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How To Drop 100 Pounds And Enjoy Spring Break

If you’ve decided to lose 100 pounds in the coming months, I assume you’re working really hard for it, abstaining from delicious treats and sweating it out at the gym. 
However, losing weight is not only about dieting and exercising but adopting a healthy lifestyle as well. It also involves setting realistic goals and staying motivated. Only then, 100 pounds wouldn’t seem a very big number.
The intention of this short article is to put you on the right track and help you lose weight fast and easy. It will teach you how to drop 100 pounds and enjoy your spring break.
Restraint vs. Starvation – Understand the difference
Many weight watchers will confess – it’s challenging to survive the holiday season. That’s true. It is hard to control a growling stomach when there is a table of savories and sweetmeats laid out in front of you.
Most people starve themselves by cutting out a particular food group. It could be sweets, salty snacks or fatty foods such as a double-deck cheese sandwich or a burger. 
There is a fine line between restraint and abstinence. When you abstain from a food or drink, you cut out it completely, but when you restrain yourself you consume it in limited or controlled quantities. 
If your target is 100 pounds of fat in a year, you need to go for the second option. Eating healthy fats and sugary treats in limited quantities satisfies cravings without causing harm to the body or disturbing your fat loss program. It also makes it easy to stick to the diet plan you have selected.
Thus, you can cut calories, but do not starve yourself.
Breakfast – An Important Meal of the Day
Skipping breakfast seems like the most convenient option when you’re running late for work, but it is the worst one if you are trying to lose weight. 
After a gap of nearly 10 hours, breakfast, being the first meal of the day, kick starts your metabolism. Individuals who skip breakfast suffer a sluggish metabolism. 
They also feel fatigued as the body does not have energy to go about its daily activities. It prompts one to overeat, thereby adding pounds. 
Hence, you should have high-fiber or high-protein breakfast every morning. Fiber and protein take longer to digest and control food cravings throughout the day.
Home Cooked Meals – Tedious but a Healthy Option
Our lives are so rushed today that there is simply no time to prepare a meal. We rely on processed, packaged or restaurant-prepared food. 
These foods are not healthy because they include a lot of fattening agents in the form of seasoning, preservatives and coloring ingredients. 
It is advised that you eat home-cooked meals as often as possible. If there is no time, you can snack on a fruit or salad. You can also blend fruits and vegetables into a smoothie. Opt for recipes that are not only healthy but also easy to prepare.
In addition to the meal tips mentioned above, you should:
  • Eat smaller balanced meals instead of one.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables in their raw form.
  • And, drink plenty of water.
Whether your goal is 50 pounds or 100 pounds, there is no method to achieve instant results. It is only if you combine a well-planned diet and exercise routine and stick with it, that losing 100lbs fast will become easier.
How would your life be if you were sexy and fit? If you take action now, you can lose all that extra fat in just a few months.
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How To Drop 100 Pounds And Enjoy Spring Break

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