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Amazing Secrets For Losing Weight Without Counting Calories

Are you serious about losing weight?
Do you want to know the real way to lose weight?
Losing weight is simply a matter of eating the right kinds of foods and burning up more calories than you consume… But you knew that already didn’t you?
Unfortunately, it really is that simple… Fortunately, there are some easy-to-follow tricks or nuances that make all the difference.
First of all, let’s discuss the food you eat… 
Carbohydrates is simply a big word for “sugar”. Whether you eat polysaccharides (starches), disaccharides (sweet sugars), or monosaccharides (simple “non-sweet” sugars like glucose and Gatorade)… “saccharide” means “sugar”, and these all break down into sugar in your body. 
The sugar enters your blood; your pancreas secretes insulin to counteract the sugar by forcing it into your cells as stored energy (a.k.a., “Fat”). 
So, eat carbohydrates, and that’s what you get. This process is lessened and slowed down by carbohydrates high in fiber, but the process is still the same.
When you eat proteins and fat… 

Without carbohydrates… your liver secretes a different chemical that forces your body to burn stored energy (i.e., “fat”) more quickly.

So whether you eliminate “carbs” for half the day, an entire day, an entire week, or a month, you reverse the fat storage procedure during that time, and you melt away fat.

So what about losing weight through exercise?
When you exercise, you obviously burn more calories. If you jump on an exercise bike and burn 100 calories in 20 minutes, that “extra calories” you are burning above and beyond the calories your body burns to maintain temperature, digest your food, and keep your system operating (e.g., blood flowing, oxygenation, etc.).
If you build more muscle, maintaining and nourishing that muscle burns more calories than smaller muscles. That’s why resistance exercise (if it’s of sufficient intensity to build muscle) tends to be better for “fat loss” (even if not “weight” loss per se’) than cardio exercises. 

Furthermore, the more intense your exercise, the more your muscles fatigue and break down… which requires more calories over the next 24 to 48 hours to re-build… which burns more calories.
So this leaves us with the “Fat Loss Formula”…
Fat Loss Formula = Eat less carbs, more proteins & vegetables and exercise more… preferably “resistance” exercise.
Unfortunately, for many of us, we lack the fortitude, endurance, or raw will power to follow this simple, highly-effective formula…
So what can you do to develop and maintain that motivation?
The best way to stay motivated in anything is to see demonstrable results quickly… and for fat loss, you sometimes need a “catalyst” to speed things up. This is where weight loss supplements come in…
For example, a relatively recent discovery is “garcinia cambogia extract” created from the Tamarind fruit which has been consumed in many forms for centuries in Indonesian and southeast Asia.

The research and evidence is garcinia cambogia can double or triple your weight loss results. This extract is all-natural and truly does help you lose weight quickly through a number of interesting ways.

So if you want fast, healthy weight loss, try this simple “power triangle”…
1. Consume less carbohydrates. I recommend you go 1 week doing your best to eliminates all carbs (i.e., all starches, sweets, and non-sweet sugars such as “sports recovery” drinks).

Take it easy on the fruit, although you can have as many “berries” and vegetables as you wish. If it has “berry” in the name, you can have it.

2. Eat as much protein as comfortable. Don’t worry about fat content. Don’t go out of your way to eat more fat, but don’t worry about it either.
3. Do some kind of resistance exercise. It doesn’t matter so much what the exercises are or how intense. If you are stressing your current capability, it’s good.

If you can just barely do a push-up and you work hard to squeeze out 5 push-ups; that’s good. If you can easily bench 100 pounds, but you are struggling to push 130 pounds; that’s good.

The point is to burn a few calories, but simultaneously create some follow-up repair work for your body to burn even more calories. WARNING:

Don’t do resistance exercises on the same muscles more often than once every two days. Less than 48 hours is insufficient time for your body to re-build the muscles.

Incidentally, contrary to popular bodybuilding recommendations, I have personally found a large number of repetitions is actually more productive than a heavier weight you can only lift 8 to 10 times.

For example, if you can curl 45 pound dumbbells only 8 times, but curling 25 or 30 pound dumbbells 30 times gives you a solid pump, the lower weight with much higher number of “reps” is better. However, you “must” feel the pump.

4. Add garcinia cambogia to your diet according to the directions on the bottle. This adds an all-natural boost to your fat loss results that will get you excited with your results.
Garcinia Cambogia truly is a recent weight loss “wonder supplement”.

You can learn all about it including the recommended dosage to get real results, side effects, benefits, and the garcinia cambogia fruit itself from

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Amazing Secrets For Losing Weight Without Counting Calories

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