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Lose Belly Fat Through Diet And Exercise

The question of losing belly fat troubles thousands of people who seek an effective and quick solution to their problem. 
For some a high school reunion or wedding reception may be the immediate reason for the need to lose belly fat. Others are simply seeking a long-term solution to reduce the tire around their middle.
Some think starving is the only way to lose belly fat. Well, it helps to diet and reduce your daily intake but exercises that works on your abdominal muscles are also necessary. 
Consuming more food than what your body needs causes it to store it. For most people the belly and the hips are the regions where the fat gets stored and is obviously visible. 
So are you stuck with your belly fat. Not really. With the right mix of exercise and diet you can rapidly burn off your belly fat and sport a new and improved look.
Start with balanced diet. No point in starving yourself. The body thinks there is a food scarcity and immediately starts hoarding all the fat. 
This is a remnant of our past when food was scarce and you never knew when you will get your next meal. So, don’t send the signal of scarcity to your body. Instead let it know that there is plenty of food which is readily available at any time it wants. 
Eat smaller quantities of a wide variety of food stuffs. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and healthy fats.
Don’t over stuff yourself at any meal. Just eat the right amount, which does not make you feel stuffed or heavy. Next, you need an exercise regime that works the muscles in the abdomen. 
One trick that really helps is hold your stomach in when doing most of your exercises. Also, when walking or doing your household chores, while sitting at your work table try to pull your stomach in. 
Do this consistently and you will notice that your stomach muscles getting more tone and shape.
There are specific exercises like lying bicycle, side plank, squat, vertical leg crunch, side crunch, exercise ball crunch are just few of dozens of exercises for the abdomen. 
It is important to engage the muscles in the stomach to be engaged when doing strength training. This helps them to lose the excess fat and get back into top shape. 
Apart from this hiking, swimming and biking are also good tummy trimming exercises. Just remember to keep your belly muscles pulled in when your exercise. 
This will go a long way in trimming fat and losing it from your stomach area.
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Lose Belly Fat Through Diet And Exercise

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