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How To Make Your Weight Loss Dream A Reality

Losing weight can be really tough especially if you are still beginning how to do it. You might find yourself bombarded with tons of ads and marketing schemes that a lot of companies have been feeding all across the different media platforms. 
Come to think of it, its really overwhelming and a bit frustrating. Oftentimes you will find yourself in like a sort of limbo with regards to choosing which weight loss product or supplement to choose. 
Knowing that, it is important that you should be aware which supplements are effective and which are not. 
Aside from that, you should also now which companies to follow with regards to buying all the things that you need in order to make your fitness dream a reality.
Here are some quick tips that would greatly help you lose weight fast and easy.
1. Know the company
There are tons of weight loss companies out there that produce all sorts of products from fitness equipments, consultation and weight loss supplements. 
Make sure that the company you would like to buy your products from have a good standing in the health and wellness community. 
They must have a good track record and don’t have any anomalies with regards to their dealings in the past. One way of doing that is by going into forums and asking people about a certain company.
2. Research and research some more
The best way to know which weight loss instructions to follow is by doing a lot of research. Don’t rely on what companies are feeding but instead do your own research. 
Make sure that if for example you would want to buy a certain natural weight loss supplement that you read about any research or journals with regards to its main ingredient. 
For example, you would like to buy a Garcinia Cambogia supplement, then make sure that you do some research with regards to Garcinia Cambogia by going through tons of research results with regards to its efficiency.
3. Use natural and organic products
I’m a huge supporter of organic products. There are tons of natural weight loss supplements in the market right now such as Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean Extract
The reason why I urge you to go for these kinds of supplements is because they don’t pose that much risk to your health especially since they are natural and doesn’t contain any harmful toxins are carcinonges that most weight loss supplements in the market contain.
If I hope these tips could help you make your dreams a reality. Just bear in mind that effective weight loss starts with research and knowing what you’re getting into.
Johnathan Higdon is a health and wellness blogger. He is considered an expert when it comes to reviewing health products and weight loss practices.
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How To Make Your Weight Loss Dream A Reality

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Oolong Tea and Weight Loss

These days, there are so many people who take Oolong tea as a part of their healthy diet. 
The reason for this is that they get a lot of benefits from drinking this tea. In case this is your first time to hear about Oolong tea, you must know that this type of tea is a traditional beverage and mostly a Chinese drink. 
Moreover, you must also be aware that there are various types of tea which you can choose from.
Furthermore, you must be informed that this tea is mostly added to protein diet and exercise routines because it balances out the protein intake. 
Whenever you enroll yourself in a training gym for exercises, your trainer will probably provide you with a meal plan that you need to follow so that you will have a healthy and balanced diet. 
These days, many of the meal plans include it as part of the meals. It is really important for a person who wants to be in shape to go by the meal plan and do the exercise routines with discipline.
In case you do not have any idea where you can find Oolong tea, then you have to know that you can check out your grocery stores because some of them sell out this tea. 
Moreover, if you can find herbal stores in your city, it is for sure they may provide you some Oolong tea. There are also some health stores that sell this tea. 
You can also check out the internet for you to purchase this tea as there are so many online stores these days that sell Oolong tea especially now that it has gained so much popularity over the years.
Once you already got your meal plan, exercise routines and Oolong tea, you can be sure that you will achieve the body that you desire. When you follow everything strictly, you will have that body to envy in no time.
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Oolong Tea and Weight Loss

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Lose Weight and Burn Fat With Green Tea

If ever you are feeling uneasy with your body, then you need to have these two things – green tea and weight loss. In this article you learn more about green tea and how it helps in losing weight.

You have to know that green tea is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves and has only processed under minimal oxidation.

This type of tea came from China and has been really popular with the neighboring countries. Moreover, this type of tea has also become popular in other countries all over the globe because of the benefits that it can give.

One of the benefits that a person can get from green tea is help in blocking cancer cells in developing and it also fights the current cancer cells.

Moreover, this type of tea also helps in balancing out the sugar level as well as blocking the development of blood clogs that may result in heart attack or stroke.

You also have to know that green tea is a big agent in losing weight as it detoxifies the body. It is because this type of tea helps in the metabolism process and one of the best of this type is the Oolong tea.

It is important that you regularly consume this type of tea along with your diet plan so that it will be easier for you to lose weight.

Moreover, you must bear in mind that exercise routines also play a big role in losing weight. Y

ou need to make sure that you will follow the meal plan that will be given to you strictly and never forget to drink a glass of Oolong tea every meal so that you can have some help in digesting what you have eaten.

Hence, you will have the body that you always wanted whenever you take the meal plan as well as the exercises seriously.

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Your physique is what you make of it, so let’s make of it!

Lose Weight and Burn Fat With Green Tea

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Juicing and Weight Loss: How You Can Effectively Burn Fat Through Juicing

If you’re wondering how exactly fresh fruit and vegetable juices burn fat and help you lose weight, here’s how:
Fresh juices are effective appetite suppressants
Whether you’re on a juice fast or simply make it a habit to drink a glass or two of fresh juice a day, juicing decreases your appetite and helps curb your cravings. 
Fighting your cravings for sweet treats like cookies, cakes and ice cream is very hard while on a diet; so opt for a refreshing glass of fresh fruit juice instead – you get to satisfy your sweet tooth but at the same time you gain plenty of essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
Fresh juices boost energy levels
Because they are in liquid form, fresh weight loss juices are easily assimilated by the body, instantly nourishing and improving the body’s energy levels. 
When you’re not used to healthy eating, you often feel tired and sluggish at the end of the day with barely enough energy left for other activities. 
With juicing, you will feel energized and revitalized – it will provide you with more energy for your day-to-day activities, even for exercise!
Fresh juices improve digestive function
Little energy is required to digest fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Your digestive tract will be able to rest and heal itself because there is only little function to perform. 
Because of this, both digestion and metabolism is improved – a fast metabolism means effective fat-burning in the body, leading to weight loss.
Fresh juice cleanses and detoxifies the body
As you probably know by now, one of the biggest health benefits that juicing offers is cleansing and detoxification. 
Weight loss juices help eliminate harmful toxins from your system which often lead to diseases and illnesses. These toxins usually reside in fat cells; so once toxins are cleared out of the body, fat cells will be flushed out as well – leading to effective weight loss.
Fresh juices pave the way to healthy eating
Once you’ve made fresh juice a regular part of your diet and you start seeing amazing results, you wouldn’t want to go back to your old eating habits. 
You will realize that juicing will help you feel healthier and happier that you won’t feel the need to eat fast, junk and processed foods again. And when you start to eat nutritious foods, it will be effortless to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.
So invest a good juicer and start juicing your fruits and vegetables now!
Healthy dieting and eating is Donna H.’s passion and it has changed her life. With over a decade of experience and advice from nutritional experts, Donna spends her time writing about what she loves most – nutrition. 
Her book, Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss can be purchased on
It is also available in kindle edition.
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Juicing and Weight Loss: How You Can Effectively Burn Fat Through Juicing

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Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss: Fat Burner or Lame News?

On a latest episode of “The Dr. Oz Show,” green coffee bean extract, a supplement created from green (unroasted) coffee beans, was highly recommended as a “fat burner that aids women lose weight.”
Oz tested the results of the extract on 100 women. Half were given 400 mg of green coffee bean extract 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two weeks; the other half were given a placebo. 
Subjects were told to maintain their normal diets and to keep a food journal. The women who took the extract lost two pounds on average, while the placebo group lost an average of one pound.
Since the episode aired, green coffee bean extract has become one of the most searched terms on the internet. It’s normally offered in pill form, but earlier this summer Starbucks added it as part of a new line of low-calorie drinks, which are being endorsed as a “boost of natural energy.”.
In a recent 22-week study, researchers gave 16 overweight adults low doses of green coffee bean extract (350 mg, twice a day), high doses of the supplement (350 mg, 3 times a day), or a placebo (3 times a day) for 6 weeks each with a 2-week break of not taking the pills between patterns. 
Participants were encouraged to be physically active, but no dietary changes were recommended.
Outcomes of the study, funded by Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (a company that manufactures green coffee bean extract) and published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, found that subjects who took the extract lost about 18 pounds on average– more than 10 percent of their body weight. No adverse side effects were noted.
Green coffee bean extract consists of caffeine, a stimulant associated with weight loss. It also boasts high levels of chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol antioxidant that scientists speculate may boost weight-loss by lessening the absorption of fat and carbs in the gut, and lowering insulin levels to strengthen metabolic function.
Since the supplement contains considerable portions of caffeine, there are some person’s who must not consume it. 
This consist of women who are either breastfeeding or pregnant, and persons who suffer from thinning bones, glaucoma and bleeding disorders.
Green coffee extract is among the most strong and effective weight loss supplements. Every overweight or anyone that wants to feel sexy and fabulous should consider using it, even if only for a single month.
Gary Garcia is an internet marketer based in Vancouver and writes for several publications on various topics such as Weight Loss and fitness.
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Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss: Fat Burner or Lame News?

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Fight The Obesity Demon – Keep An Eye On Your Weighing Scale

According to latest surveys, at least one in three of the global adult populace is overweight, and nearly one in ten is fat or obese. 
Besides, there are over 30 million kids under the age of ten who are beyond the normal weight range. Being obese or overweight may have a serious effect on your overall health condition.
When you have extra fat in your body, it results in serious health issues like heart attach (and other cardiovascular diseases), osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, and sometimes even cancer (breast, colon and endometrial). 
Over time, these conditions cause complete disability and premature death. Besides resulting in problems for families and close ones, the cost of treatments increases as well. 
Fortunately, it’s possible to bring your weight under control. The key to success lies in striking the right balance between the energy consumed and the energy spent during the day.
The Rising Alarm of Obesity
Overweight or obesity among people is mainly an outcome of the changing way of life. Unhealthy or improper food items fail to deliver the necessary nutrients. 
It just adds to your energy intake, leading to obesity or plumpness. Lack of physical activity and unhealthy mode of amusement also add to a person’s body weight. 
Heredity is another vital reason. Improper dietary habits result in excessive fat accumulation in one’s body. Physical inactivity and poor metabolism are the two main reasons behind obesity, in children and adults alike. So, it’s highly essential to lose those extra fat and stay fit and healthy.
What’s Holding you Back?
You embark on a strict diet, count calories, pursue a weight loss program, and even exercise most days. Yet, when you step on that weighing scale and the needle refuses to budge, your whole world comes to a stop. 
Even with healthy eating and exercising habits, you may end up making a few mistakes that retards your weight losing process. Here are a few handy tips that’ll surely help you in attaining your “weight loss” goal.
Settle on the Right Calorie Intake
Here is a simple rule – take in lesser calories than you need for doing your daily chores and you’ll lose fat. Sadly, 70 percent of the people fail to analyze their daily calorie needs; there are others who even overestimate. 
You consume 2000 calories everyday; however, if your body needs just 1600 calories, the remaining 400 are enough for adding another 4 kilograms to your frame.
Keep an Eye on Your Food Amount
When it comes to dieting, it’s important to check what’s on your plate. Simultaneously, you must also check on the amount of food that you’re snacking on. 
Let’s put it this way – Your husband has bread and butter for breakfast, your son has a glass of hot chocolate, and you have a bowl of oatmeal with banana and walnuts. 
You won’t believe, but you take in 700 calories for your breakfast. So, it’s better to exclude the bananas. Again, if you prefer taking bananas, just limit it to a slice or two.
Erique Benson writes article on health and fitness related topics. 
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Fight The Obesity Demon – Keep An Eye On Your Weighing Scale

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How Your Refrigerator Can Help With Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

Since the kitchen is where all meals and snacks originate from, it makes sense that if you want to focus on improving your nutrition, this area should be tackled first.
When you have complete control over everything that is in your kitchen you will have much more success sticking with eating healthy. 
You will take care to not allow unhealthy things such as soda and potato chips to find a place in your kitchen since these items just pack on unnecessary calories with no nutritional value.
When your focus is strictly on eating healthy to lose weight, everything you put in your mouth from morning to night is important to take into consideration. 
With a kitchen properly stocked to encourage healthy eating, you will be more likely to stick with what will have a positive, beneficial influence on your body.
When you go into the kitchen to prepare breakfast, you won’t be able to grab a donut like you may have in the past, but instead opt for some oatmeal and raisins. 
For lunch you won’t grab a fast food cheeseburger with french fries and soda since you will prepare a healthy wrap along with a bag of carrots and celery sticks to take with you to work.
When it’s dinner time, you will stay away from ordering an extra large pizza with all the toppings and instead grill some chicken, vegetables and a salad.
When you are in the mood for a snack in between meal times, you won’t reach for the typical bag of potato chips and tall glass of soda since those items won’t be stocked in your kitchen any longer. 
Instead you will grab a mozzarella string cheese stick, bag of raisins with almonds, or perhaps some sliced fruit with nonfat yogurt and a large glass of water.
These are the types of decisions you will need to make in order to have success improving your daily nutrition, eating healthy to lose weight.
Naturally at first when you are attempting to change your eating habits you will have some difficulties. Your body will continue to crave what it has become accustomed to devouring. 
This is one of the most important reasons why you need to have your kitchen void of the unhealthy stuff so your hand does not automatically reach for what used to always be there.
By having your refrigerator and kitchen stocked with only healthy options, you increase the likelihood of sticking with eating sensibly and nutritiously. 
You will eat in a healthy manner when there are fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and water at hand as opposed to being surrounded by potato chips, cookies, crackers, juices, sodas, cakes, and ice cream.
Do your body a favor and create a kitchen that inspires health. Make it simple to eat in a nutritious manner by having healthy food at hand. 
Eating healthy food does not need to be boring or bland, simply take a moment to gather some healthy meals and snack ideas you can test out to see what you enjoy.
Gregory L. Gomez, M. Ed, an elementary school teacher for 13 years, now on a mission to develop a healthy life, lose weight, and finally get in shape. 
Follow his progress on as he strives to lose 80 pounds through dedicated exercise and healthy eating. 
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How Your Refrigerator Can Help With Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

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Fighting Weight – White Fat Versus Brown Fat Debate

We are always looking for reasons why it becomes harder to lose weight and keep it off as we get older. Another reason advanced regarding this is the role of white fat versus brown fat, and we all have both in varying degrees. 
Brown fat cells are called that because they contain the most mitochondria, which is the pigment that binds iron and gives them their color. 
It is thought that these cells were evolved in mammals as a way of generating warmth to cope with cold temperatures.
This ability to generate heat could also be a way to burn fat. These fat cells are typically found in the upper back near the spine and extending up into the shoulders. 
In contrast, white fat cells are located mainly around the midsection and thigh area, and their basic purpose is to store extra fat from digested food. 
Obesity issues occur when these fat stores not only never get used, but build so the cells become larger in size. It’s not that the number of fat cells increase, but their size does.
Fat cells, even those white fat cells that we hate looking at, do serve several purposes. During times of famine the body has some fallback stores to use. 
That is one reason why intermittent fasting has taken on quite a lot of interest. They also provide warmth. As previously noted, brown fat cells are real energy burners, but white fat cells form a layer of insulation that is not always great to look at, but can provide a function.
All types of fat also perform a protecting function. It shouldn’t be surprising that we accumulate fat storage around vital organs like the heart, liver and kidneys, plus the stomach, intestines and lymph nodes. Also there are the protections of the joints so bones don’t rub together. Obviously fat is important for us to function; just not when we overdo it.
We do believe that brown fat does decrease white fat by burning off excess energy, although we still have much more to learn before it can become a scientifically proven fact. 
So how might we increase these brown fat cells, especially as we age. Here are some of the things we should look at:
1. Avoid high calorie diets and extremely low-calorie diets. It’s obvious why we should avoid high calorie diets, but less than 1000 calories a day can actually reduce the activity of brown fat.
2. Never eliminate good fats. Getting rid of all fat makes the breakdown of white fat more difficult. Most people should be consuming a minimum off 300 calories a day from fats that nourish brown fat. 
Those include olive oil and olives, avocados, nuts and peanut butter, flax seed and fatty fish, to name just a few.
3. Exercise to increase skeletal muscle mass. This releases the hormone irisin which helps in the conversion of white fat to brown fat.
4. Cooling the body down. This has not been proven, but some think that if the body is cooled down through certain activities. 
By swimming or turning the cold water on during the end of a shower, brown fat will be stimulated to burn calories to maintain body temperature.
Cold water fish have many health benefits. Check out our website to see how you can incorporate these and other healthy foods into meal plans that are delicious and fun to prepare. 
Rich Carroll is a writer and avid health advocate now living in Chicago.
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Fighting Weight – White Fat Versus Brown Fat Debate

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Eating Fat Makes You Fat – Right? Foods to Avoid

Each type of fat affects us in different ways. It is essential that we eat some (the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats), limit some (saturated fats), and try to eliminate some other ones (trans fats). 
We absolutely need some fats because certain vitamins need fat for the body to be able to use them and some fats actually help our hearts and blood sugar. Now we need to discover which foods contain which fats.
Let’s start with the good ones.
Both MUFAs (monounsaturated fats) and PUFAs (polyunsaturated fats) fall into the category of healthy fats. A word of warning here though. 
Just because they’re healthy doesn’t mean you should eat a lot of them. They are high in calories. So yes, you need them and yes, you should eat them, just not a lot of them. 
Also, don’t eat them in addition to unhealthy fats; eat them instead of unhealthy fats.
So, what should you eat to get these MUFAs and PUFAs? Oils such as canola, olive, peanut, safflower, corn, sunflower, soy, cottonseed, and peanut are good choices. 
Nuts and seeds are another option. Try almonds, pecans, pistachios, cashews, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. 
Avocados can help you, and so can fatty fish like herring, mackerel, salmon, trout, and smelt. Some foods, like vegetable oils, and nuts and seeds, contain both MUFAs and PUFAs, as do non-hydrogenated margarines. (Health Canada)
Saturated Fats
This type of fat comes mostly from animal sources. It includes fatty cuts of meat, poultry with the skin on, butter, hard margarine, lard, and shortening. Although you don’t have to completely give up these sources of saturated fat, it is best to limit them. Try to also limit higher fat cheese, milk, and yogurt or choose a lower fat option. Tropical oils such as coconut oil and palm kernel oil also have saturated fat.
Trans Fat
Okay, this is the big one which you should try to completely avoid. Trans fat is liquid unsaturated fat which is partially hydrogenated to make it a solid. 
This makes it easier to work with and less likely to spoil. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except for what it does to your body. Saturated fat is bad because it raises your LDL (bad) cholesterol. 
Trans fat is worse because it not only raises your LDL cholesterol, it also lowers your HDL (good) cholesterol. Both actions can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.
Hard margarine sticks, snack foods, and commercially prepared desserts such as cakes and cookies usually have trans fat. It’s also in packaged and processed foods, and fried foods.
How will you be able to tell if the package you’re considering buying has trans fat? In the US this should soon not be a problem because they are working to ban it. In other countries though, you can look at the nutrition facts label. 
It will list any saturated fat and any trans fat in the product. For an easy rule of thumb, just remember that 5% or less is a little, and 15% or more is a lot.
Have zero trans fat as your goal. Have as little saturated fat as possible. Have approximately 2 to 3 tablespoons of MUFAs and PUFAs each day. 
That amount includes fat from cooking foods, spreads such as margarine or mayonnaise, and salad dressings. (EatRight Ontario)
The bottom line? Keep on enjoying fats. Just pay attention to which type you’re eating and how much.
EatRight Ontario. (2014). Facts on Fats. Retrieved from
Health Canada. (2012, April 17). Fats: The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Retrieved from
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It’s all about creating long term results that you’ll love!
Let me help you cut through all that confusing and misleading info out there and get to accurate facts.
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Eating Fat Makes You Fat – Right? Foods to Avoid

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Why Low Fat, No Fat Food Equals No Good

When I think about how I fell prey to mainstream dietary messages and American Heart Association advice that low fat or no fat processed foods are so much better for total health, I cringe. 
We were told that red meat and saturated fat is bad, eggs cause heart disease via skyrocketing cholesterol, and avocados and coconut would make you fat.
Unfortunately, it was this exact advice that sunk my health in the crapper some 15 years later.
Here’s our reality since adopting a low fat, no fat American diet:
  • Diabetes and obesity rates have skyrocketed – these two alone affect almost a billion people worldwide. Cultures that have never had these problems, now do thanks to the international presence of American fast food franchises and other dietary influences.
  • 4 out of 10 deaths are attributed to heart disease (this has actually gone up, not down, since doing the low fat, no fat thing).
  • Half of America is overweight.
  • 30% of Americans now have high blood pressure.
  • Brain and neurological issues such as depression, ADHD, and Autism continue to escalate (yes, nutrition has A LOT to do with mental functioning).
  • Most Americans are nutrient deficient and full of sugar.
So after years of a mostly grain based (because “whole grains” are supposedly so great for you) and occasional meat but mostly tofu abundant diet, my grand prize was insulin resistance and ovarian cysts.
Five reasons why we need healthy saturated fats:
1. The body was meant to burn fat for fuel. Right now, we are so full of sugar, our body is trying to burn that first. But we eat more sugar than the body can burn, so now the sugar is being stored at fat.
Therefore, the more processed foods and simple carbohydrates we eat, the fatter we get. The more meat and healthy fats (avocado, nuts, coconut, olives) we eat, the more satiated we are, the more balanced our blood sugar is, the less cravings we have, the less we eat, and the body can return to burning fat rather than sugar on top of fat. Phew, what a mouthful!
2. A complete Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products. This vitamin is very important for brain health. There’s no vitamin B12 in pasta, pancakes, or fake chicken nuggets.
3. Grass-fed red meats pretty much are the only source of EPA and DHA which protect you from diseases such as cancer, asthma, depression, heart disease, ADHD, and autoimmune disorders.
4. Seafood, animal and organ meats, dairy, and eggs are the main sources for fat soluble vitamins A & K, which protect your immune system, eyesight, fertility and hormone function, and skin.
5. And finally, despite what misguided info has been drilled into our brains over the last couple of decades, saturated fat intake actually prevents risk of heart disease by reducing lipoproteins, particles in your blood that ARE associated with potential heart issues.
It can be challenging to change your mindset about meat and healthy fats after years of happily chowing on fat free pretzels thinking you are doing the body good. 
It will take some getting used to! But coming from someone who now has balanced blood sugar levels, restored my fertility without taking a “pill”, and is sugar and carb craving free, the proof is in the avocado pudding.
To learn more quick and fun wellness tips, visit and download my free report “5 Health Habits That Are Keeping You Fat and Unhappy.”
Lore Earley is the co-owner of Eat Think Feel Live, a holistic health blog that helps you transform your mind, body, and spirit so you can live the life you want!
You can also connect with her via her professional website:
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Why Low Fat, No Fat Food Equals No Good

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