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How Many Calories Do I Really Need to Burn at the Gym?

Here’s a quick tutorial on finding out how to find your target body weight. It looks a bit complicated, but keep in mind that you only have to do this twice. 
The first time is now. The second time is after you’ve hit your target weight to make sure you haven’t had any significant muscle loss and to further tweak your body to its desired shape and size.
It’s calculated based on three numbers: your Body-Fat Percentage (“BFP”), your Target Body-Fat Percentage (“TBFP”), and your Lean Muscle Mass (“LMM”). 
You can find out your BFP by getting it checked at your gym. Most gyms offer this service for free as part of a complimentary personal training introductory course. 
Take advantages of those perks! Once you’ve found out your BFP, you can calculate your LMM by going to a website that provides free LMM calculators. Once you have these two numbers, you are well on your way to figuring out your target weight.
Next, pick your TBFP. Keep in mind the following while choosing. Bodybuilders get down to 3% for competitions, but that’s unhealthy and can’t be maintained for any substantial period of time. 
A guy will start seeing his abs at 12%, but can get away with having up to 20% without looking too bulky. Anything over 20% is fair game to melt into oblivion. 
Pick a number that feels reasonable. Multiply that percentage by your current weight in order to get a number we will call your “Target Fat In Lbs.” 
Add that number to your LMM. This is your ideal weight, assuming you retain all of the muscle mass on your body.
When you hit your ideal weight, start eating 100% of your daily caloric expenditure, no more, no less. Do the calculation above once more; just to make sure you are at your TBFP. 
Keep in mind that if you decide to reduce your daily caloric intake by more than what I’ve recommended above or if you decide to skip out on strength training, you will lose muscle mass along with the fat and that is no good. 
Keep within the caloric limits and don’t forget to lift! That’s the only way to ensure that you’ll truly reach your gym goals.
All of this work isn’t so that you’ll be the most ripped person in the world. It’s all designed to make sure that an out of shape body won’t distract people from what you have to say. 
It’s not about being the best. It’s about crossing that threshold. Your personality was, is, and always will be your greatest asset.
Getting in shape isn’t easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Fortunately, the hard part is the preparation, not the workouts in the gym. 
The first thing you should do is get butt naked and stand in front of the mirror. This is usually the hardest part for everyone. 
When proud people get in front of the mirror, they twist and contort themselves and use the right lighting until they are happy with that one angle. 
This isn’t a real examination of one’s body. Leave the posing for the pictures, guys. This exercise is in humility and is meant to actually get to know oneself. 
The trick is getting in front of the mirror without twisting and contorting. Use regular light. Have another mirror on hand so that you can see yourself backwards as well, standing regularly in a relaxed posture.
Don’t be afraid of your reflection. It’s just the physical manifestation of your internal thought processes. Make a list of the top 5 things you like about your body. 
Next, make a list of the top 5 things you don’t like about your body. Post the list of things that you like in a highly visible area next to the mirror so that every time you see yourself, you automatically think of what you like about yourself.
Now take the list of things you don’t like and examine it. How many of things on the list are things that you can’t change, like height? 
Cross those items off. If you’ve crossed off more than three items, then you probably have a problem accepting the reality of your existence. 
You will have to come to terms with those sorts of insecurities before you can ever hope to unlock your inner swag. 
Accepting things that you cannot change is the most important part of this entire process. Get another piece of paper or sticky pad. 
Transform each of the crossed off items on the list into the following format, write them down, and speak them before bed every night:
“I’m ________ (whatever the crossed off item is). I am going to dominate anyway.”
This is an excerpt from The Adonis Code, by B. Pope. For the full book, go to the following links:
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How Many Calories Do I Really Need to Burn at the Gym?

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