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Destroy Calories With EPOC Training

The afterburn or EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) is basically a measure of the oxygen you consume after a workout to return your body to its resting state. 
This breaks down to about 1 liter of oxygen consumed being equivalent to 5 calories burned; more oxygen consumed after a workout the more calories burned after a workout. 
Some research has even indicated that this calorie burn can last up to 38 hours after your workout! We all want some of that! To achieve this we have to implement 3 key variables:
1. Maintain a high intensity throughout the workout 
2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes 
3. Resistance train
Maintain a High Intensity Throughout the Workout 
This seems natural that the most important aspect of achieving a high magnitude EPOC is working out at a high to very high intensity. 
In one experiment in which participants worked out at either 85% or 45% of their 8 rep max, found the higher intensity cohort had a significantly higher EPOC after their workout was over. There are numerous studies that indicate the same thing; higher intensity workout leads to a higher EPOC.
Exercise for At Least 30 Minutes 
Secondly, to achieve a high magnitude EPOC you need to workout at least 30 minutes. The longer you workout the larger your afterburn will be. 
This can put us in a predicament because we don’t have endless time to exercise; we need to find a happy medium that allows us to achieve an afterburn in a timely manner.
This can be done in about 30 minutes. While the EPOC effect was higher for the longer exercise duration in a study by Quinn and associates (1994), those that performed the exercise for 20 and 40 minutes still achieved calorie burn after their workout was over! 
In fact, although the participants only exercised 1/3 the time (20 minutes) they still achieved over half of the EPOC effect (57%) compared to the longer exercise cohort (60 minutes).
Resistance Train 
Finally, when it comes to the best type of exercise to achieve the greatest afterburn, research indicates that resistance training is ideal. 
Not only does resistance training increase your EPOC more than any other training method, circuits are the best. 
Circuits have you resting less than 30 seconds between sets. This doesn’t give your body enough time to return to rest and you stay ramped up the entire time causing your EPOC to be larger after the workout is over!
To perform EPOC training in a timely manner, I recommend resistance training by super setting your exercises (less than 30 seconds rest between sets) for at least 30 minutes. 
This should keep your workout at a very high intensity and you will be blasting through calories 38 hours after your workout is over! Feel the burn, feel the afterburn!
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Destroy Calories With EPOC Training

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Weight Loss Goals – 100 Pounds In 6 Months

In this age of fast food and king-size portions, weight loss is a real struggle for many. They are desperate to know how to lose weight fast. 
However, as we are aware, it is impossible to shed the fat and flab overnight no matter how much you try. There are numerous fad diets on the market that claim to help get a slim figure in the least possible time, but doctors and nutritionists caution against using them as they disturb body function.
The best way to approach weight loss is to take it one at a time. Instead of aiming for a drastic reduction in a matter of weeks, one should work towards a realistic goal – either 50 pounds in 6 months or 100 pounds in 6 months. 
This article discusses how to drop 100 pounds in 26 weeks which means 4-5 pounds a month. So, pull out your pen and paper and start noting down what you should and should not do.
Control your Diet
The basic principle underlying any and every weight loss program is to eat fewer calories than you expends. There is a technique to achieve this without leaving your body deprived of proper nourishment.
1. Start by deciding how many calories you should eat for the day. It should be 300-400 calories less than your regular intake. Your calorie intake should not dip below 1200 calories.
2. Decide how you will obtain these calories – the food groups you should eat and avoid. You should include a large proportion of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in vitamins, nutrients, water and fiber. Vegetables can be eaten in their cooked and raw form; the latter being better.
3. You can consume lean sources of protein. Protein builds muscle mass and helps promote fat loss in the body.
4. Limit the intake of fatty foods such as fried snacks and cheesy burgers. You can eat healthy unsaturated fats such as avocados.
5. Limit carbohydrates and foods rich in salt as the retain fluid in the body.
6. Cut out sugary treats made of refined sugar.
7. Start the day with a healthy and heavy breakfast as it curbs hunger pangs throughout the day.
Exercise Strictly
Exercise 30 minutes every day is a must if you want to achieve your target of 100lbs in 6 months. You should:
1. Perform cardiovascular exercises as it elevates the heart rate and speeds up fat burning.
2. You should alternate between low and high intensity exercises.
3. Do not exercise if you are hurt or injured as exercise tends to stress the muscles and may prolong healing.
4. Strength training twice a week will tone the body and build muscle mass.
When you’re dieting or exercising you can maintain a small journal. It keeps you organized and also enables you to track your progress. To add, you can reward yourself whenever you achieve a short-term goal.
Thus, to sum it up, whether you’re looking to drop 100 lbs in 6 months, it is important that you not only drop weight but also work to keep it off. As precautionary measure, consult a doctor before you start a new diet or exercise routine.
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Weight Loss Goals – 100 Pounds In 6 Months

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Very Easy Ab Workouts

Here are some very easy ab workouts that you can do to get that stomach you always wanted. All you need is around twenty minutes of time for around three days and a little bit of dedication.
1. Twists: This one is incredibly simple, all you have to do is stand up straight with your back to a surface such as a table. 
Hold a weighted object like a textbook and twist to your left to pick up the book. When you grab it with both hands, with your hips facing forward, twist to your right and set the book down on the surface. 
Pick it back up and then twist to the left with the weighted object. Repeat each way twisting from the spine, so you workout your obliques, around twenty reps on each side.
2. Reverse Sit-up: Start this workout by sitting on the ground with your knees bent and pointing upward. With your arms crossed in front of your chest, slowly roll yourself down, keeping your core tight, until you are lying down. 
Then bring yourself back up to the starting position without using your hands. Do 15 reps of this and then do 3-5 sets.
3. Butterfly Crunch: Also if you want to strengthen your stomach, a butterfly crunch is the way to go. While you are lying on the ground, bring your arms behind your head and cross them. 
Bring the bottom of both of your feet together so they are touching. Lift your torso up as if you were doing a crunch all the while contracting your core muscles and then slowly lift yourself down. Do this anywhere from twenty to fifty times.
4. Side Sit-up: Finally another great and easy workout is the side sit-up. Lie down on the ground as if you were in a sit-up position and then let your knees fall over toward the left side with your chest still facing upwards. 
With your hands resting behind your head, lift your shoulders up as high as you can without lifting your knees. Do around 20 reps with your knees to the left and then flip them over and do 20 with your knees on the right. Do 3 sets on each side and you should be good to go!
Especially if you are a beginner to working out, these easy exercises should help you work up a sweat, keep a positive attitude and good luck!
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Very Easy Ab Workouts

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Here Are Some Exercise Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Do you know there are some simple exercise tricks that can naturally help you lose weight? It is true that when people see themselves as overweight, they search for something to make them shed those extra pounds. They don’t want to feel heavy and that they simply want to get rid of that weight.
But the sad thing is their weight loss goals go astray and they end up in anger and frustration. They simply go back to their old self – their old eating habits – and their newfound love of exercising to shed weight and slim down vanishes inside bags of potato chips and high calorie foods.
In this article, we are going to look at some fun things you can do to avoid these weight loss problems and make it much easier to reduce weight. 
You will also get to know how to make your weight loss plans permanent and your new habit of exercising daily to become something you look forward to.
Exercise Ideas to Help You Lose Weight
Begin your weight loss exercise program with SOME exercises
It is your desire to shed extra weight and get a lean body. Therefore I believe you have made up your mind that you are going to make some changes to your lifestyle to help you lose weight and feel better. 
That is a good idea. But it does not mean you have to participate in all the weight loss exercises just at once.
You don’t just engage in all tomorrow and future exercises today just to burn fat. If you do not have any knowledge of how to begin a weight loss exercise plan, the best you can do is work your way up to it, not do all the exercise at once.
Studies have shown that over-exercising do not only leave you feeling sick and exhausted, but 99 times out of 100, the hope of a life filled with healthy exercise in controlled amounts that is beneficial for you to help you lose weight, simply flies out the window and lands in the gutter.
You feel worse than before. And now you are mad with yourself for being unsuccessful in your new effort at losing weight.
However, it is advised the best approach to beginning a weight loss exercise routine is to take it easy. If it’s been a long time you did a single push-up… do a single push-up. 
And in the event that you cannot get yourself up off the ground for a single push-up just press on the floor with all your might. 
In actual fact, that kind of muscular contraction exercise does wonders for your body and help you lose weight fast while it also helps tone your muscles.
The trick here is, no matter what happens, you have to start with “some” exercise and not necessary all of it.
Another weight loss tip that you should know is the most important thing that actually help obese people stay in the weight loss state of mind is CHANGE… make changes to your exercise: They will help you lose weight
Most at times, people find a particular type of fat burning exercise to lose fat that they can do with just a little effort. And since they are successful with that particular fat loss exercise, they keep doing it.
I am not saying there is something wrong with that.
But the point here is they end up doing it and doing it more and more. Finally what happens is that due to the continuous participating in such exercise, their bodies get so addicted to that exercise that they can even do it in their sleep.
And that one exercise becomes so simple for them, to the extent that it cannot even help them in reducing weight anymore no matter how much of it they do, they do not benefit much from it.
What I will suggest is to change your exercise for maximum results. Go swimming for one day. Go jogging for one day. 
Take a walk for one day. Keep it interesting, Keep it fresh, and keep it going. Doing this is what brings the benefits from an exercise plan.
There are lots of weight reduction exercises you can carry out to help you lose weight. Remember to begin your exercises bit by bit and when you get more skilled at exercising, you then change your routine. 
Those small things you do will bring you much more sustainable weight loss and make you successful at slimming down.
I believe this article has pointed out some useful weight loss tips you can follow to lose pounds, keep it off and maintain your ideal weight. 
Got any fat loss tips of your own to share? What things help you lose weight? Share in the comments. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.
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Here Are Some Exercise Tips To Help You Lose Weight

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3 Ways to Cover the Body Fat That Covers Your Abs

One of the most difficult things in fitness is gaining toned abdominal muscles. It doesn’t matter if you are doing intense abdominal exercises on a daily basis. 
If you can’t control the percentage of body fat around your stomach then your abdominal muscle will never reveal itself. In this article, we examine three methods you can use to get rid of the body fat that covers your abs.
First, it is important to know the body fat percentage you have to achieve in order for your abdominal muscles to show. In general, you need a body fat percentage of 10% or lower in order to have nicely toned abdominal muscles. 
One of the best ways to achieve this is by maintaining a strict diet. It is extremely important that you aren’t taking in more calories than you burn every day. 
You must also say your goodbyes to all comfort foods. Items such as greasy hamburgers, ice creams, and soft drinks should now be all off-limit. 
In place of these foods, you should look to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. It is also important to drink a lot of water every day. 
Water helps you keep your hunger in check and it also helps with other important body functions. For example, water can make your digestive system more efficient by producing more saliva.
The second way to get rid of the body fat is by doing a good mix of strength and cardio exercises. There are plenty of great ab routines you can find on websites like YouTube. 
Take advantage of these free programs and do them on a daily basis. You have to work hard enough so that you feel the pain by the end of each workout session. 
You should accommodate these exercises with cardio workouts such as running or swimming. If you want to lose belly fat quickly then it is important that you do cardio exercises every day.
The final method to losing body fat is to make adjustments to your lifestyle. If you don’t have enough time to exercise every day then you can always burn more calories by participating in certain tasks throughout the day. 
For example, you can take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. You can stand while you work. All these little changes can make a big difference in helping you lose the body fat that is covering your abdominal muscles.
For more fitness tips, check out the author’s website.
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3 Ways to Cover the Body Fat That Covers Your Abs

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Getting Part Of What You Need From Your Muscle Building

Food, Not Supplements: Getting Part of What You Need from Your Diet
As bodybuilders, we all know that one of the most common muscle building supplements is that of protein. Often, these muscle building supplements come in the form of shakes or powder. 
But just how great are muscle building supplements when you are trying to build muscle mass? If you would like to learn more about a few protein rich foods you can start enjoying more often, as opposed to upping the amount of muscle building supplements that you take, read on.
Eggs have one of the highest protein contents of any food available anywhere. And, best of all, you can most certainly fix eggs in a wide variety of ways. 
You can drink them raw in the morning, or eat them scrambled. You can boil them, poach them, fry them, bake them, and serve them in nearly any style with the addition of just a few simple sauces or sides. 
Whole eggs have a BV of 100, higher than any other food. Plus, they are awfully affordable.
Other Great Foods
There are other great protein filled foods that you should do your best to eat as often as possible. Although their BV is much lower than whole eggs, they are still great for you. 
These include beans and legumes (which both come in at about 49 BV). Lean meats, like poultry, are another great choice. 
Fish is a great lean protein that also contains a lot of helpful vitamins, minerals, and oils, although you may want to only eat some types of fish only once a week because of mercury content. 
Lastly, milk protein is another option when it comes to keep your diet chockfull of proteins.
The Secret Formula
There is a sort of “secret formula,” that you can follow to be sure you get nearly all your protein from your diet itself. Eat frequently, normally once every three hours. 
Try to get around a total of between.8-1 gram proteins per each pound of your bodyweight. Lastly, be sure to include a good source of protein (like those listed up above) at every meal that you sit down to. 
If possible, try to also include good sources of protein in your snacks between meals, as well. If needed, you can take muscle building supplements, but these are not nearly as good for you as eating protein rich foods.
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Getting Part Of What You Need From Your Muscle Building

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How To Get BIG – Diet and Training

Hello My Friend,
Every week, hundreds if not thousands of weight trainers want to know “the best diet and training for getting big and muscular”
So I want to lay out the foundation here for getting big and muscular.
1. Get serious about your diet and weight training program.
2. Stick with the multi-joint exercises of squats, deadlifts, over-head-presses, bent-over row’s or pull-ups, heavy shrugs, bench presses flat, decline and incline (barbell or dumbbell), and some heavy barbell curls and close grip bench presses.
3. Finish each session with some abdominal and forearm work.
4. Track you training program. Make sure it is progressing. What this means is as you grow bigger and stronger, do more reps or add more weight to the exercise. If you really want to get bigger and stronger muscles you need to grow much stronger than you are now. 
HOW? Well you’ll need to add 100 pounds or more to your deadlift and squats — 75 to 100 pounds to your bench presses — and 40,50,60 pounds to everything else.
5. Use target oriented workouts that are specific to your goal..
6. Always use good form. Yes, there is a proper way to perform cheat curls and such at certain times but never sacrifice good form for weight on the bar.
7. Be realistic in your training progression. Don’t expect to add 100 pounds in a month or two. It may take one or two of years to get there. Give yourself some time to grow bigger and stronger, and don’t try to rush things or fall into the steroid culture.
8. If you want to add muscle mass and strength, train accordingly. High rep endurance workouts will NOT help you add muscle mass.
9. If you are an advanced lifter, proper use of the power rack can be extremely productive.
10. Don’t jump from program to program. Stick to a program for at least 8 to 10 weeks.
So there you go. That’s the very best training guide for gaining a more muscular and stronger body.
You say you want a special diet? You want to know what to eat? How many grams of protein, carbs and fat. How many calories, vitamins & minerals you need!
Well, here you go.
First things first, Train Hard and Heavy — you must force the muscles to grow! Multi-joint exercises will do that for you. So…
Eat plenty of good, healthy, nutritious food. Eat lots of high quality protein foods. Aim for at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. So, if you weigh 140 pounds, eat 140 grams of protein (or more) per day.
Ease into consuming more food. Consume fresh vegetables at least several times a day. Also, have some fresh fruit at least twice a day. 
You should be drinking fresh water, 50 ounces a day as this will help aid indigestion. The harder and heavier you train, the more food you’ll eat. 
Let your appetite be your guide. You will find yourself craving more food as your training advances. Remember this… Just food will NOT add an ounce of muscle to your frame. It will in fact defeat your purpose.
Well that’s the basics. But the basics are what build bigger, stronger, more powerful muscles.
Thanks for reading, Eat and Train To GROW!
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How To Get BIG – Diet and Training

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Lifts That Kill Your Body – Use These Moves Instead!

Bodybuilding has been around a long time, so it makes sense that a few go-to exercises have made their place in the gym. 
But, today, we have the technology and expertise to avoid what actually hurts us and adjust to what works best. Here is a list of the major back and joint killers everyone does, but shouldn’t.
The weight is based at your ankles, so the torque applied to your knees is significantly higher than what you’re really lifting and causes undue stress on your joints and tendons.
Instead: Reverse lunges keep the weight placed on your muscles and does not transfer to the joints(this is the problem with machine exercises in general).
This is a highly controversial subject, so I’ll refer to a legitimate world-wide accepted pro.
“After a certain point, your lower back doesn’t allow you to transfer force to your bottom half… it’s the weak link, stopping your lower-body muscles from producing maximum work capability.” – Mike Boyle – world renowned strength coach and Men’s Health training advisor.
Instead: Highly recommended in place of back squats is the elevated split-squat. Click the link at the bottom of this article to see what these are.
The first of a few exercises that minimize the space in your shoulder joint for movement – this increases the chances something can strain or tear.
Instead: Parallel bar dips keep your range of motion more open so you can feel when your shoulders start to get tight and adjust accordingly.
This exercise is one that can EASILY wreck your knees and back. The main issue here is the form involved places your center of gravity over your knees – in turn putting the main workload on your knees and lower back. 
If you’re not an experienced lifter and have not been trained, or researched the proper way to do this exercise, do not attempt to do heavy weight. 
Sure, a lot of guys at the gym do it too, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing it right. Chances are they are on track to have lower back and knee issues because of that ‘I’m awesome and I can GRRRt a ton of weight’.
Instead: Using the sumo deadlift will take the majority of the workload off your lower back and help keep your spine more naturally set, helping you lift with better form and save your knees and back.
You guessed it – another exercise that removes that golden space in your shoulder joints! Not only that, but this exercise puts an enormous amount of weight on your lower back. 
You may have a strong lower back, but standing in an awkward position such as this calls for still puts a ridiculous amount of strain on your spine and hips.
Instead: One-arm dumbbell rows. This will target the upper to mid-back muscles just as well and save your body.
This is a staple for men’s workouts everywhere, so telling you not to do it is simply not an option. Instead, LMB will tell you how to do it RIGHT.
Typically, men are apt to attempt lifting as much weight as possible on any exercise just to have bragging rights, look more badass to other dudes, or to get bigger faster. 
They all have one thing in common: setup for injury. When lifting heavy weight overhead, keep in mind that your shoulder joints aren’t meant for that motion – especially keeping your elbows out to your sides and using that caveman burst of energy to force out the rep. 
What this does(just as in the bench dips example above) is minimizes the amount of room in your shoulder joint. With a heavy amount of weight, the chances for a shoulder injury skyrocket. 
Would you wrestle an alligator by lunging at its open mouth? The point is, if you want to lift like a badass, do it right.
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Start your new workout today and get the right supplements to help you reach those fitness goals. 
The longer you wait, the harder it will be!
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Lifts That Kill Your Body – Use These Moves Instead!

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Starting Out Right: Great Muscle Building Supplements

Starting Out Right: Great Muscle Building Supplements
When you first start bodybuilding, you may have a lots of questions about muscle building supplements. You may also want to know more about what they could possible work best for you. 
In this article, we will look at some of the very best of these extraordinary supplements that every bodybuilding, from very experienced to just starting out, should get to know very well. 
Be sure to take notes, and ask your sales representative about these the next time that you find yourself in the supplement section of the store.
Protein is one of the most powerful and effective muscle building supplements available on the market. Although you can get some protein from your food, only, a lot of bodybuilders find it very difficult to get all they need from only foods. 
Because of this, they opt for protein supplements. It is recommended that you use whey protein shakes to get the very best protein. 
You can take a protein shake before your workout, and then again, after you are done working out. Just be sure to take about.25 grams of protein per pound of your body weight at each meal.
If you have an already very balanced diet with lots of carbs and protein, then creatine may be the very next of the muscle building supplements that you may want to try. 
You have probably already heard about these very powerful bodybuilding tools, which can go a long way in boosting both your stamina, as well as your strength. 
You should only take around 10 grams of creatine, in total, throughout the day. Try to take about half this amount before you start your workout, and about half after you have completed it.
Other Muscle Building Supplements
There are plenty other supplements that you may want to try. Feel free to experiment to find out what works best for you. 
Other popular choices for building muscle include things like Vitamin C (along with many other vitamins like E), antioxidants, carbohydrate supplements, and more. 
Ask other bodybuilders (either in-person, online, or at the gym) about what their favorite supplements happen to be and why. 
You may want to ask sales people at your local supplement store, health food store, or perhaps even your personal trainer (if you have one). Mostly, these people will be more than happy to help you.
Please take a look for more resources about muscle building supplements at
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Starting Out Right: Great Muscle Building Supplements

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How To Lose Fat and Build Muscles Simultaneously

To be able to lose fat and gain muscles at the same time, three things are necessary; diet, strength training and cardiovascular exercise.
I believe that anyone can lose weight and build muscles with determination and willpower. By putting your mind into it and being consistent you will get the results you want.
Diet is essential
Regulate carbohydrates intake
Limiting your carbohydrates intake will help you lose weight. Do not get me wrong though, we need carbohydrates to fuel energy to our bodies during workouts and help the body absorb proteins. Here are some healthy carbohydrates that should be in your diet.
Oatmeal – eating this will lower chances of diabetes and high blood pressure. Oatmeal contains a lot of fiber which will boost your metabolism and keep you full for long.
Whole grains- these are a good source of carbohydrates. Just like oatmeal, they reduce chances of high blood pressure and diabetes. 
Limit the consumption of these carbohydrates to one in every meal. Remember to consume enough calories as well.
Eat more proteins
Proteins are important especially in building muscles. They also help boost your metabolism as the body uses more energy to digest proteins than it uses with carbohydrates and fats. 
As you engage in strength training your muscles get micro tears, proteins help repair these tears after workout. Here are some good proteins; lean beef, chicken, fish, beans and eggs.
Say NO to processed foods
Processed foods have many additives, are low in nutrients and have had a great deal of their vitamins, minerals and fiber stripped away. 
Not to add the unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners and synthetic minerals. Some of the processed food you should avoid include: frozen pizza, hot dogs, packaged chips and cookies, lunch meats or any others you may think of.
Remember to consult a nutritionist before you start a new diet.
Cardiovascular exercises
This is important because the exercises raise your heart rate and make the heart stronger. A strong heart will pump oxygen to all parts of the body which will help in burning fat and building muscles.
For cardiovascular exercises to be effective, regularly training is necessary.Exercise at least 4 times a week with 30 minutes exercises every session.
Here are some effective cardiovascular exercises that you should do; running, riding, swimming, rope jumping, dancing and walking. Staying consistent is the key here, avoid taking long breaks.
Strength training
Resistance training and lifting weights is the key to building and toning muscles, if done properly. To be able to avoid injuries and get effective results, you have to learn how to do every exercise properly.
Just like in cardiovascular exercises, you need to be consistent with your workouts. You can train a maximum of three times a week for a start then move up to four days as you advance.
Form is more important than weight, learn how to do each exercise the right way. Engage in different exercises everyday for maximum muscle development and more defined muscles.
Anybody can lose weight and build muscles. All you need is to be consistent and committed and you will get there in no time. As I always say, drink lots of water.
For total success to be achieved in losing weight, there are things you MUST learn, understand then implement. This free guide details all the information needed for a successful weight loss. 
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How To Lose Fat and Build Muscles Simultaneously

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