Pedicure Charlotte NC Can Be Done At Your Home

By Leticia Jensen
Every man and woman needs special pedicure Charlotte NC services. The manner in which people uphold their feet as well as their hands show others the level of cleanliness and the value you have put on it. The process has continued to change over time with various services being incorporated, ranging from beauty treatment to nail care. The processes help one to prevent feet problem and prevent some in the future.

Some people would like this process done in their homes. In this case, you start by preparing your feet. This is by getting rid of the dead skin layer. Ensure that you thoroughly scrap your heel. Scrap the outside of the toes and feet balls as well. You can do this by use of the callus removing file. Then add Epson salts and fizzing bath crystals to warm water. This will ensure there is aromatherapy in the service. After that, deep your legs in the water for like 15 minutes or so.

Take a pumice stone then rub it forth and back in one direction movement across the foot. This helps to smooth your skin. Avoid rubbing it too hard, or for long at a single place. This can expose your inner skin layer which is not good. When you have done this, dry the feet. You then take the cuticle tools that help one to push the skin and cuticle in the nail bed. If the cuticle process is done well, it increases the time your pedicures stay.

To make your work easier, use the toe separator. Weave it beneath each toe to make sure each stands alone. After this take the cuticle oils and apply them to your toes. Gently rub in the oils and then dab them to dry. You may use clippers to trim your nails if they are too long. Then take a nail file and shape them beautifully.

To make the process successful, apply a base coat. There are two coats which are used. This comprises of the nail color and the top coat. Take your time to apply each coat and make sure it dries well before you remove the toe separators.

A good toe nails treatment, whether done professionally in a salon or at home has several advantages. First of all, it prevents ingrown toenails that may get infected and are very painful. The deep cleansing on the nails and feet helps to keep away bacteria and fungi that infect the feet and cause disorders.

In most Charlotte, NC salons, a toe nails treatment will also be incorporated with a foot massage. This is very relaxing and very useful for your feet considering the torture of shoes and walking. The massage improves circulation on your feet and also helps one to move their muscles better. It also makes one feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

A professional pedicure service entails a safe procedure. This can be ensured even in your home by doing some investment like your time and money for it. Before you start the procedure, you should get rid of the old polishes. Soak the feet in warm water and then remove the dead skin. The specialists in the salon know these steps and follow them correctly. Therefore one is assured of a quality service.

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Pedicure Charlotte NC Can Be Done At Your Home

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