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Fastest Weight Loss You Ever Thought Possible

When we start a diet, we all have one thing in common, we want the fastest weight loss possible. One of the first rules of safe dieting is that you should lose weight gradually, which implies “slowly.”
We want the fastest weight loss we can achieve.
It’s actually not unhealthy to achieve rapid weight loss. You just have to know how to do it correctly.
Lose 8-10 Pounds Fast
During your first week, you can lose as much as 8-10 pounds by eliminating all salt from your food. This causes your body to eliminate the excess water you have been carrying around for years.
Champion Bodybuilders Secret
Champion bodybuilders learned a long while back how to get rid of body fat fast in order to get the muscular, extremely low-fat look they need if they hope to win contests.
But you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to use the “secret” system. Of course such demanding exercise routines also help them lose weight. 
But remember that in order to build large muscles they have to consume a huge amount of food which also adds some body fat.
Therefore, when they need to get rid of body fat, without sacrificing muscle mass, they have to use a very precise “diet system.”
For the average person, the “system” is very similar, but the details and calorie consumption have to be scaled back.
The Diet System
The basics of the system consist in always eating a protein when you consume a carbohydrate. This results in increased metabolism, and hence burning body fat, provided you keep your calorie count in check.
The average height woman should consume between 900-1000 calories per day, while the average height man should consume between 1200-1300 calories per day. Remember the number one rule to always eat a protein with a carbohydrate.
Eliminate Salt
By avoiding all, or as much salt as you possibly can from your food, will keep you from blowing up like a balloon because of water retention. 
You can use spices, hot sauce if you like it, but watch for salt in prepared condiments like salsa. Black pepper or any other spices you like. You’ll be surprised how well these spices replace the salt.
Avoid Fat
There are some types of fat, like you find in avocados, which are very healthy, and you can incorporate them into your diet once you have achieved your desired weight. 
While on your fast weight loss plan, you should cut out any visible fat from your meat. Your body need fats to stay healthy, but even your lean meat will still contain enough fat to keep your body healthy.
Proteins and Carbohydrates
The next “secret” is in the smart selection of proteins and carbohydrates. You should eat very lean meat, skin-less chicken breast, and low-fat fish. 
Some fish contain a greater amount of fat, so they are not ideal, but still better that processed foods… avoid these like the plague. They are unhealthy and make you fat.
For carbohydrates you can eat brown rice and sweet potatoes. These are slow burn carbohydrates that will help maintain your blood sugar level at an even level, which is necessary to keep a high metabolism. 
You can eat as much raw vegetables as you like, and still slim down.
Counting Calories
At first you will want to count calories until you get a feel for how large a portion size you should eat. The guideline is to eat 2-2.5 ounces of protein per meal for women of average height, and 4 ounces of protein per meal for men of average height.
You will be surprised at how good you get at estimating the size of baked, boneless chicken breast that weighs about 4 ounces. The chicken portion will be approximately the size of the palm of your hand.
You should include raw vegetables with your salads, and use vinegar or lemon for dressing. You can add pepper, or other spices as you like.
For your carbohydrates, choose a medium size sweet potato, a moderate amount of brown rice, and as much raw vegetables as you care to eat.
Raw Fruit
For desert, you can eat raw fruit in moderation. Bananas are delicious, but they contain higher calories than most fruit, so be mindful that you don’t get carried away with them. 
Eat a small banana, or half of a large banana. Be careful also with any extremely sweet fruit, such as watermelon.
Weight Loss Rate
It has been said that you can lose up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and this is achievable, if you follow the guidelines without cheating, and especially if you include moderate, but regular exercise with your diet plan.
In general, if you are strict with yourself in following the guidelines, you can expect to lose 3-4 pound per week. 
Some weeks you may lose only 2 pounds, but other weeks you will lose 4-5 pounds. If you have 15-20 pounds to lose you can expect to lose this weight in about 6 weeks.
If you need to lose a greater amount of weight, just continue the guidelines for as many weeks as you need to achieve your target weight.
Fast Weight Loss Tips
An additional strategy recommended by some dietitians is to give yourself a break every 7 days by moderately eating as much as you want, but without going on a binge.
Apparently this causes a shock to your metabolism, by changing chemical reactions within your body, so that when you go back to your plan the next day, you continue your high rate of weight loss. You avoid the weight loss plateaus.
You will find that by using raw vegetables for in between meal snacks you can avoid ever being hungry, and pretty much eliminating cravings.
Energy Boost
Since you are consuming moderate but steady quantities of carbohydrates, you will likely experience higher energy levels than before.
Your former erratic, high sugar eating habits gave you a sugar “high” for about 45 minutes, followed by an energy “low,” as your body struggled to get your blood sugar level back in balance again.
Give this weight loss plan a try, stick to the guidelines, and you will definitely experience the fastest weight loss you ever thought possible.
My name is Juan Rademacher, and I lost 75 pounds in under 6 months, when I was over the age of 55. Since at this age our metabolism slows down, making weight loss harder, I had to find a method that worked faster.
That’s when I discovered the method described in this article. In all the dieting period I was never hungry. I ate 6 small meals per day, which you can also incorporate into the eating plan described here.
I invite you to visit my website at: for additional helpful information.
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Fastest Weight Loss You Ever Thought Possible

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