.
Sugar provides your body with zero nutritional benefit and contains nothing but calories which is why you must control how much sugar is in your diet. 
Once you are able to manage this you’ll find that weight loss simply happens all by itself without you having to count calories.
All it takes is for you to be pro-active when it comes to checking the list of ingredients and nutritional values of the foods you eat. 
A quick check on the label of any foods will alert you to the sugar levels it contains and you must be aware of this level if you want to lose weight without having to count calories.
As soon as you have the amount of sugar in your diet limited to the government’s recommendations you’ll find the weight just seems to drop off you. 
When I first tried this I lose over 5 lbs in the first 7 days and I didn’t pay any attention to how many calories I was eating simply because choosing food that is low in sugar automatically takes care of the calorie counting.
It’s such a simple method of losing weight I am surprised that more people aren’t aware of it already but those who are know what a positive impact it’s had on their lives and health.
Michael Sherriff had been a sugar addict for more than 30 years and was 42lbs overweight before discovering that by cutting out excess sugar from his diet was the simple key to weight loss. 
Michael lost over 5lbs in the first 7 days just by cutting out excess sugar from his diet.
Instead of counting calories he simply reduced the amount of sugar in his diet and the weight literally just fell off without any exercise.
Go to Micheal’s website at where he shares more tips and advice about this simple weight loss tactic. 
Anyone can do this to lose weight and without having to worry about the calories.
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The Secret Key To Losing Weight Without Having To Count Calories

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