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10 Weight Loss Hacks for Busy People

We all know somebody who says that they need to lose weight, it’s killing them, but they just do not have the time to work out. 
That person might even be you. If it is you, then give yourself credit for reading this article because it means you do not actually want to fall dead one day from one of several diseases related to obesity. 
If you really wanted to lose weight and get fit enough, there is always a way. In fact, many unconventional ways you can sneak into your routine, enabling you to lose weight on the sly.
1. Do Passive Activities Standing Up
Do not watch TV reclining on the Lazy Boy, instead get on your feet for the average 4 hours you probably spend in the evening watching the news and your favourite soaps. 
Standing burns 76 calories in half an hour, as opposed to laying down where the only calories you expend are those sufficient to keep you alive. 
If you do not watch TV, you probably like to surf the net or read during your down time. As much as possible, do these passive activities standing up too.
2. Stop Eating Sugar
This is conventional dieters wisdom but in reality very impossible to achieve for many people. Sugar is empty calories that go straight to your hips or belly, depending on where your body likes to store its fats. 
It is common knowledge that sugar is addictive like heroin. You may experience withdrawal symptoms and only the strong will survive. 
If you cannot bear the absence of sugar from your diet, do not be too hard on yourself, many have failed before you. Aim instead towards cutting down on sugar or reserving sugary treats as a reward.
3. Stop Drinking Alcohol
There is a reason it is called a beer belly. Alcohol packs a lot of sneaky calories. Some how, calories are easier to ingest in large quantities when they are in liquid form. 
Using the same logic, this is why you need to stop drinking liquid sugar in the guise of sodas and energy drinks. Stick to water. Drinking more water will train your taste buds to expect less and hopefully this will make you want to eat less too.
4. Skip the Side – Lemon Wedge or Vinegar Dip
Fried foods are served with a lemon or vinegar dip on the side to curb the body’s natural reflex to vomit after ingesting rich foods. 
You do not want to curb your vomit reflex. Instead, listen to your body as it tells you to stop funnelling lard soaked bits down your gut. 
However, if you are already eating healthy, sucking on a lemon or drinking a shot of vinegar will actually suppress your appetite if your aim is to eat less.
5. Use Smaller Plates and Bowls
This technique uses a visual illusion that tricks our mind into believing that we are eating more when we are in fact eating less. 
The Japanese have made miniature stoneware a high art form. Buy exquisitely crafted tiny cups, tiny bowls and tiny plates made in Japan to start losing weight immediately. 
Other culinary magic tricks for weight loss include eating from red plates or other garishly tinted plates that distract the mind from food, actually turning you off your food. 
These subtle changes actually work and should knock off a few calories from your meals.
6. Walk and Talk at the Same Time
If you are an important type of person who takes several calls a day, maximize your time on the phone by pacing while you talk. It might look excessively dramatic to do so, but you will be getting some exercise. 
Studies on weight loss show that people who claim to be naturally thin, no matter what they eat, lose the extra calories because they unconsciously fidget a lot and all day. 
This kind of nervous energy may indicate somebody who suffers from ADHD and it can be distracting for many people who have lower energy levels, but it is a proven way to keep fit without even going to the gym.
7. Go For Broke at the Gym
When you do find the time for a proper workout, make every intention to go all out. Aim for exhaustion. You want your breathing to get hoarse and your heart to race to bursting if your health allows. 
Intense workouts burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time and the body continues to burn calories at an active rate for several hours after. 
Heavy workouts build the most muscles and muscles burn more calories than fat. This way you get the most benefit from your short workout time.
8. Own a Blender
For some reason, the stomach thinks it is more full when it ingests smoothies. You get to feel full for much longer after drinking smoothies. 
You can find several recipes for smoothies online that are nutritious enough to be whole meals. It also takes less time to drink a smoothie than it does to sit down to a proper meal, which busy people will love.
9. Burn Calories with a Tread Mill at Work
Admittedly, buying a thread mill for your workplace will take some investment. But this is a worthwhile investment for those serious about getting fit. If standing is good for your calorie balance, walking slowly while doing your regular activities at work is ten times better. 
Walking is also a proven way to help you think more clearly. If you have the kind of job that requires creative and analytic thought, a thread mill at work could be your best idea yet. 
Alternatively, you could also just fit in regular walks into your schedule.
10. Find Time to Rest Properly
Many people who are tired, but, have no time to sleep keep themselves going by eating more carbohydrates. Carbs actually work better than caffeine at keeping you awake. If you can afford to, choose sleep over carbs.
The secret to covert weight loss is to go slow and to be patient. It is highly advisable to avoid checking your bathroom scale every day because as is well known by many studies, bathroom scale readings are the leading cause of tantrums and frustrations. 
Instead, look long term, months into the future when your doctor finally tells you at your annual check up that your BMI is now normal.
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10 Weight Loss Hacks for Busy People

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