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Don’t Be Fooled By “Fat Burners”

If you were to walk into any health food store, browse any online supplement store or even go into your local grocery, you will find an abundance of “fat burning” supplements. 
There are literally hundreds of fat burners out there to choose from, but they all have one thing in common; not one of them burns fat.
When people want to get into shape, they generally want to lose fat, so it only makes sense that a fat burner is the way to go. 
But it makes no difference if your favorite fat burner is made with ephedra, caffeine, white willow or raspberry ketones, this term is strictly for marketing and is very misleading.
There is no food or supplement on the planet that actually burns fat. You can’t just pop a few pills or take a few bites and then all of the sudden whatever you just ingested starts burning off body fat. 
If there were such a thing, it would be the only supplement people would buy for fat loss, or the only food eaten on a diet. 
But there isn’t such a thing, so our society is grossly overweight (as a whole) and supplement companies continuously pump out new products which all promise to do what their previous supplement that promised the same thing could not.
The better term for these types of supplements is “thermogenics”. Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in organisms. 
What these so-called fat burners actually do is increase the metabolic rate, which causes an increase in calories burned by the body, and this leads to greater heat production. 
This increase in calorie burning can come from either protein, carbohydrates or fat. These pills do not tell your body what to burn.
Sure these thermogenics can be beneficial for helping to get over a hump on any fat loss plan, but they come with more negative side effects than just the marketing lies. Additional unwanted side effects can include;
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Insomnia
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Energy swings
  • Tremors/Jitters
  • Teeth Grinding
In addition, the human body will adapt very quickly to these types of supplements, and more and more are then required to illicit the same response. 
Think about how many people require coffee to get them going in the morning. They’re so accustomed to the caffeine that they need it just to function. This is an addiction!
If you’re looking for that miracle pill that will just eat away fat, keep looking. If you choose to incorporate these thermogenics into your diet, do so with caution and be sure you know their limitations. 
They can offer a boost, but don’t use them as a crutch.
Tim Mielke is the author of “The Book of Supplement Secrets; A Beginner’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements” and dozens of other articles in the health and fitness industry. 
His goal is to provide consumers with no-BS feedback about nutritional supplements, backed up with quality research. 
He is currently writing a second edition of his book, which he plans to have published sometime in 2014.
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Don’t Be Fooled By “Fat Burners”

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