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A Teenage Girl’s Guide To Lose 50 Pounds Safely

It is every girl’s dream to have a slim and trim figure. However, hardly into the teenage years the pounds begin to pile on. 
Puberty is primarily responsible for a sudden growth in height and size. Other factors that contribute to the problem are an increase in calorie intake, gorging on junk and fast food and lack of exercise.
Weight gain in teen years is to an extent uncontrollable, but there are a few lifestyle habits that can be altered to keep a tab on weight. 
Also, when it comes to fat loss in teenagers, one has to be careful about the measures adopted because the body in its growth phase must not be deprived of proper nutrition. 
If you’re a teenager desperate to get rid of your chubby frame, here’s what you can do to lose weight fast yet safely.
1. Set a Realistic Goal
Most overweight and obese teenagers want to lose weight fast; however it is important to go slow. 2 pounds per week is a reasonable amount for teenagers. This approach helps melt fat and keep it off in the long run.
2. Do not opt for low-calorie diets
Calorie reduction aids weight loss. Teenagers see fad and crash diets as the easiest way to cut their calorie intake. Fad diets are not a healthy option because they are centered on a particular food group and exclude the others. 
The pounds creep in again after you revert to old eating habits. Instead of using fad diets, you can reduce your daily calorie intake by a certain proportion.
3. Balanced Diet
An adolescent’s body goes through important developmental changes during the teen years. Hence, it is necessary to receive proper nutrition. 
A balanced diet with the right amount of fiber, lean-protein, vitamins and unsaturated fat not only supplies the body with necessary nourishment but also maintains steady weight. 
As a teenager you should eat more of fruits and vegetables and reduce intake of foods rich in trans-fat, sugar and sodium. Try as much as possible to eat home-cooked foods and foods in their fresh, unprocessed forms.
4. Physical Activity
A proper diet combined with regular exercise is the key to lose weight 50 pounds faster in teenagers. A teenager’s exercise routine for weight loss is similar to that of adults however, it should be tailored to their physical needs and capabilities; it should combine cardiovascular and strength training exercises. 
Swimming, dancing, skipping, walking and jogging are some of the cardiovascular exercises you should perform. Choosing exercise activities you enjoy will help you will make it easier to stick to an exercise routine.
For Parents
If you’re parent of an obese or overweight teenager, you can help make these minor changes to their lifestyle. Support them and offer positive criticism throughout the process. 
Motivate them by first changing personal lifestyle habits such as eating a healthy diet and living an active life. Help them make healthy dietary changes and prevent them from becoming couch potatoes.
As we sum up, the tips mentioned above will help you lose 50lbs fast. However, when trying to lose weight you should not push your body beyond its limits; starving and backbreaking exercises will do your body more harm than benefit.
How would your life be if you were sexy and fit? If you take action now, you can lose all that extra fat in just a few months.
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A Teenage Girl’s Guide To Lose 50 Pounds Safely

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