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Cellulite Exercises – 3 Top Cellulite Removal Exercises Women Should Be Doing

When women first realize that they have cellulite, most women do not even think that there is a routine of cellulite exercises that are arguably the best method to eliminate the unsightly appearance of cellulite.
In fact, due to the media and the advertising of many popular anti-cellulite creams, most women end up going to the drug store or shopping online to find the best cream available, in hopes of eliminating the cottage-cheese like skin.
Well I am here to hopefully change this viewpoint.
You see, cellulite is perhaps one of the most misunderstood beauty conditions that women face. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that as many as 90% of women experience it at some point in there life. Knowing this fact would almost make cellulite an epidemic!
Cellulite Myths
1. Cellulite is thought by many as a skin disorder.
This is false. Cellulite, as it effects women’s skin is a muscle fiber issue, not a skin disorder. For many women, exercise is not a part of their daily routine. 
And for the rest, most are not doing the correct cellulite exercises that target the superficial muscles that lay just beneath the surface of the skin, which is where cellulite appears.
2. Cellulite is a genetic trait.
If this were true, there would be many more examples of mothers and daughters who would have the skin complications. However, there are tons of cases where a mother has it, and the daughter does not, and vice versa!
3. Using anti-cellulite creams is the best treatment option.
Though there are some good, short term affects, the without actually changing habits that caused the cellulite in the first place, the skin condition will continue to occur. 
If, and only if you plan on using a cellulite removal cream, I recommend using it with a dietary change and some of the exercises listed below.
Cellulite Exercises to Speed Up Your Results
1. Scissors press
This is probably the least favorite cellulite exercise for women, but the results are wonderful.
2. Dumbell lunges
This exercise will complement any cardio routine. It will target the buttocks and thigh areas.
3. Inner Thigh Squeeze
This can be done best with the machines at your local fitness center. The first few days of this are rough, as most people do not use these muscles. 
But it will tighten up all of skin you legs and you’ll start to see the results soon.
To help with these results, make sure you drink plenty of water, and focus on a diet that will help rid your body of toxins, to aid in fat loss.
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Cellulite Exercises – 3 Top Cellulite Removal Exercises Women Should Be Doing

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How To Keep Your Weight Off During Holiday Seasons

If you want to know how to keep your weight off during Holidays and still enjoy all the quality homemade foods and sweets?
I am going to give you five simple and easy tips of how to stay on track with your weight loss and at the same time enjoy your holidays:
1. Make WATER your best friend
Pretty much all of us have heard or were told that drinking 8 glasses of water a day can assist you with your health and weight loss.
It is absolutely true however most people do not really follow this simple rule.
We all are going to go to heaps of family and friends gathering and parties when we are in Christmas Holidays for example and no doubt we will be bombarded with countless mouth-watering delicious foods, snacks, drinks and the list goes on.
And I am here to tell you that you can eat anything you want as long as you promise me that you drink a small glass of water every time you reach for a piece of food. It doesn’t matter what it is, healthy or unhealthy, just drink a small glass of water and then you eat your piece guilt free.
So start your day with one big glass of water before breakfast. Then enjoy your breakfast with family and friends, just remember to drink one small glass of water for anything else after breakfast. Very easy.
2. Get groovy
It is the Holiday season after all and we should all be happy and enjoy every moment of it. And what can be more refreshing and exhilarating than listening to the upbeat music all the time. 
I reckon we all should turn on the music as soon as we get out of the bed, sort of music that makes you get out of the bed and start moving. 
Leave you meditation and relaxing CDs for when you are going to bed at night and start your day with groovy music and get groovy.
If you have CDs like that, keep them handy; if you don’t, turn on the radio and tune to the station that plays fun songs ( I guess then you have to find way to not get brainwashed with all the ads and promos ). 
Well we live in a technologically advanced world and anyone with a smart device knows how to get music online.
Get in the mood and just get moving. It doesn’t matter if you are not a good dancer just shake that booty and have fun. 
Trust me you feel amazing after that, you have heaps of energy and you burn calories while you are having fun. How good is that!
3. Break up with your couch
For some of us Holidays is not only about enjoying gathering and parties, but also confirming our close relationship to our couch and its fellow friend TV.
Well I am not totally against it when it comes the time that entire family wants to watch a movie together or just chilling out in the lounge while their relaxing on the comfy couch after lunch or dinner.
But if you have a habit of sitting on that comfy couch for more than an hour then I need to talk to you.
I start by asking you to write a list of the things you always wanted to do around the house but you didn’t have time for it OR an unfinished project or DIY that you promised yourself to complete one day. 
I am sure if we really think about it, we can easily come up with a list of 10, minimum.
So now you have a very legitimate reason to break up with your couch for good and do something useful around the house.
You will be so pleased once you start. And guess what? As soon as you get off that couch you start burning calories. As simple as that.
4. Get busy with kids
We all know how much kids look forward to Holidays and not going to school. They are always up early, jumping around, making all the noises and are constantly active. To me there are the best role models when it comes to being active and energetic.
And the good thing is that they always invite us to their world, they love to get us involved and play with us. That is why they are on your bed in early morning, jumping around and calling you to get out of the bed. 
They can’t wait to get you at of the bed and spend some quality time with you.
So why don’t you make them happy and join them with a smile.
There is no doubt we sometime get really tired and frustrated around kids but it is normal. But not always.
So let’s promise ourselves and our proactive kids that we will spend time playing with them, taking them out, and enter their amazing world.
By doing it, you are not just only making your kids happy, you can feel that your energy level increases, you feel better and you burn calories without even knowing.
Don’t you think this is worth a try?
For those of you who don’t have kids, if I was you I would spend time with my friends and family who have kids and get proactive. You certainly make their parents happy.
5. Make grocery shopping your daily exercise
Grocery shopping is part of our daily life no matter how small or big our family is. Although most of us do our big shopping in one day, we always forget something or run out of stuff unexpectedly specially during Holidays.
The best way of taking care of your small shopping and get moving is to walk to your local grocer instead of get into your car and drive to the shopping centre.
So by doing that, you support your local business and at the same time do your daily walk and buy what you need for the house.
You might ask what about those rainy days?
Well if you don’t really like walking in the rain, drive to the shopping centre, and park somewhere in the parking area that you have to walk to the supermarket. The longer the distance, the more walking needed.
Don’t ask me what if I am in rush, because then I will tell you walk faster or even jog all the way to the supermarket and back. No excuses!
My name is Maryam Mathers, a qualified personal trainer based in Sydney, Australia.
I would like to share with you my knowledge and expertise in weight loss and provide you regular tips and tricks in how to lose weight naturally and maintain it for the rest of your life.
For more information go to:
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How To Keep Your Weight Off During Holiday Seasons

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Gym Workout Routines and Effects

Before you even start reading this document, I will warn you it is technical and dry reading. But if you are serious about your Gym Workouts it is well worth reading this document as a start point and further reading can be found in the references below.
Most of you will understand the terminology in this document, but for those that do not.
Reps- repetition of an exercise or movement in a specific way or manner:
Set – A number of repetitions is a single set
One rep max – The single movement at max load capacity or the maximum you can lift in a single attempt. You can either attempt this (I will cover how to do this in other notes), but it is not advisable for a beginner.
Better is to pick a weight that you can lift till failure (cannot push/pull the weight any further) around 6-10 times.
Then put it into the following formula. Where w is the weight and r is the number of repetitions.
1RM = w(1+(r/30)
We all know there are many ways of working out, using various routines and methodologies. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the more popular workout routines:
1) Three day workouts
This workout is usually followed as a beginner programme. Though there are variations of it, this pattern is usually followed:
10 reps, 1 minute break, 2- 3 sets, at 60-80% 1 rep max
Commonly with this workout, you would do one exercise per body part (legs, chest, back, abs, biceps, triceps, lower back and shoulders). 
These give you eight exercises in total and require ten minutes cardio at the beginning to warm up, as well as a five minute cardio as a cool down. Pre-stretching and post-stretching is also usually added to this workout routine.
Remember this routine is generally used by beginners. If you are new to the gym, you should use this for the first 3-12 months. This will enable you to build up strength, endurance, posture and the cardio-vascular system required.
At this stage you get the hang of the basics, and your training should fall in line with your goals. There are many ways to actually reach your goals, and we will cover the basics of these routines. 
Remember each routine can be further changed using different rep ranges, weights and rest times. I will go through the specifics of these in future notes.
For now, we will look at which workouts we can use:
2) Split Routine
This is made up by four resistance based workouts a week and one cardio session a week, commonly used by bodybuilders. Depending on how it is used, it can develop muscle size and definition.
These routines are usually split based on one day upper-body workout (that is chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps), followed by a lower-body workout the next day (that is abs, lower back, calves, quads and glutes). 
You would then do one day of cardio, followed by the first two days split routine again.
These sessions are usually made up of the following:
2 Exercises per body part, 8 reps over 4 sets per exercise with 60-90 sec breaks at 80% 1 rep max
3) Isolated training
This is not to be confused with isolate sets. Isolated training is working out a particular muscle in as many ways as possible. You would work out your chest, for example, in five different ways. 
A chest workout may include bench press, incline bench, barbell chest flies, supine bench and press ups. This system can be used in two different ways. 
Firstly, you could follow it twice a day so you can go through the entire workout twice weekly, once for strength and once for endurance. This is how this routine would be broken down:
Mon: AM: Biceps PM: Chest
Tues: AM: Abs PM: Upper back
Wed: AM: Legs/ lower back PM: Triceps
Thu: Rest
Fri: AM: Biceps PM: Chest
Sat: AM: Abs PM: Upper back
Sun: AM: Legs/ lower back PM: Triceps
This method is for the very advanced and you should take a week break every six weeks (ideally four weeks) to recover. 
Over training is very likely and this workout is not to be used by those with less than eighteen months experience in the gym. This is a similar methodology to that used by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
A second option is to follow the x1 daily routine which can be broken down as follows:
Mon: Biceps
Tues: Chest
Wed: Back
Thu: Shoulders
Fri: Back & Abs
Sat: Triceps
Sun: Rest
This setup can be used by beginners and more advanced users alike. It is also unlikely to lead to over training and is a relatively safe way of training.
The workouts would consist of the following:
Strength: 5 Exercises 6-8reps per set over 5 sets at 80-90% one rep max.
Endurance: 5 Exercises, 12-15reps (legs 15-20) over 5 sets at 40-60% one rep max
4) Opposition Training
This is a form of training that is normally done four days a week with the fifth day being a cardio workout day. You work the opposite muscle sets together as super sets- this can be very tiring. 
You would work the chest and the back, the bicep and the triceps, the abs and the lower back, and lastly, the shoulders and legs. 
To put the exercises together as a superset, you would do for example, a bench press set followed directly by a mid-row without rest. 
The exercises together would constitute a single set. You could do a superset or compound exercises with the shoulders and legs, for example, by squatting with a light weight resting on your shoulders and at the top of each movement press the weight.
Each workout would generally consist of the following:
5 Exercises, 3 sets (supersets of opposition muscles), 10-12 reps, 45-60 sec breaks
This is an advanced form of training and will test both endurance and strength. This is not recommended for beginners and you should have at least eighteen months experience in the gym before attempting training using this methodology.
5) High Impact resistance Training
This is a method that has the potential to show the greatest results over the shortest period of time but it also carries the greatest risks. 
It requires you to push your body to its maximum capacity in very short spaces of time and then beyond it, in a very harsh and unforgiving way. 
Lifting will be at around 90 – 95% of your one rep max, so the loads are very heavy. You would train once every five days, so you would for example do a routine on Monday and then rest until Friday before doing the next routine on the Friday. 
And then the next routine would be the following Tuesday. The routines would have no more than two workouts per muscle group and two muscle groups per training day. 
So for example, you would work your chest and abs on the first day, followed by legs and shoulders on the next and so forth. 
You would also incorporate a HIITS cardio workout in this routine after completing all muscle groups, which I have explained more about in previous notes.
A workout using this method would consist of the following:
4 exercises (2 per muscle group), 2-3sets per exercise 4-8 reps per set using 90-95% One rep Max
Using this routine, you are likely to fail reaching the full rep range without someone to spot you. In fact, you should not workout in this way without a training partner. 
And even if they are there to help you raise the weight so you can complete each set using the negative of the movement. I will cover negatives in future notes. 
This form of training should only be used by those with over twenty four months of experience in the gym. A training method similar to this was used by Mike Mentzer.
There are many other methodologies and out there using different ideologies, and with each of these ways there are many ways of working out within these methodologies. 
For example, superset, pyramid sets, isolate and compound training. Some of my future notes will cover aspects of these in more detail.
One that is always great to include is compound movements. In fact, I recommend that you DO include them. This covers the bench press, clean and jerk, dead lifts and squats.
Most of these workouts are designed to last around 45 – 60 minutes and should be easy enough to fit into most days.
Further Reading
High Intensity Training: The Mike Mentzer Way – Mike Mentzer, John Little
The New Encyclopaedia of Modern Bodybuilding – Arnold Schwarzenegger revised with Bill Dobbins
Advanced Resistance Training Course material – Futurefit Training
ACSM Media Room –
NSCA guide to Program design: Science of Strength and Conditioning – Edited – Jay R Hoffman
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Gym Workout Routines and Effects

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Exactly How Can You Obtain the Most Out of a Brand-New Group Workout Class?

Whether you’re new to the world of fitness, planning to mix a regular that’s getting stale or require a severe boost of inspiration, trying a brand-new team physical exercise class is an excellent choice.
Being in a team setting is a terrific means to press yourself throughout the whole workout. 
Due to the fact that a teacher is advising you on, and you’re bordered by various other similar people which are tough themselves for the whole 45 or 60 mins, it will motivate you not to peter and only give half of your initiative.
Aside from taking Garcinia Cambogia Extract and concentrating on healthy living, trying a brand-new team fitness class might introduce you do a brand-new form of physical exercise that you’ll fall for. 
It’s important to try new things at the health club to stay away from boredom and fatigue, so if you’re beginning to experience adverse feelings when you consider your next physical exercise session, think about stopping in a training you have not tried before.
Just before trying a brand-new team physical exercise class, take these steps to make sure that you’ll convince the most out of the workout:.
Do research: There are a variety of various courses on any given team physical exercise timetable, so it’s important to do some study in advance rather than picking one at random. 
First, it’s essential to determine if you’re trying to find a cardio or toughness training workout. As soon as you understand exactly what type of fitness you intend to participate in, you could select a low-impact or high-impact class, something dance-based or boxing-based. 
You could likewise figure out if you favor a training that makes use of dumbbells, or bands and stability balls. Knowing exactly what’s in shop during the class session will aid you feel secure.
Talk with the instructor: When you select a training to try, show up a couple of mins early to speak to the instructor. She or he is consistently excited to have new pupils join their workout, and will enjoy to respond to any inquiries you might have concerning the type of workouts that will be executed, how you can modify a step if you have an injury or any problems that might turn up. 
Presenting yourself and letting the instructor understand you’re new likewise allows them to watch out for any improvements they might should make to aid you stay away from injury.
Do not conceal: A lot more frequently than not, people’s initial response to trying a brand-new class is to conceal in the back of the workshop. 
This limits your sight of the instructor, so you miss out on out on some physical exercise discussions or presentations.
Handle expectations: It’s important to keep in mind that you’re new, so it’s OKAY not be excellent when you’re merely starting. 
This is especially true in cardio courses with choreography. It takes a while to find out how you can perform a workout or a dancing routine. 
Be mild with yourself and understand that you’ll get better with time. This is a terrific need to keep going back to the class!
Whatever your fitness or wellness goals, Natural Process gives organic supplements that work with you and your physical body’s processes to help in developing the healthiest variation of you! 
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Exactly How Can You Obtain the Most Out of a Brand-New Group Workout Class?

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Get Freaky Big With These Training Intensity Tips

Partial Reps
Partial reps are a shock method that shocks the muscle even further to complete muscular failure. Partial reps are more effective at the end of the set, when your almost exhausted. 
For example if you where doing straight bar curls and couldn’t do another full rep, you would then lift the weight up as much as possible, continuing to do so until you can not do no more. 
At the end of your set your muscle should be exhausted and burning. Partial reps are a favorite among bodybuilders such as Dorian Yates, Mike Mentzer, Leroy Davis and much more.
Forced Reps
Forced reps are a particular favorite of mine and I believe that these reps are the growth reps. By growth reps I mean that these final reps signal the body for growth and turns on your your bodies growth mechanism. 
Forced reps are basically what they sound like, basically your training partner or spotter would help you squeeze out a couple more reps, while going to complete failure. 
At the end of the set your muscles should be on fire, and once again this is a particular favorite of Dorian Yates, Leroy Davis and Mike Mentzer.
Negative Reps
For those of you that do not know the muscle fiber rips more on the negative movement then the positive movement of the exercise. 
These rips are the ones that count since they will make you grow, since your body will repair these rips, if you recover properly. 
Negative reps are when you lower the weight slowly inch by inch. When doing negatives you should feel a burning sensation in your muscles, this is perfectly normal. 
Negative reps where made famous with HIT or high intensity training, which was made famous by Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates.
The Body Shock Principle
The body shock principle involves literally shocking the body, catching it by surprise by changing various aspects of your workout. 
This could mean either lifting heavier, lifting for more reps, trying a new training program or changing the time you workout at. 
The shocking principle was made famous by seventies bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and Lou Ferrigno.
Forced Negatives
To develop even more training intensity in negative repetitions, have your training partner or spotter press down on the weights as you lower it, forcing you to cope with the greater resistance. 
Once again this was made famous by Mike Mentzer, Leroy Davis and Dorian Yates. Remember this should be done carefully and smoothly, remember safety is first!
Check out my site at for the latest no hogwash advice on training tips, nutrition tips, supplement tips and much more, once again only at
Thank you
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Get Freaky Big With These Training Intensity Tips

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How To Get A Six Pack In 6 Months – 4 Easy Steps

Getting six pack abs is every man’s desire. The increased emphasis on appearance has also persuaded women to work towards achieving a toned and sculpted figure. 
They are ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of a jelly belly and get a flat stomach. This short write-up is just about that – how to get a six pack in 6 months for men and women.
If you want to get ripped fast, muscle building should be the ultimate goal of your diet and workout routine. You should gorge on foods that will build muscle mass and perform exercises that will not only work the abs but also burn fat in the midsection to make your six pack distinct.
1. Double up on protein
Protein is an essential dietary component and plays a greater role when you’re shooting for 6 pack abs. Protein has several benefits. 
First, it boosts metabolic rate. Second, it prevents lean muscle loss. Third, it suppresses hunger and finally, it provides energy needed for your workout. 
Therefore, you should increase your intake of protein by including foods such as eggs, lean meat, fish, oatmeal, cereals and peanut butter.
2. Reduce fat intake by half
Dietary fat is a major culprit for weight gain. However, fat is an essential to sustain bodily activities as it is the primary source of energy. 
In the absence of dietary fat, the body breaks down fat reserves in order to provide energy. After the fat reserves get exhausted, the body consumes muscle mass. 
You should eat fat in meager amounts obtaining it from healthy sources such as olive oil, avocados, fish oil, nuts and flaxseeds.
3. Increase intake of clear fluids for your six pack abs
Water, tea and coffee without milk and fruit juices without pulp are regarded as clear liquids. You should increase you intake of water as it is revs up your metabolism. 
Tea and coffee also help burn fat in the body. Stay away from sugary drinks and alcohol.
4. Exercise to build abs
A common mistake most people make is they perform exercises that either works the upper abs or the lower abs. A better option is to select exercises that strengthen the core. 
You can do Swiss ball crunches, Swiss ball side crunches, jackknifes, side bends, hanging leg raises, leg raises, reverse crunches and stability ball plank. 
You should also engage in cardiovascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises you can perform include running, cycling, swimming, stair-stepping, rowing and skipping. You can do cardio three times a week.
Other Precautionary Measures
  • Do not skip a meal. Instead, eat several smaller meals throughout the day.
  • Start your day with a heavy breakfast as it kick-starts your metabolism for the day.
  • Do not starve yourself.
  • Reduce your sodium intake as it causes water retention.
  • Get enough of sleep each night; it keeps a tab in carbohydrate cravings.
  • Assess your health and physical condition before you start any exercise.
Follow these diet and exercise tips to get a six pack in 6 months.
Imagine how would your life be and how many dates you could have in a week if you had a six pack? 
To learn exactly how to train over the next 6 months, how to eat and what elso to do, just visit this website: Six packs in Six months
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How To Get A Six Pack In 6 Months – 4 Easy Steps

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Super Set Exercises to Increase Your Metabolism

Super sets allow you to perform exercises at a high-intensity in a short amount of time. Many personal trainers and bodybuilders claim that this type of training can induce incredible muscle growth. 
Likewise, along with the muscle growth benefits, performing super sets at a high intensity can keep your metabolism ramped up for an extended period of time!
One of the best parts about super sets is that they increase your training efficiency and vastly speed up your workout. As with most exercises that increase your metabolism or calorie burn, it is important to keep your heart rate and your oxygen consumption high during the workout. 
Super set training is done by alternating between two exercises with no rest. It is best to pick two exercises that “hit” or work opposing muscle groups but you can also do super sets that hit the same muscle group or an upper and lower body muscle group. 
A super set regime that works opposing muscle groups can allow you to do keep your heart rate and your oxygen consumption high. T
his is because you can continually move between exercises at a fast pace (don’t injure yourself though), performing the workout without failure. 
Training opposing muscle groups allows you to give one muscle group a rest while performing the alternating exercises. 
When done at a high intensity, this can lead to Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) or the afterburn effect.
EPOC is the amount of oxygen that you need to make up for the oxygen deficit created while performing your workout. It’s the amount of energy used to return your body to its normal state. 
Returning to the normal state requires a large amount of calories which keeps your metabolism higher post-exercise. 
The best part is that after high-intensity training, your metabolism can stay ramped up for a long time, with research even indicating that it can be significantly higher 38 hours post-workout!
Performing a high-intensity training regime for at least 25 – 30 minutes can increase your EPOC. When it comes to the weight resistance, you should use enough weight that fatigues you while performing the last few repetitions of each set, but don’t use too much weight that can cause injury. 
A study by the American College of Sports Medicine demonstrated that you can significantly increase your EPOC by performing exercises with a weight resistance of 85% of your 8 repetition max. 
This weight resistance will fatigue you but won’t cause failure or inability to perform your repetitions.
If you want your workout to go from normal to high-intensity that increases your strength and the amount of calories burned post exercise (EPOC) try super setting your exercises! 
It will not only make your training regime quicker and more efficient it can help you get in great shape!
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Super Set Exercises to Increase Your Metabolism

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Is Walking Better Than Jogging?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions are a great training tool to improve your cardiovascular health and speed up your metabolism in a short period of time. They are not for everyone though. 
For instance, exercise newbies or obese people should start their training program with an alternative method. They should do this because they might not physically be capable of the rigors of a HIIT session. 
These rigors could lead to injury, less efficient workouts, or program dropout! One alternative method is jogging or walking on a treadmill. Which is the most efficient training method of the two?
Walking or Jogging? 
As you probably would have guessed, jogging on a flat surface requires more energy than walking but you can probably walk a lot longer than you can jog (which could equate to more calories burned). 
What about walking on an incline compared to jogging? Well first of all, walking on an incline burns more calories than walking on a flat surface because of the greater resistance. 
You can actually burn 67% more calories walking on a 15% incline then walking on a flat surface. That’s substantial!
When you compare walking on an incline or jogging on a flat surface research has indicated that incline walking is way more effective! 
A Discovery Health Newsletter illustrated that if a 150 lb person were to walk at 2 mph on a treadmills full incline (15%) or jog (< 5 mph) on a flat surface for one mile they would burn 224 calories per mile walking and only 117 calories per mile. 
Walking does require more time, but it allows you to burn a substantial amount of calories and you probably can walk at that rate longer then you can run
For beginners or obese individuals (or even people with arthritis or other medical conditions) who don’t have the exercise capacity to jog for an extended duration, walking can be the key to increasing your calorie burned. 
Sustained incline walking can allow you to burn a ton of calories and is perfect for those individuals who can’t run for an extended period of time or are worried about injury.
Although walking does take more time it is an effective tool that can be used to improve your exercise capacity and burn a ton of calories! Never get stuck on one specific training style its best to mix up between jogging, walking and HIIT sessions. 
The benefits of walking are numerous; you don’t need to run 3 miles to burn calories. Put in the head phones, crank the treadmills incline up, and get to walking!
If you would like more information on at-home fitness and ways to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle check out Always Active Athletics
There you’ll find convenient, sustainable exercise and nutrition tips to help you get the results you want and deserve!
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Is Walking Better Than Jogging?

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10 Body Weight Exercises That Will Turn You Into A Weapon!

If you are on holiday, unable to get to the gym, stuck in bad weather or something else don’t submit to the little voice in your head saying “I will train tomorrow!” Punch him in the face and be satisfied that you stayed on course and didn’t let yourself down.
The following 10 exercises are the pick of the bunch and can be done anywhere. They are so unbelievably great at building strength and burning fat its ridiculous. Best of all you don’t need special equipment.
Look around, improvise, use caution and safety and bam! you can construct whole workouts of your own anywhere anytime… No excuses!!!
Exercise – Muscle Group – Comments
1. Pushup – Chest – There are countless variations to challenge anyone.
2. Pullup – Back – Assists overall back development.
3. Chinup – Biceps – Yep that’s right these will grow your guns bigtime.
4. Dips -Triceps – Fantastic exercise that works your entire upper body.
5. Inverted Row – Back – These focus more towards your core strength while working deep into your Rhomboids in your back and down along your spine.
6. Mountain Climbers – HipFlexors – Assist your balance and overall abdominal development.
7. Pistol Squats – Quadricep – Focusing primarily on your quads however its one of the best leg exercises around.
8. Leap Frogs – Legs – Overall leg development for power, stamina and speed.
9. Plank – Core – Uses nearly every major muscle group and has many varieties.
10. Burpee – Whole Body – By far one of the most outstanding exercises ever invented.
Love them or hate them they are a must so embrace them fast!
There is no denying that you can work your entire body with the secret weapons above.
I would bet my house on the fact that these 10 exercises constructed into workouts can be extremely challenging and very rewarding.
Also by doing them with cardio regularly or a circuit, in conjunction with a well balanced diet you will see those abs pop out of your torso like peas in a pod!
Always remember thought to use the correct form, there is no point doing any of the exercises if you don’t use the correct form. At the worst you may even injure yourself and put yourself back because you need to recover.
If you don’t believe me try it for yourself and share your success story with the rest of our fans. Your story will motivate them as the above exercises eliminate excuses.
Matt Goss is a Certified Personal Trainer with Bangin’ Bodz Health & Fitness and is also a member of The International Association For Health Coaches. Checkout &
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10 Body Weight Exercises That Will Turn You Into A Weapon!

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6 Best Body Weight Exercises

You don’t need a gym to experience a tremendous workout. These 6 body weight exercises will strengthen all of your muscles and burn fat for hours after your workout — without any equipment. Work out anywhere, anytime, even while traveling or watching TV.
This is one of the best upper body exercises because it targets your arms, chest, back and abdominal muscles. Your shoulders should line up with your wrists, and be sure to tuck your elbows towards your sides. 
As you lower to the floor, get your chest and hips as close to the floor as possible without touching. Start with 5 to 8 repetitions.
The squat exercise primarily trains the muscles of the hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads (thighs). Your back and deep abdominal muscles will also be engaged to help you safely perform this exercise with impeccable form. 
To perform a squat, imagine that you’re getting ready to sit down in a chair. Slowly lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor or at 90 degrees, keeping your abs tight and knees behind your toes. 
Keeping the weight in your heels, slowly return to the start position. Start with 8 repetitions.
Planks are the best core strengthening exercise, because the muscles in the lower body, upper body and core are activated to resist the force of gravity and keep the body in proper alignment. 
There are a variety of plank exercises, but it’s best to start with the standard elbow plank. Start by lying face down with your elbows on the floor and directly under your shoulders. 
Press your forearms into the floor, and then prop yourself up to form a bridge using your toes and forearms. Maintain a flat back and do not allow your hips to sag towards the ground. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds or longer, if you can.
The lunge exercise works the quads, hamstrings, glutes and stabilizing muscles for balance. Begin by standing in a split stance with the left foot forward and the right leg back. 
Depending on your leg length, your feet should be roughly two feet apart. Hold onto a chair or wall if you feel wobbly. Keeping your torso upright, lower your body down until your back knee is a couple of inches from the floor. 
Your front quad (thigh) should be parallel to the floor and the back knee should point toward the floor. Return to the start position, keeping the weight in the heel of the front foot as you push back up.
Doing bicycle crunches will fire up the entire core, because rotation and deep abdominal stabilization is required. You will also activate more muscle fibers in the obliques and rectus abdominus than a standard crunch. 
To perform a bicycle crunch, lie on your back on a comfortable exercise mat and place your hands by your ears with your elbows pointed to the sides. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle with your feet off the floor. 
Slowly straighten your right knee, while simultaneously bringing your left knee towards your chest. Use your core to lift and turn your upper body to bring your right elbow towards your left knee. 
Keep alternating back and forth, bringing the right elbow to left knee and left elbow to right knee, creating a bicycle kicking action. Do this for 30 seconds or longer, if you can.
The burpee is a full body, strength and cardio exercise. With each repetition, you’ll work your chest, front deltoids, arms, quads, hamstrings, and abs. 
To perform a basic burpee, get into a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you, and then kick your feet back to a pushup position. Immediately return your feet to the squat position, then jump up as high as possible from the squat position. 
Perform burpees in quick succession to get the best conditioning benefits. To lower the impact and intensity, leave the jumping part out. Start with 5 to 8 repetitions.
Robin Reichert is an AFPA certified nutrition consultant, AFPA certified personal trainer, Beachbody coach and freelance writer specializing in health and fitness. 
She has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of San Francisco and a Master of Science in natural health. Her services include both in-home personal training and online fitness coaching. 
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6 Best Body Weight Exercises

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