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5 Best Belly Fat Foods for Dissolving the Waistline

One of your best bets at getting rid of belly fat is by using your brown fat to turn your white fat into energy – thus enabling you to lose weight.
Brown fat is your healthy fat and if you live in a constant cold climate then you may be overweight, but you’re probably overweight for the right reasons as your brown fat will be insulating the body and in charge of your metabolism by breaking down the dangerous fats.
If you’re from a warm climate however, your fat won’t be there for insulation but as a result of a bad diet and lack of exercise.
Therefore the best belly fat foods for restoring the tummy back to trimmer shape are as follows:
1. Lemons
This doesn’t mean succumbing to some almighty calorie restrictive diet but the liver does love lemon and it helps breakdown the fatty toxins in the liver that are causing you to gain weight in the midriff and it’ll do wonders for secreting the buildup of bile which breaks down fat.
Quick tip: Just a simple couple of tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice to a glass of cold water in the morning will help unclog the liver of bile and get this incredibly important organ functioning on overdrive again.
2. Guava
Guava contains a tonne of vitamin C, far more than oranges so if you can get your hands on some fresh guava this fruit will have a serious positive impact on your gut.
There is also a strong correlation between stress and weight gain and how vitamin C benefits this symptom as follows.
1. When we stress out we often turn to hunger to de-stress.
2. As a result of stressing out cortisol levels rise.
3. Cortisol is a hormone released by the adrenal gland which urges you to eat more.
4. Vitamin C foods calm the production of the hormone cortisol, therefore guava in particular helps prevent you from bingeing out and storing extra fat.
Quick tip: Your body can only metabolize 500mg of vitamin C through any given digestive period so to up-the-ante take a 500mg supplement in the morning and one in the evening.
3. Oatmeal
If you want to sweeten up your oatmeal as it can be a tad dull just with milk, be sure to add some healthy sugars that come in the form of fruits, like blueberries or strawberries as refined sugar or white sugar contains zero nutritional value and just piles on the calories.
When you eat refined sugar it triggers the release of insulin which helps stabilize blood sugar levels causing unnatural spikes in energy followed by subsequent crashes, the long short of which means you feel unnaturally fatigued and eat more, most often more highly processed sugars which inevitably leads to weight gain.
Quick tip: Oatmeal will set you up nicely for the day leaving you pretty much satiated through till brunch and beyond.
4. Eggs
While you should be aware that eating too many fried eggs may affect cholesterol levels, studies in the U.S have demonstrated that people who ate poached or boiled eggs regularly for breakfast instead of bagels lost weight over the course of a few weeks..
Quick tip: Poached eggs on whole grain bread accompanied with a fresh fruit and oatmeal cereal will more than curb hunger cravings and diminish your appetite when lunch comes around.
5. Beans and Legumes
Jam packed full of natural protein and soluble fiber, beans and legumes are the perfect replacement for meat protein as you cut out the unsaturated fats and in turn replenish your body with fibers that gel with water keeping your appetite at bay and energy levels nice and consistent.
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5 Best Belly Fat Foods for Dissolving the Waistline

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