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Getting Part Of What You Need From Your Muscle Building

Food, Not Supplements: Getting Part of What You Need from Your Diet
As bodybuilders, we all know that one of the most common muscle building supplements is that of protein. Often, these muscle building supplements come in the form of shakes or powder. 
But just how great are muscle building supplements when you are trying to build muscle mass? If you would like to learn more about a few protein rich foods you can start enjoying more often, as opposed to upping the amount of muscle building supplements that you take, read on.
Eggs have one of the highest protein contents of any food available anywhere. And, best of all, you can most certainly fix eggs in a wide variety of ways. 
You can drink them raw in the morning, or eat them scrambled. You can boil them, poach them, fry them, bake them, and serve them in nearly any style with the addition of just a few simple sauces or sides. 
Whole eggs have a BV of 100, higher than any other food. Plus, they are awfully affordable.
Other Great Foods
There are other great protein filled foods that you should do your best to eat as often as possible. Although their BV is much lower than whole eggs, they are still great for you. 
These include beans and legumes (which both come in at about 49 BV). Lean meats, like poultry, are another great choice. 
Fish is a great lean protein that also contains a lot of helpful vitamins, minerals, and oils, although you may want to only eat some types of fish only once a week because of mercury content. 
Lastly, milk protein is another option when it comes to keep your diet chockfull of proteins.
The Secret Formula
There is a sort of “secret formula,” that you can follow to be sure you get nearly all your protein from your diet itself. Eat frequently, normally once every three hours. 
Try to get around a total of between.8-1 gram proteins per each pound of your bodyweight. Lastly, be sure to include a good source of protein (like those listed up above) at every meal that you sit down to. 
If possible, try to also include good sources of protein in your snacks between meals, as well. If needed, you can take muscle building supplements, but these are not nearly as good for you as eating protein rich foods.
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Getting Part Of What You Need From Your Muscle Building

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Lifts That Kill Your Body – Use These Moves Instead!

Bodybuilding has been around a long time, so it makes sense that a few go-to exercises have made their place in the gym. 
But, today, we have the technology and expertise to avoid what actually hurts us and adjust to what works best. Here is a list of the major back and joint killers everyone does, but shouldn’t.
The weight is based at your ankles, so the torque applied to your knees is significantly higher than what you’re really lifting and causes undue stress on your joints and tendons.
Instead: Reverse lunges keep the weight placed on your muscles and does not transfer to the joints(this is the problem with machine exercises in general).
This is a highly controversial subject, so I’ll refer to a legitimate world-wide accepted pro.
“After a certain point, your lower back doesn’t allow you to transfer force to your bottom half… it’s the weak link, stopping your lower-body muscles from producing maximum work capability.” – Mike Boyle – world renowned strength coach and Men’s Health training advisor.
Instead: Highly recommended in place of back squats is the elevated split-squat. Click the link at the bottom of this article to see what these are.
The first of a few exercises that minimize the space in your shoulder joint for movement – this increases the chances something can strain or tear.
Instead: Parallel bar dips keep your range of motion more open so you can feel when your shoulders start to get tight and adjust accordingly.
This exercise is one that can EASILY wreck your knees and back. The main issue here is the form involved places your center of gravity over your knees – in turn putting the main workload on your knees and lower back. 
If you’re not an experienced lifter and have not been trained, or researched the proper way to do this exercise, do not attempt to do heavy weight. 
Sure, a lot of guys at the gym do it too, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing it right. Chances are they are on track to have lower back and knee issues because of that ‘I’m awesome and I can GRRRt a ton of weight’.
Instead: Using the sumo deadlift will take the majority of the workload off your lower back and help keep your spine more naturally set, helping you lift with better form and save your knees and back.
You guessed it – another exercise that removes that golden space in your shoulder joints! Not only that, but this exercise puts an enormous amount of weight on your lower back. 
You may have a strong lower back, but standing in an awkward position such as this calls for still puts a ridiculous amount of strain on your spine and hips.
Instead: One-arm dumbbell rows. This will target the upper to mid-back muscles just as well and save your body.
This is a staple for men’s workouts everywhere, so telling you not to do it is simply not an option. Instead, LMB will tell you how to do it RIGHT.
Typically, men are apt to attempt lifting as much weight as possible on any exercise just to have bragging rights, look more badass to other dudes, or to get bigger faster. 
They all have one thing in common: setup for injury. When lifting heavy weight overhead, keep in mind that your shoulder joints aren’t meant for that motion – especially keeping your elbows out to your sides and using that caveman burst of energy to force out the rep. 
What this does(just as in the bench dips example above) is minimizes the amount of room in your shoulder joint. With a heavy amount of weight, the chances for a shoulder injury skyrocket. 
Would you wrestle an alligator by lunging at its open mouth? The point is, if you want to lift like a badass, do it right.
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Lifts That Kill Your Body – Use These Moves Instead!

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Factors to Consider When Assessing Bodybuilding Supplements

You may have come across tons of body building supplements, enhancements or boosters across the fitness industry. 
However it is crucial to know which supplements are best suited to the workouts and activity you’ll be undergoing. Some people possess some adverse reactions, such as allergic reaction or are very prone to suffering side effects. 
Therefore there is certainly a need to have the ideal bodybuilding supplements which are proven and tested to work.
This article will cover a couple of supplements which everyone needs to understand and also keep in mind when choosing a the right bodybuilding supplements to work with.
1) The principal formula in the bodybuilding supplements.
This is often the most essential and major things to think about when choosing a bodybuilding supplement.
Proteins, Multivitamins, Creatine, omega three to name a few are probably the most crucial ingredients that should be considered when creating a good healthy and balance body building supplement stack.
The contents are incredibly necessary to ensure that there is healthy and balanced intake of nutrients in the body and that they are appropriately distributed.
These are some of the key supplements that should be within your stack for the following reasons. Protein is required to help aid in muscle repair and growth. 
Multivitamins and omega three are required for general health and well being. Creatine has been proven to aid in strength and muscle gains among athletes who use it for a minimum of 8 weeks.
2) Evaluate every supplement before parting with your money
With lots of products that are distributed, by thousands of brands, there is each and every need to examine each product you’re considering before parting with your money and making a purchase decision.
To steer clear of the down sides as well as cons that will come about when an individual buys a product is truly one of the logic behind why you should look online or read magazines to check out reviews of the products, and then you should shop around.
This is the best solution to ensure that you educate yourself in what each supplement is used for, and to assess the quality of the product versus the claims from the manufacturers.
Finding the real deal isn’t too difficult. Just head over to Google and read what people are talking about and recommending.
3) Go through the customer success stories
Product reviews and also reports can be a gateway to knowing whether a product is worth buying. Look not just at random reviews, but looks at the results that people have had with these supplements. 
Have people lost much weight when using a fat burner? Have they put on too much fat when using a mass gainer?
Head over to forums and find journals or supplements logs. Head their advice before buying.
4) It ought to come from a respected brand-name
There are numerous brands within the supplement industry. The market is far too over saturated, yet more and more companies enter, fighting for your money.
Everyone needs to be very mindful of the brands they’re buying from. If it isn’t established or well known, what is the reason for this? 
A popular brand will produce good quality products. A unheard of brand may offer excellent products, but is new to the market place so has yet to establish itself.
It can be tricky to pick the right brand, however you should avoid long established brands with little popularity among fitness circles.
You need to make sure to obtain top quality bodybuilding supplements from reliable providers and trusted brands.
Final thoughts
When you have considered each of these factors, you should be in a position where you feel more informed about the supplements you’re going to buy, why you’ll be needing them, and if the brand is of high quality. 
A person wanting to gain weight shouldn’t be looking at fat burners for example. Likewise someone wanting to lose weight should avoid mass gainers. 
By reading what supplements are suited for different goals, along with checking out reviews and doing research, you should be happy and comfortable with the supplements you’re buying.
Remember, supplements aren’t magical. They wont allow you to drop a ton of fat or gain a ton of muscle over night, however when used in conjunction with a solid diet and a strict training regime, you will notice improved results.
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Factors to Consider When Assessing Bodybuilding Supplements

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