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Diet Doctors Are Making You Stressed and Overweight

Have you visited a doctor because you’ve been having trouble with your weight? Doctors can be caring, as can other nutritional experts. 
But when your doctor tells you that you HAVE to lose weight, or you’re going to get diabetes, heart disease, etc… that increases your stress level and can actually sabotage your ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss. 
You can follow your doctor’s recommendations, but 95% of people fail to maintain any weight loss, and indeed end up gaining additional weight. 
Remembering your doctor’s admonishen, you probably feel doomed to illness and disease, and unable to a do a thing about it.
When a doctor tells you to diet to lose weight: DESPITE the fact that up to 95% of diets fail, you are being set up for failure. 
Unfortunately, most people blame themselves instead of the flawed concept of dieting by eating less and exercising more! 
Furthermore, each diet failure results in more weight gain, known as the yo-yo syndrome, which increases the problem even more!
Some people claim that hypnosis can work, but they too, find themselves regaining the weight. The problem with hypnosis is they are hypnotising people to do the same dieting behavior that results in 95% failure rate: eat less and exercise more! It doesn’t work! Here’s the reason why.
My clients are actually chronic under-eaters, and sometimes chronic over-exercisers who have sabotaged their metabolism and now can’t lose weight. Over or under-eating and overweight are symptoms of a foundational problem.
The question is WHY people are doing this behavior. It’s stress that is the one common problem of all eating disorders. It can be stress on the body (from a difficult pregnancy, and post partum depression, chronic pain). 
Or it can be emotional stress: losing a job, death or divorce, etc. When the body is stuck in fear, and lack of safety (believing they are sick or will be homeless) or DIETING, this is causes chronic stress. 
Chronic stress changes the entire physiology, and makes dieting worse than worthless.
I have found that teaching Mindfulness and mindful eating, along with stress relief to have the best results for weight management. 
It’s time that weight loss coaches start becoming stress relief coaches; and teach clients how to eat mindfully. That alone is a stress reliever and can help people re-establish a relationship with their body’s signals of hunger and satiation.
There are excellent, LASTING results for people who use Mindfulness to slowly and intentionally eat what they want, until they are full. 
My clients have to learn to eat MORE, and more often; stop stressing about every piece of food they put in their mouth. It takes time, but their body gets warmer as their metabolism repairs while they are self-nurturing with food. 
Their stress levels go down, and their self-esteem goes up.
When no food is evil, no food becomes the object of a binge. There is no more fear about food, and death by food, and the body can start repairing the damage that was done from stress.
The only remaining stressful issue is dealing with well-meaning doctors, and the public that makes overweight people brunt of jokes, and feel they have a right to mock and correct them for being slothful, lazy and undisciplined. That is RARELY the case.
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Diet Doctors Are Making You Stressed and Overweight

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