Musto Tops Are Practical And Fun

By Jaclyn Hurley
Finding good quality clothing at reasonable prices is never easy. But many people are happy to buy Musto tops, feeling confident they are getting outstanding value for money. The company specializes in sailing and outdoor clothes and have for years been at the cutting edge of fashion design for those on the go.

The company began business making sailing wear over forty years ago. Frustrated by the complete lack of water proof sailing gear, the founder decided to take matters into his own hands and start a totally new company. Fortunately there was a huge market for these clothes and business has been brisk ever since. Along the way Musto also started to make comfortable, warm and waterproof riding clothes.

The men’s Neptune Jacket is a classic example of one of the many great products. It is a sailing inspired design that works equally well for land lubbers. The style is classic, but with many innovative new features. It is shower proof and breathable, making it very versatile and useful for all seasons. The durable water repellent and roll away hood keep the wearer dry even on the most blustery day. Sizes range from small to XX large and the Neptune is available in several colors.

The extensive range caters to women, men and children. The are so many items to choose from it can often be difficult to make a final decision. There is outer wear, dress shirts, polo shirts and sweaters. Even the classic knit pullover seems to be making a come back. For the weekends a casual but stylish sweat shirt is perfect to throw on for a night on the town.

The men’s range has some great long and short sleeved shirts. For the office the classic white long sleeve shirt is always a winner. It teams up perfectly with any color suit and will last for years. For those looking for a more casual look the Christophe gingham shirts are perfect. Available in a host of colors and patterns they add a little splash of color to the day. The Gretton linen shirt is also very popular with men of all ages.

For the evenings and weekends the sweatshirt range is excellent. The fabrics are soft, comfortable and easy to care for. These great sweat shirts will go through the wash hundreds of times and still come out looking as good as new. Picking up one of these versatile items is great for the chilly spring evenings or a day out on the boat.

The range of men’s dress shirts is also impressive. There is sure to be something to please every one. For the warm summer months there are short sleeves in lots of fashionable designs. Those looking something a little different may want to try the Christophe. This style of shirt is fun, with its catchy gingham designs. Those who like to wear linen should check out the Gretton for both looks and comfort.

Even those who never set foot on a boat will love the nautically inspired Neptune Jacket for men. The modern fabrics have followed a classic line and achieved the amazing feat of a stylish but functional jacket at a reasonable price. The durable water repellent outer layer will ensure that people stay both warm and cozy.

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Musto Tops Are Practical And Fun

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