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Is Walking Better Than Jogging?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions are a great training tool to improve your cardiovascular health and speed up your metabolism in a short period of time. They are not for everyone though. 
For instance, exercise newbies or obese people should start their training program with an alternative method. They should do this because they might not physically be capable of the rigors of a HIIT session. 
These rigors could lead to injury, less efficient workouts, or program dropout! One alternative method is jogging or walking on a treadmill. Which is the most efficient training method of the two?
Walking or Jogging? 
As you probably would have guessed, jogging on a flat surface requires more energy than walking but you can probably walk a lot longer than you can jog (which could equate to more calories burned). 
What about walking on an incline compared to jogging? Well first of all, walking on an incline burns more calories than walking on a flat surface because of the greater resistance. 
You can actually burn 67% more calories walking on a 15% incline then walking on a flat surface. That’s substantial!
When you compare walking on an incline or jogging on a flat surface research has indicated that incline walking is way more effective! 
A Discovery Health Newsletter illustrated that if a 150 lb person were to walk at 2 mph on a treadmills full incline (15%) or jog (< 5 mph) on a flat surface for one mile they would burn 224 calories per mile walking and only 117 calories per mile. 
Walking does require more time, but it allows you to burn a substantial amount of calories and you probably can walk at that rate longer then you can run
For beginners or obese individuals (or even people with arthritis or other medical conditions) who don’t have the exercise capacity to jog for an extended duration, walking can be the key to increasing your calorie burned. 
Sustained incline walking can allow you to burn a ton of calories and is perfect for those individuals who can’t run for an extended period of time or are worried about injury.
Although walking does take more time it is an effective tool that can be used to improve your exercise capacity and burn a ton of calories! Never get stuck on one specific training style its best to mix up between jogging, walking and HIIT sessions. 
The benefits of walking are numerous; you don’t need to run 3 miles to burn calories. Put in the head phones, crank the treadmills incline up, and get to walking!
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Is Walking Better Than Jogging?

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