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Raspberry Ketone, Adiponectin, and Leptin

Extracted from red raspberries, raspberry ketone is one of the weight loss supplements that has made a buzz in the health and fitness community today. 
It was touted as a miracle fat burner in a bottle by a famous doctor, which greatly contributed to its popularity. So how does it work? What are the key contributors to its being an effective weight loss aid?
The key factor for its ability to being able to help people lose excess pounds is adiponectin. A protein-hormone, adiponectin allows the body to burn fat more efficiently. 
This means that the higher levels of the hormone you have in your body, the faster your body fat is burned. And, it just makes sense that lean people tend to have high levels of the hormone in their body. 
So what raspberry ketone does is that it helps regulate the hormone, which then translates to your body burning fat faster than usual.
Another hormone that is involved in the supplement’s efficacy is leptin. Leptin is responsible for telling the brain that the fat cells have enough sugar so they can carry out certain functions such as metabolism. 
However, there are some people whose brains do not get this signal even though they have sufficient levels of the hormone in their body. 
And, generally, these people are overweight or obese. What happens is that because their brain does not get the signal, their body tells them to consume more food than usual. 
But, by taking the supplement, their leptin sensitivity may be increased, suppressing their need to excessive amounts of food.
There is a wide range of raspberry ketone brands out there. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. Make sure that the one you are getting is safe. 
One way to make sure of that is by checking where it is manufactured and if it carries the GMP seal. Brands that are made in the USA in a GMP certified facility are generally safe to use.
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Raspberry Ketone, Adiponectin, and Leptin

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