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It’s Hard To STOP Losing Weight On This Eating Plan/Diet

My weight loss eating plan works. In fact, it worked almost too well for me. People have lost MORE Than 20 pounds in 1 month on the plan just by reducing one food in their diet.
It has these features:
  • It’s a lifetime eating plan – you will not need to change eating habits once you reach your ideal weight. In fact, my GP told me to stop losing weight and I wasn’t even trying!
  • It’s safe and healthy – stick with the plan and reduce the risk of several diseases, including heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and dementia.
  • It won’t cost you a penny (you don’t have to buy a thing to start and continue on it).
  • It does not require prescription medication or supplements.
The Basic Science Behind Plan
I won’t give you a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo about this plan. But I will tell you a few facts as follows:
  • Sugar, NOT fat, is now Public Enemy Number 1 in the world of nutrition. A recent study published by the journal of the American Medical Association connects increased sugar consumption with a high incidence of heart disease.
  • Eating excessive sugar increases your appetite (a hormone is responsible).
  • You need to turn OFF your “fat switch” to lose weight. Most people who are overweight have the fat switch ON. Reducing sugar in your diet helps turn the switch OFF.
An Important Factor – It’s A Forever Plan
You will not practice this eating plan until you reach your target weight and then go back to the way you ate BEFORE you lost weight.
Returning to former bad eating habits is exactly how people bounce back to their former weights. As an example – I read that 75% of the 2009 Biggest Loser contestants returned to their starting weights. Sad but true. When they went back to real life and old habits, they put back the pounds.
After 6 Months on This Plan
Since my weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels were being monitored every six months, I checked in with the doctor recently (after the required blood work).
After telling me the stats were good, she said, “STOP losing weight.”
My reaction – I’m not sure I know how!
Bottom line – I’m added more “good” carbs back into my diet and let up on the exercise schedule. I’m finding the right balance to maintain weight.
Where You Can Get A Plan Description and How To Use It

The blog AgeDefiance dot blogspot dot com contains plenty of posts describing this plan. Click HERE to link to the blog and an ebook (no charge) describing it.

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It’s Hard To STOP Losing Weight On This Eating Plan/Diet

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