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How To Lose Cellulite On The Butt

Cellulite is one of the cosmetic conditions that are of greatest concern to women. Men suffer this condition too but women are at a higher risk of developing the orange peel phenomenon. 
The buttocks are a common area of the body affected by cellulite. The reason is the buttocks and the thighs are a primary area where a woman’s body stores fat. Also, the skin is thinner there.
It is impossible to treat cellulite because the problem is not superficial, it goes skin deep. It is the result of poor organization of fat cells (damaged connective tissues are unable to expand in the same proportion as fat cells causing bulging) beneath the top layer of skin. 
However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. Right choices in diet and exercise help get rid of cellulite on the butt. How? We will explain in the section below.
A Smart Diet
Food restrictions are hard to maintain, but it is the only secret to erase cellulite fast. Nutritionists studying the relation between diet and cellulite recommend cutting out processed foods altogether. 
This includes refined foods (white pasta, white bread), fatty foods (French fries, cheesy burgers) and foods containing added sugars (candy, baked goods and soda). 
You should also limit foods with high-sodium content as sodium increases water retention in the body.
An anti-cellulite diet should focus on fiber and protein-rich foods. Protein adds muscle mass and tones the muscles while fiber helps the body get rid of fat and other toxins. 
In doing so, it also improves the texture and quality of the skin. Thus, you should eat whole grains, lean meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water as it helps hydrate the skin.
Cellulite treatment also includes considering lifestyle habits – smoking and alcohol consumption. The problem of cellulite is likely to get worse if you are a chain smoker or heavy drinker. 
Certain toxins in these substances impede the body’s natural ability to replenish itself making it difficult to get rid of the cottage-cheese texture of skin. 
You should reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day (better if you can quit) and limit alcohol consumption to twice a week.
A Smart Exercise Routine
When it comes to exercise for butt cellulite, it boils to a combination of cardio and strength training. Cardio burns fat while weight training exercises build muscle. 
However, in addition to this, you should do exercises that target the muscle groups making up the buttocks. The reverse lunge, single-leg hip raise and step up are some of the exercises you can perform to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks.
Your Last Resort
Many-a-times despite sticking with a diet or sweating it out at the gym, it is impossible to get rid of cellulite on account of reasons unknown to you. 
In such situations, surgical procedures such as Mesotherapy can be an option worth considering. It is surgical procedure that helps reduce fat. 
It injects a certain substance into the skin dissolves fat bands. Mesotherapy helps but it should be done with precaution and under the supervision of an experienced cosmetologist.
So, now that you’re aware of the right choices in diet and exercise, use them to remove butt cellulite.
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How To Lose Cellulite On The Butt

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