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Super Set Exercises to Increase Your Metabolism

Super sets allow you to perform exercises at a high-intensity in a short amount of time. Many personal trainers and bodybuilders claim that this type of training can induce incredible muscle growth. 
Likewise, along with the muscle growth benefits, performing super sets at a high intensity can keep your metabolism ramped up for an extended period of time!
One of the best parts about super sets is that they increase your training efficiency and vastly speed up your workout. As with most exercises that increase your metabolism or calorie burn, it is important to keep your heart rate and your oxygen consumption high during the workout. 
Super set training is done by alternating between two exercises with no rest. It is best to pick two exercises that “hit” or work opposing muscle groups but you can also do super sets that hit the same muscle group or an upper and lower body muscle group. 
A super set regime that works opposing muscle groups can allow you to do keep your heart rate and your oxygen consumption high. T
his is because you can continually move between exercises at a fast pace (don’t injure yourself though), performing the workout without failure. 
Training opposing muscle groups allows you to give one muscle group a rest while performing the alternating exercises. 
When done at a high intensity, this can lead to Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) or the afterburn effect.
EPOC is the amount of oxygen that you need to make up for the oxygen deficit created while performing your workout. It’s the amount of energy used to return your body to its normal state. 
Returning to the normal state requires a large amount of calories which keeps your metabolism higher post-exercise. 
The best part is that after high-intensity training, your metabolism can stay ramped up for a long time, with research even indicating that it can be significantly higher 38 hours post-workout!
Performing a high-intensity training regime for at least 25 – 30 minutes can increase your EPOC. When it comes to the weight resistance, you should use enough weight that fatigues you while performing the last few repetitions of each set, but don’t use too much weight that can cause injury. 
A study by the American College of Sports Medicine demonstrated that you can significantly increase your EPOC by performing exercises with a weight resistance of 85% of your 8 repetition max. 
This weight resistance will fatigue you but won’t cause failure or inability to perform your repetitions.
If you want your workout to go from normal to high-intensity that increases your strength and the amount of calories burned post exercise (EPOC) try super setting your exercises! 
It will not only make your training regime quicker and more efficient it can help you get in great shape!
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Super Set Exercises to Increase Your Metabolism

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