Read About A Few Of The Best Toothpaste For Whitening Teeth

By Debbie Ruffo
You may have heard someone ask how to get whiter teeth. Additionally, you may have provided the best answer you had. “Use a whitening toothpaste.” It is true that there are some great toothpastes on the market these days, but which one is the best toothpaste for whitening teeth?

It is possible to obtain brighter, whiter teeth by using good whitening toothpaste, but are you familiar with what goes into the best toothpaste for whitening? Following is a list of ingredients that you should look for.

– Hydrated Silica

– Hydrated Silica

– Peroxide (carabomide or hydrogen)

– Baking Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate

This list of top brands should help you determine which whitening toothpaste is right for you.


It is well known that Rembrandt is a high quality and effective toothpaste. The active ingredient in this product is peroxide mint, and it was selected because of the way it whitens teeth and removes stains, even at the gum line. It also helps to prevent the buildup of plaque while freshening breath.

White Glo Whitening Toothpaste for Coffee and Tea Drinkers

Those who like to drink coffee and tea should enjoy the fact that this product is included in any list of the best toothpaste for whitening. The micro wax protection shield formula repels stains to help you keep those pearly whites shining while it is cleaning away stains. Also included is a dental floss toothpick and anti-stain toothbrush to aid in proper oral care.

White and Shine Toothpaste from Aqua Fresh

White Shine Toothpaste has micro buffing particles which brighten your smile by cleaning your teeth. This toothpaste used sodium as its active ingredient to produce deep cleaning. Just be aware that it doesn’t offer oral protection.

White Glo’s Smoker Formula to Whiten Teeth

This may be the best toothpaste for whitening smoker’s teeth. While it whitens teeth it also goes to work to get rid of offensive smoker’s breath and remove tobacco stains. The micro polishing particles are the ingredients responsible for removing discoloration left behind by cigarettes. You also get an anti-stain toothbrush along with dental floss toothpick to reach those stubborn, hard to reach places between teeth.

Colgate-Ultra Brite Advanced Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate has one of the best toothpaste for whitening teeth around, and this one has ingredients to help keep the mouth healthy, as well. Peroxide and baking soda work hard to help maintain good oral health while whitening teeth and they are safe to use. These ingredients leave breath clean and fresh.

Crest-3D White Advanced Vivid

All it takes is a couple of weeks to see results with this brand as it removes up to 90% of stains and polishes the teeth. It also protects your teeth with white bond protection. The active ingredients are sodium hydroxide and sodium fluoride.

Many people are already using what they think is the best toothpaste for whitening, but if it is not getting rid of discoloration, it is time to speak with a dental professional to find out if there are other options available.

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Read About A Few Of The Best Toothpaste For Whitening Teeth

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