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Lose Weight by Eating – The Only Permanent Solution

Why is America the fattest nation on earth? There are several reasons, first and foremost is what we eat, not how much we eat.
Culprit number one: Weight Loss Industry
The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar giant.
The goal of this industry is not to help you lose weight but rather to help them get richer and richer.
Every magazine, TV show, info-mercial and newspaper ad sends a message that if you will only buy their book, video or exercise device you will look like the sexy male or female model demonstrating whatever.
I have a clue for you; those sexy young things probably didn’t lose an ounce from what is advertised.
The truth is most of this is totally worthless and they know it. So they just keep pumping out more and more knowing full well you will buy the next great promise, over and over and over.
It doesn’t matter how many crunches, sit-ups or how many of these ab burner contraptions you use you positively wont get a sleek set of 6 pack abs until you get your body fat down to at least 5%. You can’t spot reduce with exercise no matter what the advertisements say.
Culprit number 2: High Carbohydrate Diet
Our western high carbohydrate diet. Carbs come primarily from grains. Grains are cheaper to produce, ship, store and manufacture into products in our food supply.
Grains are mostly starch and starch turns into sugar as it is digested. The sugar peak in turn causes an insulin spike. 
Your muscles can only use and store just so much sugar so the excess gets turned into fat. You could call Insulin the hidden fat storage hormone. Hidden because nobody thinks about insulin unless they are talking about diabetes.
As time goes on your cells become insulin resistant which sets you up not only for obesity but type 2 diabetes.
Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers their diet was rich in protein as well as plants. Grains are nothing but seeds. Take a hand full of wheat seeds and pop them in your mouth and chew. Not good… not good at all.
Early humans only ate grains in emergency, meat, fish and poultry kept them strong, vital and gave them the power to survive nearly anything. Modern diseases like arthritis, copd, diabetes and heart disease were virtually unknown.
The mainstream wants you to believe that eating less and moving more is the right way to control fat. Trouble is, nobody can live like that indefinitely. 
Restricting calories and running around like a bunny gets old real fast. Severely limit carbs or eliminate them if possible, eat plenty of protein as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts and you won’t be bothered with weight problems ever again.
Man wasn’t supposed to live on grains. Make your diet rich in protein, meat, fish and poultry. Vegetables, fruit and nuts. 
Do away with the carbohydrate foods and you will definitely lose all your excess fat, regain your energy and help to preserve your health and looks.
Willard House writes about diet, weight loss and health.
Additional weight loss tips.
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Lose Weight by Eating – The Only Permanent Solution

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It’s Hard To STOP Losing Weight On This Eating Plan/Diet

My weight loss eating plan works. In fact, it worked almost too well for me. People have lost MORE Than 20 pounds in 1 month on the plan just by reducing one food in their diet.
It has these features:
  • It’s a lifetime eating plan – you will not need to change eating habits once you reach your ideal weight. In fact, my GP told me to stop losing weight and I wasn’t even trying!
  • It’s safe and healthy – stick with the plan and reduce the risk of several diseases, including heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and dementia.
  • It won’t cost you a penny (you don’t have to buy a thing to start and continue on it).
  • It does not require prescription medication or supplements.
The Basic Science Behind Plan
I won’t give you a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo about this plan. But I will tell you a few facts as follows:
  • Sugar, NOT fat, is now Public Enemy Number 1 in the world of nutrition. A recent study published by the journal of the American Medical Association connects increased sugar consumption with a high incidence of heart disease.
  • Eating excessive sugar increases your appetite (a hormone is responsible).
  • You need to turn OFF your “fat switch” to lose weight. Most people who are overweight have the fat switch ON. Reducing sugar in your diet helps turn the switch OFF.
An Important Factor – It’s A Forever Plan
You will not practice this eating plan until you reach your target weight and then go back to the way you ate BEFORE you lost weight.
Returning to former bad eating habits is exactly how people bounce back to their former weights. As an example – I read that 75% of the 2009 Biggest Loser contestants returned to their starting weights. Sad but true. When they went back to real life and old habits, they put back the pounds.
After 6 Months on This Plan
Since my weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels were being monitored every six months, I checked in with the doctor recently (after the required blood work).
After telling me the stats were good, she said, “STOP losing weight.”
My reaction – I’m not sure I know how!
Bottom line – I’m added more “good” carbs back into my diet and let up on the exercise schedule. I’m finding the right balance to maintain weight.
Where You Can Get A Plan Description and How To Use It

The blog AgeDefiance dot blogspot dot com contains plenty of posts describing this plan. Click HERE to link to the blog and an ebook (no charge) describing it.

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It’s Hard To STOP Losing Weight On This Eating Plan/Diet

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Dieting Is Difficult Because Eating Is Effortless

Overeating is learned behaviour. If you can learn to overeat then you can learn to eat the right amount. It is a relatively easy process and only requires the same level of commitment that you need to begin a diet. 
The big difference is that, unlike dieting, there is no battle, no fight, and no cravings to battle with. The whole process is simply one of replacing the habit of eating too much with the habit of eating just the right amount.
Do you remember learning to drive? That very first time sitting in the driving seat and being in control of all those pedals, switches, levers and that great big wheel. 
You not only had to think about all of those things, but also manage to miss things too. It seemed like an impossible task. But you kept at it, and now, 5, 10, 20 years later you don’t give it a thought.
The reason you don’t give it a thought is because it has become a habit. Habits are actions you do without thinking about them. According to learning theory there are four stages we pass through when we are learning a new skill.
1. Unconscious incompetence – we don’t know how bad we are
2. Conscious incompetence – we know how bad we are
3. Conscious competence – we know about our improved skill level
4. Unconconscious competence – we just do it without thinking about it
You can easily relate that to learning to drive. You probably passed your test at stage 3, and over the next few months moved to stage 4.
Can you relate this to losing weight though?
It hardly seems the same thing at all.
Think about stage 4 though where you do things without giving them any thought. When you are overweight you are at stage 4 in eating too much
You eat without thinking about it. It is just an automatic behaviour. You barely even taste the food it goes down that fast. You don’t think about getting up and nipping into the kitchen for a snack, you probably frequently just find yourself eating.
This is why it is difficult for you to lose weight. Overeating has become thought-less because you have reached Stage 4.
What a diet does is to interfere with that process. It makes you think about what you eat. 
But, because it doesn’t really attempt to do anything about the habitual aspects of overeating, it leaves you with a craving for the foods you normally eat in the quantities you normally eat them.
Because it never deals with the habit, a diet is always a battle using conscious will to overcome the learned behaviour of eating too much. 
Because habitual behaviours are automatic, as soon as you release control – because of tiredness, stress, or emotional upset – the old behaviour re-appears and you find yourself eating again. 
The problem with not dealing with this aspect of weight loss is that as soon as the desired weight is achieved on the diet (if you ever make it that far), then the old eating habit will slowly re-assert itself.
I mean who wants to do that diet battle forever?
There is another way. A way that deals with the habit aspect, but there is a downside. This way does not produce rapid weight loss. What it does is to give you slower but consistent weight loss in a way that is effortlessly sustainable.
Inspired by:
Michael Hadfield, author of ‘How to Lose Weight Easily’, has been helping people to lose weight for around 14 years. 
If you want to find out more about this approach and how to lose weight easily without having to endure the restrictions of a diet then visit
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Dieting Is Difficult Because Eating Is Effortless

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How Can I Start Eating Healthy and Delicious Foods?

I’m very grateful for my beautiful wife Marlena who happens to be an amazing cook. I think everything she makes is delicious even though I’m an extremely picky eater.
I never thought I’d change the foods I ate, but my wife opened my eyes and now I would never eat any other way. Healthy food is the best food in the world and my wife loves to create healthy recipes for our whole family.
The truth is that I still eat the same things except in healthier versions. Instead of more traditional pasta I now eat brown rice pasta. Instead of white rice I eat brown rice. 
I eat chicken very rarely and beef only once a year and it has to be farm raised (free range). We eat almost entirely organic, too.
I’m Peruvian and came to the states back in 1991. The biggest change for us (besides the language) was the food. We grew up eating everything organic and fresh. 
I’m glad to be eating this way for the last 6+ years now, I feel much better, not to mention I have lots of energy to do my work (roofing business). 
I don’t drink any coffee or power drinks and I have more energy than most of the guys I work with, and they drink all kinds of caffeinated drinks and energy drinks.
I feel fortunate to come across a healthy, plant based, mostly vegetarian lifestyle when I did. Now I have excellent health and digestion and I don’t worry about diseases that are so common today like I used to. 
Prior to living this way, aging terrified me. But now I feel younger than I did ten years ago!
Green Juice For Detoxification And Effortless Weight Loss: If you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off, then green juicing on a regular basis is the ideal lifestyle change for you.
Juicing for weight loss is the perfect tool for detoxing your body. Green juices especially are incredibly effective at neutralising toxins in the bloodstream and assisting the elimination channels (the colon and skin, predominantly) in releasing these toxins from your body.
The result of regular green juicing will not only help you lose weight and detox your body, it will provide you with the most gorgeous glowing skin, mental clarity, and improvements in your mood.Overall you end up much more happier, healthier, more energetic!
You can start juicing for weight loss by adding just 8-10 ounces of green juice into your diet each morning on an empty stomach. About 30 minutes later you can enjoy a few pieces of fruit or a green smoothie.
And there you have it: the perfect detox friendly breakfast that will jump start your weight loss efforts! As time goes on you’ll see that as you add in more alkaline green juices and foods, the toxins that leave your body will result in weight loss. 
What most people don’t realize is that the body holds onto fat in order to protect the organs from toxicity that is held in the cells. 
Once your cellular integrity is better as a result of detoxing, and especially incorporating fresh pressed green juices into your daily regimen, weight loss becomes much easier.
For more detox how-to and plenty of juice recipes, including my top ten favourite juice blends, visit Health Through Indulgence.
My name is Enrrico Torres. I was born in Lima Peru and came to the USA in 1991. I went to New Oxford High School in Pennsylvania and graduated in 1995. 
It was then that I started working in the kitchen at my family’s restaurant. I worked my way up from doing dishes first to grill, then prep cook and finally head cook.
Health Through Indulgence is a website and social network to encourage you to find your greatest health and happiness through indulgence. 
We want to spread the message that what feels good in your body is also good for your health.
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How Can I Start Eating Healthy and Delicious Foods?

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