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Body Fat: The Silent Killer

Obesity is a condition where a person has excessive body fat. While obesity causes people to look less attractive, the greatest concern is the impact the condition has on the overall health and quality of life of the individual. 
Although excess body fat can contribute to a number of health conditions, the reason many professionals consider body fat the silent killer is its link to Type II diabetes. 
Adult diabetes is closely connected to insulin resistance, a condition that occurs from the body’s cells losing their sensitivity to insulin. 
As a result, the pancreas begins to make more insulin to get the needed amount of glucose into the cells. The increased volume of insulin causes more fat to be stored in the body.
While pinning down a definite cause of death as it relates to obesity is difficult, it is safe to say that thousands of people die each year from being overweight. 
In addition to Type II Diabetes, obesity also increases the risk of coronary heart disease, sleep apnea, colon cancer, high blood pressure and other diseases. 
Although there are different terms given to people as the amount of body fat they have increases, men are considered to be obese when more than 25% of their total weight is from fat and for women, more than 30%.
How to Eliminate Body Fat: The Silent Killer
Anyone who has tried to lose any amount of weight probably knows how difficult it really is. Often, by the time they realize they have a serious problem with obesity, they have already tried to cut calories and/or increase their exercise levels without any real success. 
The key to eliminating fat from the body is to get the body to burn more of the fat that it has stored. Some weight loss supplements can make it easier by increasing the body’s metabolism so that the results of their weight loss plan are multiplied. 
However, using supplements without making any efforts to lose weight naturally will not produce significant results. Instead, a multi-faceted approach should be undertaken.
Fat Blockers and Fat Burners
Two types of supplements are frequently used to eliminate body fat. Fat burners aid in the breakdown of stored fat so that it is converted into energy. 
These supplements often have high quantities of caffeine or other stimulants to increase metabolism. When using fat burners, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.
Fat blockers, on the other hand, change the way that fat is digested so that it passes out of the body instead of being absorbed into the body. 
Fat blockers are available as over-the-counter supplements and prescription drugs. Many of the products found in the store contain Chitosan, an ingredient that comes from crustacean shells. Another ingredient, Orlistat, is also available in prescription and non-prescription form.
Appetite suppressants are another type of weight loss supplements that can be used to keep the dieter from feeling hungry. 
These supplements work by releasing chemicals in the brain that improve your mood and prevent you from wanting to eat as frequently or as much.
To prevent body fat from being the silent killer that prevents you from living a healthy active lifestyle and enjoying the way you look, find the right combination of diet, exercise and weight loss supplement to start making the pounds melt away.
A few extra pounds are all it takes to start having problems with getting clothes to fit. As the problem increases, it becomes increasingly different to perform the activities that were simple before. 
This is what makes body fat the silent killer that is becoming an increasingly serious problem.
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Body Fat: The Silent Killer

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Effective Ways of Losing Body Fat

Losing weight is often a daunting task for the majority of people struggling with excess body weight or obesity. Adhering to healthy foods is one way of achieving weight loss. 
However, you require dedication and hard work to lose weight. Therefore, you should not blame your food for failing to help you achieve your desired weight. 
There are many weight loss and diet programs available, but there is nothing more effective than the fat loss factor. The program recommends several effective ways of losing weight including:
· Exercise
The more times a person spends in exercising the more calories they burn. Taking a brisk walk daily is an important activity for anyone looking for an opportunity to burn calories. 
When you exercise, the body burns calories to fuel its activities. The importance of exercise is evident because the benefits are generated after the workout has ended – the body continues to burn more calories. 
The effects vary depending on the level of training and body composition – with aerobic exercise elevating the metabolic rate for at least 24-hours. 
Therefore, if you are interested in prolonging the calorie burning effects, you may need to exercise for longer periods.
· Do strength training
Exercises use muscles. This goes a long way in building the muscle mass, while the muscle tissue burns additional calories, even during rest. 
According to research findings, 10 pounds of muscle can burn 50 calories daily during rest, while 10 pounds of body fat can burn 20 calories. 
Therefore, strength training and aerobic exercise offer an effective way of increasing metabolism and burning more calories. 
Strength training is important especially when we get older, at a time when the metabolic rate slows down. Therefore, adding strength training to the workout, several times a week can contribute significantly to fat loss. 
The largest burners or calories are ideally the largest muscles, including the thighs, arms, chest and abdomen.
· Eat low-fat dairy
Low-fat dairy contains calcium that does not effectively burn more calories. However, the calcium can do several things to discourage body fat. 
According to research findings, humans can absorb less fat calories from their meal when they consume calcium present in low-fat dairy. 
Other studies reveal that eating more calcium rich foods, such as low-fat dairy products generates reduced fat belly, especially in young white male adults.
· Drink water
Every activity performed by the body helps to burn calories, including absorbing water while maintaining the fluid balance. 
Drinking about 2 liters of water everyday can help burn as much as 100 extra calories daily, which translates to 700 calories every week or 2,800 calories every month. However, one must be careful to avoid drinking excess amounts of water.
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Effective Ways of Losing Body Fat

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3 Ways to Cover the Body Fat That Covers Your Abs

One of the most difficult things in fitness is gaining toned abdominal muscles. It doesn’t matter if you are doing intense abdominal exercises on a daily basis. 
If you can’t control the percentage of body fat around your stomach then your abdominal muscle will never reveal itself. In this article, we examine three methods you can use to get rid of the body fat that covers your abs.
First, it is important to know the body fat percentage you have to achieve in order for your abdominal muscles to show. In general, you need a body fat percentage of 10% or lower in order to have nicely toned abdominal muscles. 
One of the best ways to achieve this is by maintaining a strict diet. It is extremely important that you aren’t taking in more calories than you burn every day. 
You must also say your goodbyes to all comfort foods. Items such as greasy hamburgers, ice creams, and soft drinks should now be all off-limit. 
In place of these foods, you should look to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. It is also important to drink a lot of water every day. 
Water helps you keep your hunger in check and it also helps with other important body functions. For example, water can make your digestive system more efficient by producing more saliva.
The second way to get rid of the body fat is by doing a good mix of strength and cardio exercises. There are plenty of great ab routines you can find on websites like YouTube. 
Take advantage of these free programs and do them on a daily basis. You have to work hard enough so that you feel the pain by the end of each workout session. 
You should accommodate these exercises with cardio workouts such as running or swimming. If you want to lose belly fat quickly then it is important that you do cardio exercises every day.
The final method to losing body fat is to make adjustments to your lifestyle. If you don’t have enough time to exercise every day then you can always burn more calories by participating in certain tasks throughout the day. 
For example, you can take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. You can stand while you work. All these little changes can make a big difference in helping you lose the body fat that is covering your abdominal muscles.
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3 Ways to Cover the Body Fat That Covers Your Abs

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How To Get Sexy Thin Thighs If Your Thighs Are Huge, But You Have Only 12% Body Fat

Every woman desires to flaunt slim, toned legs in a pair of sexy shorts or a cute mini skirt. However, the weight issue has permeated our lives to such an extent that most of us are left with just the opposite – flabby thighs that jiggle with every move we make. 
Fat stored in the legs is called subcutaneous fat. It sits right under the skin. Subcutaneous fat is not bad; in fact, it is necessary to regulate body temperature. 
The problem arises when excess fat builds up under the skin. It gives rise to an unsightly, flabby look.
It is often observed that women develop big and bulky thighs even though their body fat percentage is a meager 12%. In such cases, it is a matter of fat distribution in the body and not fat intake. 
It can be corrected with exercise. Here’s a list of thigh exercises to get a set of perfect pins.
1. Cycling:
Cycling is the first exercise you should perform. You can use a regular bicycle or workout on the stationary bike. Regular cycling builds stamina and strengthens the leg muscles. 
It helps you tone your legs, thighs, hips and butt muscles. If you choose to work with a stationary bike, exercise for at least 30 minutes alternating between high and low resistance pedaling.
2. Squats:
If you want to get thin thighs fast, there is no exercise better than a squat. The activity increases leg strength and works your quads, glutes, hamstrings, core and thighs. There are different types of squats you can perform.
– Squat with leg abduction: Squat with leg abduction involves raising your leg out to the side as you return to a standing position. This kind of squat targets the outer thigh.
– Plie squat: Plie squats trim the inner thighs. When you start out, do the squat 15-20 times. As you get comfortable, increase the number. You can also make the workout challenging by increasing the weight.
3. Single-leg, Stiff-leg Deadlift:
The name sounds heavy, but the exercise is fairly simple. Stand straight with dumbbells in your hand. Raise one foot off the floor. 
Gently lower your torso forward and downward. The foot is raised such that your torso is parallel to the floor. You should bend the knee of the balancing leg slightly during the action. Single-leg, stiff-leg Deadlift works the hamstrings thereby toning the back of your thighs.
4. The Curtsy Lunge:
It is also called the skinny jeans exercise because it helps get rid of thigh fat fast. Stand straight with your feet apart (hip-width) and your hands on your hips. 
Take one step back with your right leg and cross it behind your left leg. Lower your body in a squat position such that the left thigh is parallel to the floor. 
The torso and shoulder should be straight. Perform at least 10 reps. Alternate the legs. The curtsy lunge uses the quadriceps located on the front of your thigh in addition to gluteals and muscles groups in the lower leg.
Losing thigh fat fast is not difficult; you should only perform the right exercises and be committed to your workout routine.
Imagine how would your life be if you had thin thighs and would be able to walk in your shorts without being embarrassed of how big they are? What if all men would admire your lower body? 
To learn exactly how a 35 years old woman lost most of her thigh fat in a few months, just watch this video to Learn: How to Burn Thigh Fat
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How To Get Sexy Thin Thighs If Your Thighs Are Huge, But You Have Only 12% Body Fat

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