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Four Steps to Starting a Healthier Lifestyle

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services promotes healthy weight loss as losing two pounds per week. This weight loss comes with lowering food intake and living an active lifestyle, without completely eliminating a food group from a person’s diet. 
This is losing weight in a sensible manner. Fad, or crash, diets that promote losing five pounds in five days, are not healthy.
Depending on a person’s height, weight, and body mass index (BMI), results vary. It is advised to let go of the scale and let clothing and measurements be a foundation for weight loss results. 
On a proper diet and exercise regimen, results are likely to be seen in two weeks.
To start a weight loss program or new diet and exercise program, it is important to set your goals.
1. Set food goal: choose a calorie intake that is moderate and doesn’t leave you starving. Between 1200-1800 calories a day for women is often suggested. 
In addition, going below 1200 calories can put the body into starvation mode. Cutting sugars and salt are two easy steps in the beginning. 
As your diet progresses, consider reducing starchy foods, which is hard since they are our favorite foods. You can do it!
2. Set an exercise goal: Maybe getting a handle on your eating is more important and the exercise comes later. Set a small goal in the beginning, like walking for ten minutes, three times a day; or attending 1-2 aerobics classes per week. 
As the regimen goes forward, exercise 3-5 times a week to keep that metabolism guessing.
3. Commit: Committing could be the hardest step. But understanding that this is a lifestyle change, can help put it all into perspective that long term change doesn’t happen in a month. With determination and motivation, permanent change can happen.
4. Support: Find support for motivation. Support can be found at the gym, in a group of friends and family; any way it happens, support can increase success and results.
Starting a journey to better health is hard, but worth it. You will be surprised at how little time it takes to create new, healthier habits. 
Can you set aside two weeks dedicated to yourself and your new lifestyle? If you can, I encourage you to do so at fitness spa or a retreat that blocks out any outside demands (work, school, children). 
Changing life long habits is hard and won’t happen at the snap of two fingers. However, taking time to focus on solely you can help kick start a healthy lifestyle.
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Four Steps to Starting a Healthier Lifestyle

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Cellulite Exercises – 3 Top Cellulite Removal Exercises Women Should Be Doing

When women first realize that they have cellulite, most women do not even think that there is a routine of cellulite exercises that are arguably the best method to eliminate the unsightly appearance of cellulite.
In fact, due to the media and the advertising of many popular anti-cellulite creams, most women end up going to the drug store or shopping online to find the best cream available, in hopes of eliminating the cottage-cheese like skin.
Well I am here to hopefully change this viewpoint.
You see, cellulite is perhaps one of the most misunderstood beauty conditions that women face. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that as many as 90% of women experience it at some point in there life. Knowing this fact would almost make cellulite an epidemic!
Cellulite Myths
1. Cellulite is thought by many as a skin disorder.
This is false. Cellulite, as it effects women’s skin is a muscle fiber issue, not a skin disorder. For many women, exercise is not a part of their daily routine. 
And for the rest, most are not doing the correct cellulite exercises that target the superficial muscles that lay just beneath the surface of the skin, which is where cellulite appears.
2. Cellulite is a genetic trait.
If this were true, there would be many more examples of mothers and daughters who would have the skin complications. However, there are tons of cases where a mother has it, and the daughter does not, and vice versa!
3. Using anti-cellulite creams is the best treatment option.
Though there are some good, short term affects, the without actually changing habits that caused the cellulite in the first place, the skin condition will continue to occur. 
If, and only if you plan on using a cellulite removal cream, I recommend using it with a dietary change and some of the exercises listed below.
Cellulite Exercises to Speed Up Your Results
1. Scissors press
This is probably the least favorite cellulite exercise for women, but the results are wonderful.
2. Dumbell lunges
This exercise will complement any cardio routine. It will target the buttocks and thigh areas.
3. Inner Thigh Squeeze
This can be done best with the machines at your local fitness center. The first few days of this are rough, as most people do not use these muscles. 
But it will tighten up all of skin you legs and you’ll start to see the results soon.
To help with these results, make sure you drink plenty of water, and focus on a diet that will help rid your body of toxins, to aid in fat loss.
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Cellulite Exercises – 3 Top Cellulite Removal Exercises Women Should Be Doing

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How Cardio Exercise Helps You To Lose Weight

Some sort of cardio exercise is a must if you want to lose weight. These activities involves running, jumping, even dancing. In other words, any exercise that gets your heart pumping.
Many people take aerobics classes to get some cardio fitness in. Aerobics involve usually exercising to music in a coordinated fashion, almost like dancing. Aerobics became popular in the 1980s and was developed to make working out more fun.
In addition to aerobics, you can also do other exercises such as bike riding, running, or stair climbing. Most of the health clubs today have a vast array of fitness equipment such as mechanical stair climbers, bicycles, rowing machines, and treadmills.
Cardio exercise burns calories and also gives your metabolism a bit of a boost. This is the reason why people are advised not to exercise before bed. 
While some forms of exercise, such as yoga and toning exercises are okay to do before going to sleep and may even enhance sleep, cardio is best done in the morning, before you go to work or start your day.
Any physical activities that increases your heart rate will most likely cause you to sweat when you really start working out. When doing any cardio exercise, you should make sure that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
If you combine a great fitness routine with a low calorie diet is the most effective way to lose weight. Although low impact exercises can tone your muscles and eliminate fat, cardio exercise will burn calories. 
However, you should try to incorporate both types of exercises – both cardio exercise and toning exercises, into your routine. 
Some personal trainers feel that doing cardio every other day and low impact training or toning on the other days is a good way to both lose calories and tone your muscles.
You should start slow when beginning any exercise routine and check with your physician prior to beginning to make sure that it is safe for your heart. 
If you feel short of breath or dizzy when performing any cardio exercise, stop immediately. This can sometimes happen if you start off too fast. 
If you continue with the exercise program, you will gradually build yourself up to the point where you can do more each time. Never continue to exercise through pain or discomfort, especially if you get dizzy. 
You do not need to have a fancy gym membership to incorporate cardio exercise into your life, although gyms do have a variety of equipment that makes this exercise easier on you.
In addition to a proper fitness routine and a well-balanced diet plan, many people seek the help of supplements for increased health, strength, and weight loss benefits. 
In particular, pre workouts are a very popular form of fitness supplement because it increases energy, focus, and helps to get you through those grueling workouts. 
If you would like to learn more about the benefits of pre workout supplements then visit the #1 source for pre workouts:
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How Cardio Exercise Helps You To Lose Weight

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Recommended Diabetes Diet

A diabetes diet, medically referred to as medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, translates into eating a variety of nutritious foods in moderate quantities and sticking to regular meal times. 
Rather than a restrictive diet, a medical nutrition therapy is a healthy eating plan that is naturally rich in nutrients and low in calories and fats, with emphasis on vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
Details of the diet
With the help of a dietitian, you can put together a diet based on your tastes, health goals and lifestyle, with valuable information on how you can change your eating habits. A diabetes diet should contain the following recommended foods.
– Healthy carbohydrates: Simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates (starches) are broken down into glucose during digestion. 
It is very important that you focus your diabetes diet on healthy carbohydrates such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, legumes (lentils, beans and peas) and low fat dairy products.
– Healthy fats: Focus your diabetes diet on foods containing polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats such as almonds, avocados, olive, canola, peanut oils and walnuts. 
Even though these fats can help lower cholesterol levels, it is important to eat them sparingly.
– Fiber-rich foods: Fiber is very essential as it helps in controlling blood sugar and decreasing heart disease risks. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole wheat flour are all fiber-rich foods.
– Healthy fish: Fish is one of the best alternatives to high fat meats, and is highly recommended by nutritionists. Cod, tuna, and halibut all have less saturated fats and cholesterol compared to poultry meat.
Additionally, salmon, tuna, mackerel, bluefish and sardines are rich in Omega-3 fatty-acids which are very effective in promoting heart health by lowering triglycerides. 
It is however important to avoid fried fish and fish high in mercury such as swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel.
Creating the diabetes diet plan
There are several ways to creating a diabetes diet that keeps your sugar levels within the normal range. With the help of a dietitian, you may find a combination of different methods working for you.
– Counting carbohydrates: Since carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, they have a huge impact on blood glucose levels. 
It is therefore important that you ensure the amount of carbohydrates are the same in your diets, especially if you are on medication.
– Exchange system: It is highly recommended that you adopt an exchange system that groups foods into categories including carbohydrates, meat substitutes, fats and meats.
– Glycemic Index: The glycemic index is used by many diabetic people to select foods, particularly carbohydrates. Those foods with high glycemic index are associated with increase in blood sugar levels than those with low glycemic index. 
Bread, cereals and whole grain rice among other complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber, have low glycemic indices than simple carbs such as white rice and bread.
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Recommended Diabetes Diet

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Overcoming Unhealthy Weight Gain With Yacon Root Syrup

Unhealthy weight gain is not something to joke about as it can have serious health implications. More than its negative effect on your physical appearance, it may lead to further health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. 
However, maintaining a healthy weight can be easier said than done, and that is where the role of weight loss supplements comes in. 
One of the supplements that is gaining popularity in the mainstream health and wellness community is yacon root syrup.
Extracted from the root of the tuberous plant yacon, the supplement may help you overcome unhealthy weight gain because it can help suppress your appetite. 
One of the common reasons for gaining unhealthy weight is excessive food consumption. Controlling your food cravings may be something that you find very challenging, especially when you are overcome with negative emotions. 
However, by taking the supplement, you get to naturally curb your appetite. This is because it is high in FOS (fructooligosaccharides), which comprises around fifty percent of the supplement’s sweetness. 
And, the thing about FOS is that it has a molecular structure that does not allow the body to fully break it down, so it can make you stay full for a longer period of time without giving your body too much calories.
Yacon root syrup may also serve as a prebiotic, which means that it helps feed the good bacteria in your intestine. 
These good bacteria are associated with better digestive health and immune system, and lean people tend to have higher amounts of these good bacteria. 
Moreover, it is believed to have a washout effect, which means that it allows the body to regularly eliminate waste. Thus, you may experience an increase in the frequency of your bowel movements, which is something good for you.
To sum up, while overcoming unhealthy weight gain can prove to be a difficult feat, there is no excuse to just sit around and wallow in self-pity. 
A natural supplement like yacon root syrup is something you can make use and take advantage of, so take charge of your health, and there is no better time to start doing that than today.
Take charge of your health and body. 
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Overcoming Unhealthy Weight Gain With Yacon Root Syrup

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How Your Beliefs Can Affect Your Weight Management

Do you have beliefs that may interfere with your attempts at losing weight, or keeping extra weight off?
Beliefs are something that we obtain and internalize as infants- or even inherit them genetically. There are also beliefs we learned at school, from the media and from other people as we have matured and we have come to believe that they are true. 
Some of these beliefs are still being perpetuated by the media and the Diet and Food industries.
Many people believe that because something is well known, then “it must be true because everyone knows it!” However, just because something is a popular belief does not make it true. 
For example; for many years it was believed that eggs are bad for you because they are full of cholesterol, then it was decided that it was OK to have eggs after all.
Going back hundreds of years everyone believed the earth was flat.
We can adopt various beliefs from childhood such as a religion, or a work ethic, or the beliefs of our particular culture; table manners, or use of language. 
Because we do not know any different and our subconscious mind cannot argue back, we grow up believing that there is no other way. 
Some children can speak quite a few languages simply because they are surrounded by people speaking different languages from an early age.
This is one reason why some people grow up to believe that they will never amount to anything in life, because they have been told as children that they wouldn’t.
Some examples with food and eating are that “saturated fat is bad for you” or that “fat goes straight to your arteries and blocks them up”. 
Another famous one is the Calorie myth. Which goes something like: “Energy in must equal energy out, and if you want to lose weight then it is as simple as eating less calories than you are expending, then you will lose weight” Those of you who have been dieting for many years on this basis, know that this does not work in practice. 
You may lose the weight to start with, but with one diet after the other it gets harder and harder.
Zoe Harcombe did extensive research into this, particularly around the idea that 3500 calories = a pound of fat and she asked numerous agencies including the NHS, BDA (British Dietetic Association) NICE and the National Obesity Forum in the UK where this idea came from and whether they could find the scientific source? 
None of them could give an accurate answer. In her book she sets forth a challenge and requests an answer from anyone who may have it. 
As far as I know she has not yet received one. You can read this for yourself in her book “The Obesity Epidemic”, Chapter 7.
On a lighter note, many people have internalized the idea that “a Mars a Day helps you work rest and play”, which came from an old advert in the seventies. 
This was based on keeping sugar levels topped up. But did you know that if you need to top up your sugar levels you only actually need about a teaspoon. 
You can get that from a square of 85% dark chocolate. (For the more scientifically minded, Google; “Calories in Dark Chocolate-Fat Secrets)
There is a way out of this quandary however, firstly by doing some research and there are now numerous books being published that are knocking these beliefs into question. 
Authors whose work you can find on the internet are Gary Taubes and John Biffra, and there are many others, and once you start searching you will find that you can become engrossed, as you discover the truth behind the false beliefs that we as consumers, dieters, and even healthy eaters have been encouraged to believe.
“If you always do what you’ve always done; you will always get what you’ve always got!”
When Mark Twain said this, he was so right. We have been eating the way that government bodies and numerous diet books have suggested now for years. 
Yet it is not working is it? Think about why there are so many diets on the market, if any of them worked, the industry would die out!
Once you have researched and found out what the truth is for yourself, and that there is another way of thinking, you can change your beliefs. 
There may be beliefs that are holding you back in other areas of your life too, such as “I’m too old” or “I’m not clever enough”
It certainly does not help when people have false body images. Women try living up to images of celebrities or models and wonder why they cannot succeed. 
But did you know that many of these images are touched up, and if you are trying to emulate these people, you are certainly following a false belief.
Many people have help changing those beliefs by coaching or personal development, through courses, reading and by talking with friends. 
But be sure that these friends are thinking along the same lines as you, because when people see you acting differently they can feel threatened and may try to thwart your efforts.
Have YOU ever thought about your beliefs?
Do you go along with the conventional ideas that have not worked for you or anyone else?
Have you thought about why there is a problem with Weight and Food Management even though people are following the rules that are set out by Diet companies, and in the myriads of books on the market?
Perhaps now’s the time to start that research.
I am a Weight and Food Management Coach, and over time I am realising that as well as the problems that people are encountering with food, it is the way that they think. 
I am running workshops, writing, coaching and speaking on these issues because it is my purpose to help the people I see struggling every day with ill health through not only Obesity, but the mental anguish of those who are thinking that they need to be that much slimmer. 
These are the ones who start off at a healthy weight, but develop an obsession with being skinny. 
Read about this in my book “Reflections of a Chronic Dieter; The Magic Seven Pounds” Which you can download free at my website
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How Your Beliefs Can Affect Your Weight Management

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How To Lose Tummy Fat For Good

No matter what your thoughts are on diet and exercise, there are a few tried and true ways to reduce the appearance of fat cells on the body. 
It’s not always a popular thing to look into, especially when you’ve tried and failed in the past. If you want to learn how to lose tummy fat, and you are serious about getting to a place where you have that healthy, beautiful body, you’ll want to look into a few tips and tricks that are starting to raise eyebrows. 
Don’t worry, it’s nothing extreme or surgical, it’s just a matter of knowing what works when other things seem to stop working.
Muscle Confusion
The first thing that is starting to take off in terms of working out is something known as muscle confusion. This is a matter of exercise in which your body gives you better results overall. 
This is done through changing up your routine often, and trying to avoid the dreaded plateau. In your quest to figure out how to lose tummy fat, do not give up on the notion of changing things up. 
Diversity in terms of deliberate exercise is not only necessary, it’s vital to your quest to tighten up skin around the tummy.
Body Wrapping For Added Assistance
Body wraps are now more affordable than ever, and instead of having to go to a spa or some high end salon, you can get this done in the comfort of your home. 
One such option is coming from “It Works”, which has independent distributors and resellers helping spread the word. 
Wrapping trouble areas like that of the tummy and thighs, you can eliminate stretch marks, cellulite, and even tighten up skin cells through regeneration. 
Instead of trying to learn how to lose tummy fat through only exercise, consider this as well. It is the second of three major things you can do to change your life forever.
Dieting The Right Way
No one likes to diet. It’s usually accompanied by groans and begrudging attitudes. The best way to get this to actually work, is not to diet. Instead, change your lifestyle slowly and then avoid overeating, and add more fruits and vegetables. 
Deliberately add things that will replace fatty foods, and do not get fast food, even when it seems like the only thing that is available for you. 
If you can work this out in your daily routine, and you stick to it, you’ll find that the results manifest within a matter of weeks and stay with you.
The goal here is to make sure that you are exercising, eating right, and wrapping the body. You don’t need to go to extremes, as this is a lifestyle modification that can easily work within any major schedule. 
If you have 1 hour a day, you have time to ensure that you lose the fat in your body and look fantastic.
Shea loves to learn about health and nutrition, as well as help keep others educated about the truth of current health trends. She specializes in natural solutions, taking a holistic view of your health.
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How To Lose Tummy Fat For Good

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Losing Love Handles Through A Balancing Act of Good Health

One of the biggest issues that people have today, in terms of weight loss is the areas on the side of the abdomen. 
Search for losing love handles online, and you will get millions of opinions on the matter and most of them will not seem to manifest the appropriate technique or results that you need to lose them. 
If you have tried things in the past and are giving up on the process, don’t just yet. There is something that you can do to ensure that you get these melting away, without having to do anything extreme or get surgery. 
It all sorts with balance, and taking care of the skin these trouble areas.
Skincare Matters
The first thing that you should understand about this is simple, skincare ties together with the notion of losing love handles. 
It’s because the areas trap fat cells through the dermal layers and more. That means that if you don’t generate the cells within the dermal tissue, you will not get the results you want. 
In order to ensure results, you will need to wrap these areas. Body wraps are not new, but home based, holistic options are in fact new. 
Look for all natural solutions that have essential oils, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial elements that you place directly on the skin. 
These will break up the fat cells and start to invigorate cellular generation. This is just a step, don’t take it as the only thing to do.
Changing Your Lifestyle
It’s too easy to advocate extreme diets, and a lot of different exercise routines in regards to losing love handles. That’s why instead of going that route, it’s best to look into lifestyle changes. 
Spend time looking at your fitness routine and try to isolate what’s fun. Find an exercise plan that will allow you to enjoy a little bit of movement. 
Alongside that, make sure that you eat more fruits, vegetables, whole foods, and cut out fatty items slowly. This is not a call for a 180 degree turn in 1 day. Instead, take your time and slowly reduce your calorie intake and up your workout times.
Don’t Quit When Results Don’t Hit Fast
The number 1 thing that you can learn from the aforementioned is this, don’t give up. If you’re absolutely dead set on losing love handles, you have to continue with the balance of nutrition, skincare, and working out. 
These things together are the secret that will create lasting results. Without them all working together, you will not see changes. 
It may take longer than you’d like, but it’s a sure fire way to get to a place where you are losing the love handles for good, just don’t give up.
Shea loves to learn about health and nutrition, as well as help keep others educated about the truth of current health trends. She specializes in natural solutions, taking a holistic view of your health.
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Losing Love Handles Through A Balancing Act of Good Health

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The Vegan Diet For Weight Loss – Is It Safe, Wise and Sustainable?

The vegan diet is widely known for is health benefits, and in particular – weight loss. Many folks have undergone the vegan diet for the sole purpose to lose weight, and have succeeded in doing so. 
If you are seeking a healthy and safe diet to lose weight, and are considering the vegan diet, you need to ask yourself: Is it safe? Is it wise? Is it sustainable?
Is it safe? 
If you undergo the vegan diet in a sensiblewell-planned manner, you can be sure that it is both safe and healthy. You need to ensure that you are eating a variety of different foods every day to ensure that you are receiving optimal nutrition – but hey, you need to do this on any diet. 
If you were to resort to eating vegan junk food on a regular basis, your health would obviously suffer.
Vegan junk food includes packet crisps, hot chips, dairy-free chocolate and candy bars, so-called ‘health-bars’ that are packed with sugar, etc. 
If you were to consume foods such as this on a regular basis and eat them in place of your proper meals, you are damaging your body. 
Instead, you can opt to make your own vegan baking recipes such as dairy-free, low-sugar cookies, brownies, cakes, oat and nut slices, etc., featuring dates, dried fruits, fresh fruits, nuts, coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil and seeds. 
Undergo your diet in a prudent and diligent manner, and give your body the nutrients that it needs.
Is it wise? 
If you need to lose weight, the vegan diet is actually one of the healthy diets that you can adopt to do so. It is unwise to opt for a fad-diet that is low in fat, low in nutrients and leaves you feeling deprived. 
You can enjoy avocadoes, olive oil, nuts and seeds on this diet – unlike many crash diets today. You can also enjoy a range of gourmet, healthy cooking so you will not need to feel deprived. 
By making your own delicious and healthy vegan baking recipes, you are ensuring that you will remain happy and content on this diet, rather than depressed and cranky.
So if the vegan diet offers you plenty of healthy nutrients, gives your body sufficient healthy fats and does not leave you feeling deprived, would you say that it is wise or unwise to venture down this pathway? I would say that it is wise.
Is it sustainable? 
There are many long-term vegans who have been either on the vegan diet their whole life or for many decades. These people are always slim and lean and have a healthy, glowing complexion and a zest for life that many are envious of.
Unlike crash diets, this diet is sustainable. Why? You will not feel deprived as there are many yummy options to eat. You can enjoy a wide range of beautiful vegan baking recipes or meal recipes, which are easy to find in books, online, or from vegan recipe e-books. 
The health benefits of this diet will make you realise that it is well-worth forsaking meat and dairy products. Many have done so and are continuing to do so today. Could this be you?
Weight loss on the vegan diet is safe, wise and sustainable. So perhaps it is now the time to throw away all of your crash-diet thoughts and notions, and opt for instead a healthy, vegan lifestyle that will leave your body, soul and mind happy, healthy and well-nurtured.
Read more about vegan weight loss at ” The Vegan Diet: Save Our Planet – Lose Weight – Glow With Health.” 
Find out the amazing health benefits of the vegan diet, why weight loss is so easy on this lifestyle, where to get your vegan recipes from (e-book format), and what to do if you are unsure about going vegan.
Alternatively visit for reading on the vegan raw food diet.
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The Vegan Diet For Weight Loss – Is It Safe, Wise and Sustainable?

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Successful Weight Loss On The Vegan Diet – 5 Ways To Ensure Success

The majority of folks who embark on the vegan diet will experience profound weight loss. This will often occur whether it was their original intention or not. 
Some people who have adopted the vegan diet, however, find that their weight is stationary and is just not coming off like they would have hoped. 
If you follow the 5 tips outlined below then I guarantee you that you can lose weight successfully on the vegan diet.
1. Eat a variety
Don’t eat the same boring foods over and over again. It has been proven that when a person consumes the same foods and meals on a regular basis, they become bored with their food and consequently eat more of it in an effort to seek the ‘comfort’ that they are not experiencing. 
This is often done unintentionally. You need to eat a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and juices. Enjoy cooking and creating your own meals in order to find joy in your food. Have fun in the kitchen.
2. Eat in moderation
Regardless of what diet you are on, you should never over-eat. Avoid regularly going back for seconds. Don’t justify that you can eat more of your food simply because it is healthy. 
Healthy foods can be quite high in energy content such as avocados, nuts and seeds. Enjoy these foods daily, but in moderation. 
One or two small handfuls of nuts every day should suffice. Stick with half an avocado per day. Be sensible with the amount of oil that you use in your cooking and your salad dressings. 
By eating in moderation and in a sensible, adult-manner, you can guarantee weight loss success on your vegan diet.
3. Exercise
Everybody should exercise, whether they are overweight or not. Even if you are eating super healthy, you still need to exercise. 
Keeping your body moving and your heart pumping will do wonders for your waist-line. So get off your couch, turn off your computer and start moving your body
Whether it be brisk walking, dancing to your favorite music or going to the gym, ensure that you engage in physical exercise as often as possible, preferably 3 to 5 times per week.
4. Avoid Vegan Junk Food
Some people who adopt veganism do so in an unhealthy manner. Vegan junk food is a big culprit for sabotaging any weight loss efforts on the vegan diet. 
Vegan junk food includes hot chips and deep-fried foods, packet crisps and chips, dairy-free chocolates, sugar-laden “health-bars” and cookies, etc. 
Eating these foods everyday will guarantee that your weight will be stationary, or worse, will increase. Limit these unhealthy, calorie-laden, sugar-laden, fat-laden foods.
5. Bake Your Own Snacks
You should endeavor to make your own healthy vegan baking recipes. This will mean that you are in control of what goes into your food. 
You can control the amount of sugar and calories that go in. For example, bake your own healthy brownies that feature nuts, cacao powder and dates, rather than processed sugar and chocolate. 
Try out some healthy bars, cakes, slices and other homemade treats to keep you away from the store-bought vegan junk food. 
You can easily freeze your vegan baking recipes in air-tight containers, so don’t worry if you’ve made a large quantity. 
Find healthy vegan recipes online via websites or gourmet recipe e-books. Lose weight in a fun and enjoyable way!
Read more about vegan weight loss at ” The Vegan Diet: Save Our Planet – Lose Weight – Glow With Health.” 
Find out the amazing health benefits of the vegan diet, why weight loss is so easy on this lifestyle, where to get your vegan recipes from (recipe e-books), and what to do if you are unsure about going vegan.
Alternatively visit for reading on the vegan raw food diet.
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Successful Weight Loss On The Vegan Diet – 5 Ways To Ensure Success

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