Some Kinds Of Audiometers You Can Find In The Market

By Jaclyn Hurley
Audiologists need to make use of various devices in order to diagnose and treat hearing-loss problems. One of the main devices used is the audiometer, which comes with a pair of headphones, fixed software and hardware and a test button. There are many different types of audiometers, which are created differently, and for different purposes.

Screening PC-based audiometer models are one of the common types, which operate by use of a computer. Various other types would be created to use handheld window units. Their calibration is designed in such a way that, everyone can easily operate them. The problem with these devices is their inability to be calibrated accurately.

Clinical audiometer types are other types available that come with a front panel, manual and standard calibration and display units. The main application of such devices is in clinics, hospitals and by other people who specialize in treating diseases of the ear. Despite these products being accurate and simple to use some are quite expensive.

Other common types are the industrial ones. Some of these industrial devices come with PC-integration while others may come with bone and speech testers. The devices provide high standards of precision when compared to other types available. Their main applications are in hospitals, schools, buildings and industries.

Pediatric hearing audiometer types are the other kinds of devices that are used to diagnose hearing problems in young children and infants. Their dimensions and calibration are made to meet the needs of young children and infants. A few of these products have PC-integration even though others do not have. The quality of the results is dependent on their designing and the kind of components it consists of.

Another common type of audiometer is the high-frequency model. This is usually used in industries or other areas where there is production of loud sounds, to determine whether it can be harmful to the people living within such areas. The device is made in such a way that, it can be set to operate under certain thresholds and frequencies to meet certain uses. Their accuracy always depends on the threshold used.

A diagnostic audiometer can be either portable or stationary. These devices are used by audiologists to test bone, air and speech levels of certain areas to know whether it can destructive to people around. Some diagnostic audiometer models would be designed with PC-integration while others would be made with windows operation mechanisms.

An audiometer is an essential device for both audiologists and people with hearing-loss disorders. This is because the audiologists find it easy to diagnose hearing problems within their patients while the patients would be happy to know that they have been diagnosed properly; thus, they can begin to receive treatment. As a result, it is important for people to know the main types of these tools available since most devices are designed differently to be utilized for different reasons.

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Some Kinds Of Audiometers You Can Find In The Market

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