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How To Keep Your Weight Off During Holiday Seasons

If you want to know how to keep your weight off during Holidays and still enjoy all the quality homemade foods and sweets?
I am going to give you five simple and easy tips of how to stay on track with your weight loss and at the same time enjoy your holidays:
1. Make WATER your best friend
Pretty much all of us have heard or were told that drinking 8 glasses of water a day can assist you with your health and weight loss.
It is absolutely true however most people do not really follow this simple rule.
We all are going to go to heaps of family and friends gathering and parties when we are in Christmas Holidays for example and no doubt we will be bombarded with countless mouth-watering delicious foods, snacks, drinks and the list goes on.
And I am here to tell you that you can eat anything you want as long as you promise me that you drink a small glass of water every time you reach for a piece of food. It doesn’t matter what it is, healthy or unhealthy, just drink a small glass of water and then you eat your piece guilt free.
So start your day with one big glass of water before breakfast. Then enjoy your breakfast with family and friends, just remember to drink one small glass of water for anything else after breakfast. Very easy.
2. Get groovy
It is the Holiday season after all and we should all be happy and enjoy every moment of it. And what can be more refreshing and exhilarating than listening to the upbeat music all the time. 
I reckon we all should turn on the music as soon as we get out of the bed, sort of music that makes you get out of the bed and start moving. 
Leave you meditation and relaxing CDs for when you are going to bed at night and start your day with groovy music and get groovy.
If you have CDs like that, keep them handy; if you don’t, turn on the radio and tune to the station that plays fun songs ( I guess then you have to find way to not get brainwashed with all the ads and promos ). 
Well we live in a technologically advanced world and anyone with a smart device knows how to get music online.
Get in the mood and just get moving. It doesn’t matter if you are not a good dancer just shake that booty and have fun. 
Trust me you feel amazing after that, you have heaps of energy and you burn calories while you are having fun. How good is that!
3. Break up with your couch
For some of us Holidays is not only about enjoying gathering and parties, but also confirming our close relationship to our couch and its fellow friend TV.
Well I am not totally against it when it comes the time that entire family wants to watch a movie together or just chilling out in the lounge while their relaxing on the comfy couch after lunch or dinner.
But if you have a habit of sitting on that comfy couch for more than an hour then I need to talk to you.
I start by asking you to write a list of the things you always wanted to do around the house but you didn’t have time for it OR an unfinished project or DIY that you promised yourself to complete one day. 
I am sure if we really think about it, we can easily come up with a list of 10, minimum.
So now you have a very legitimate reason to break up with your couch for good and do something useful around the house.
You will be so pleased once you start. And guess what? As soon as you get off that couch you start burning calories. As simple as that.
4. Get busy with kids
We all know how much kids look forward to Holidays and not going to school. They are always up early, jumping around, making all the noises and are constantly active. To me there are the best role models when it comes to being active and energetic.
And the good thing is that they always invite us to their world, they love to get us involved and play with us. That is why they are on your bed in early morning, jumping around and calling you to get out of the bed. 
They can’t wait to get you at of the bed and spend some quality time with you.
So why don’t you make them happy and join them with a smile.
There is no doubt we sometime get really tired and frustrated around kids but it is normal. But not always.
So let’s promise ourselves and our proactive kids that we will spend time playing with them, taking them out, and enter their amazing world.
By doing it, you are not just only making your kids happy, you can feel that your energy level increases, you feel better and you burn calories without even knowing.
Don’t you think this is worth a try?
For those of you who don’t have kids, if I was you I would spend time with my friends and family who have kids and get proactive. You certainly make their parents happy.
5. Make grocery shopping your daily exercise
Grocery shopping is part of our daily life no matter how small or big our family is. Although most of us do our big shopping in one day, we always forget something or run out of stuff unexpectedly specially during Holidays.
The best way of taking care of your small shopping and get moving is to walk to your local grocer instead of get into your car and drive to the shopping centre.
So by doing that, you support your local business and at the same time do your daily walk and buy what you need for the house.
You might ask what about those rainy days?
Well if you don’t really like walking in the rain, drive to the shopping centre, and park somewhere in the parking area that you have to walk to the supermarket. The longer the distance, the more walking needed.
Don’t ask me what if I am in rush, because then I will tell you walk faster or even jog all the way to the supermarket and back. No excuses!
My name is Maryam Mathers, a qualified personal trainer based in Sydney, Australia.
I would like to share with you my knowledge and expertise in weight loss and provide you regular tips and tricks in how to lose weight naturally and maintain it for the rest of your life.
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How To Keep Your Weight Off During Holiday Seasons

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