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7 Ways to Blast Away Cellulite

What is Cellulite?
Cellulite is that dimply skin that you often find on thighs, hips and bottoms! Women are more likely to have it than men and it is thought that around 95% of women currently suffer from it. But what causes this unsightly dimpling?
Research suggests that cellulite is merely fat that has got trapped between connective tissue under the skin’s surface. 
Because it is normal fat, some scientists and medical professionals don’t see it as a distinctive thing in itself; they just see it as fat. 
I feel this is a little insensitive to those people whose lives are ruined because of it and this is the reason that I have put together a list of 7 ways you can blast away cellulite, which I hope you find useful.
Having said this, there are some people who believe cellulite is a build-up of toxins in the body, although this hasn’t been scientifically proven yet.
What Causes Cellulite?
Unfortunately, it isn’t known exactly what causes cellulite. It may be due to changes in metabolism – this can happen when you lose too much weight too soon. It may also be a result of hormonal changes, or imbalances, possibly due to fluctuations in the amount of estrogen present in the body.
Along with many other factors affecting health, dietary factors and lack of exercise can also contribute to the dreaded orange-peel skin. 
Some medical professionals believe the condition is hereditary; however, this doesn’t mean there is nothing that can be done.
#1 Flush it Away
Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to help flush toxins out of your system. It is best to use natural still spring water, or tap water, rather than sparkling water as this can cause bloating, which only emphasizes cellulite.
If you want to drink tea, try Green Tea which has many benefits, from speeding up the metabolism to help mobilize the fat stored under your skin to providing antioxidants that help keep your body healthy.
Avoid diet drinks that contain artificial sweeteners as these are thought to contribute to the appearance of cellulite.
#2 Body Brushing
Use a body brush, or loofah, to brush your skin. Always work towards the heart so, if the problem is in your bottom and thighs, like most women, then work upwards. 
If you have cellulite on your arms, work inwards. Be careful not to press too hard and avoid if you have sensitive skin or broken veins. Body brushing is good even when you don’t have cellulite as it is supposed to give you smoother, more radiant skin.
#3 Get Active
Exercise is great for all round health, anyway, but it can make your cellulite less obvious as it tones muscles, reduces fat and also helps with circulation.
Some of the recommended exercises for cellulite reduction include fast walking, swimming, cycling and gentle stretches such as yoga, or pilates. If your cellulite is on your legs, hips and bottom, then any exercise that uses these muscles will work wonders.
#4 Change Your Diet
Avoid processed and fatty foods – you might not like it, but some of your favourite foods may be causing your cellulite. Processed foods and ready meals are two of the main culprits. Try eating fresh or raw food for a while or try a detox.
Other culprits include dairy and foods, or drinks, containing artificial sweeteners. As cellulite is thought to be caused by a build up of fat underneath the skin, it is also an idea to reduce your general fat intake.
As a rule, eat fresh and avoid junk food!
#5 Use a Body Scrub or Cream
Body scrubs can help exfoliate the skin to reveal softer skin underneath. Work in a circular motion, moving towards the heart. This will get the circulation going, speeding up elimination of toxins.
Try adding coffee granules to the scrub. A lot of creams and scrubs designed for cellulite contain caffeine, so it may help improve things even further.
If you’d rather use a manufactured product, look for those that contain an ingredient called ‘Centella asiatica’ as it is thought to improve skin’s elasticity.
#6 Take Supplements
Take Omega supplements – I found that when I started taking these, not only did my skin look and feel younger, but my cellulite had also reduced significantly. I think this is one of the best ways to blast away cellulite. Try Omega 3 fish oil tablets for the best results.
Take Gingko Biloba – this is thought to help with skin’s elasticity, which can help improve the appearance of cellulite, which is due to problems with the connective tissue underneath the skin.
#7 Disguise It!
I know some people get cellulite on other parts of the body, but I find that putting fake tan on my legs can help make my legs look and feel thinner and smoother and my cellulite isn’t as noticeable.
There is so much choice of self-tanning options available, so you should be able to find a perfect match for your skin colour. Knead and massage the area, as you apply the self-tanning lotion, to gain added benefits.
You can also disguise it by wearing long skirts and dresses or loose trousers. Nobody has to know you have cellulite! 
Hopefully, now that you have tried all of the other hints and tips I’ve suggested, you won’t have to disguise it for much loner.
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7 Ways to Blast Away Cellulite

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