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Krill Oil and Why You Should Use It to Clean Your Health

In today’s day and age, we are being constantly reminded on the television, radio and the internet media, that there is a world wide (I should say ‘Western World’) epidemic of heart related problems, pretty much all caused by lifestyle choices. 
We consume so much bad stuff, that it is an inevitability, people’s health is going to suffer greatly.
What if there was a single, 100% natural and organic substance that could prevent, treat and protect the body from heart disease, as well as having a long list of other health benefits? 
Well, there is – krill oil. It is an exceptionally safe bio-product that is quickly becoming the leader of the pack, in terms of omega-3 essential fatty acid products. It comes from antarctic krill, which is exist as the largest ‘live’ mass on the planet.
The high strength omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil are a much better quality than fish oils. It is more concentrated and also, the human body does not waste any of this essential oil in comparison to fish oils. 
The body cannot use all of the fish oil capsule because it is not dissolvable. It is therefore wasted.
There is no danger associated with krill oil. It is very safe for most people to take, but there are a few stark warnings to be mindful of before embarking on a serious dosage of it. 
Right now, if you take warfarin or coudamin, to help prevent hypercoagulation (thickening of the blood), or aspirin, you should refrain from taking krill oil. 
Krill oil is a natural anticoagulant, so you can imagine what would happen if you took a high dosage of it on top of your warfarin dose!
That’s right, your blood would become too thin, dangerously thin in fact and this could cause nausea and serious bleeding from bruising, at the slightest touch with a foreign object on your skin – or worse, a fall could cause internal bleeding of a blood vessel.
The main ‘ingredient’ in krill oil is omega-3 essential fatty acids. ‘Essential’ means that you must get this nutrient from your food, because your body does not make it. 
I’m wondering if this is a flaw in our creators design of us humans, or an indication that we must scientifically seek out what our body needs and then – provide it. The other components of krill oil are phospholipids and astaxanthin. 
Phospholipids protect the cells in the blood from dissolving, and its good to know that because a cell that does not get phospholipids actually breaks down and dies because it gets attacked by nasty microorganisms.
And astaxanthin is part of krill oils make-up, it’s completely natural. Unlike some types of fish oils that add it back in, often claiming it is natural, when in fact it is not. 
This is the pinky antioxidant substance, which attacks nasty stuff in the blood and rest of your system. Another wonder of krill oil is hyaluronic acid. 
This is a substance that is vital to joint and connective tissue of the human body – it keeps them flexible and even when injury is prevalent, it still works to aid flexibility.
Because it is a natural anticoagulant, krill oil is able to protect from the development of blood clots and can even disperse them. 
Also, because the heart has less work to do (because the blood is thinner) a few of these small capsules taken every day, can actually help to lower and regulate blood pressure. 
This is the primary reasons I take krill supplements, because I’ve had a DVT and I have a family history of high blood pressure.
And since taking krill oil for the last 9 months, my health has improved somewhat. My blood pressure is now within normal criteria, and my circulation (which was my biggest worry) is now good enough, that my ankles don’t swell up like hippos legs, I don’t come out in so many bruises and I live pain free. 
Krill oil has made a dramatic effect on my life, and I hope it can on yours too.
If you want to discover more about the wonderful healing benefits of krill oil, please visit our website where you can find out more about the dosage you require, plus every other benefit that this superior omega-3 essential fatty acid, natural product has for your life. 
You can also find us on Google+, where you can read about our other health projects.
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Krill Oil and Why You Should Use It to Clean Your Health

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