Drink Water To Lose Weight And Better Your Silhouette

An elaborate study by Rebecca Mukelbauer, a nutritionist from School of Public Health in Berlin, has established that there is a strong correlation between the amount of water consumed daily and maintaining a balanced body weight.
The problem is that for those who drink a lot of water it is harder to add weight than for those who drink a little. Thus, testing a group of subjects, it was noticed that, given the same diet, those who drank two cups of water before every meal, have lost 1.8 kg in a month, compared with others who did not drink water before the meal.
Regarding the reasons that cause weight loss of people consuming more water, there are many hypotheses. The most elementary hypotheses is that those who consume water before a meal, lose some appetite and thus consume less food.
Another, called “water-induced Thermogenesis” by scientists, shows that water introduced in the body stimulates the growth of the consumption of energy in the body.
The Institute of Medicine in Berlin has set the daily requirement for water – including the water in food – at 2.7 liters per day for women and 3.7 liters per day for men, writes infoniac.ru.
The values specified above should be interpreted as being an estimate, the exact amount of water consumed should be a result of a more personalized calculation. From this, it results that for every 500 g of body weight, you should drink between 15 to 29 ml of water.
Between the above limits, the evaluations relate to the climate and a lifestyle with permanent physical effort or limited to a sedentary job.
A very practical criterion of the body’s requirements with respect to water consumption comes from the urine. If your urine has a light color and lacks a strong smell, it means that your body gets sufficient amounts of water.
If, on the contrary, the urine has a darker color and a more pronounced smell, we have a signal that the body lacks the water, making it necessary to increase fluid intake.
In connection with how to consume liquids, nutritionists have several recommendations, which should not be neglected:
• Drink water throughout the day. A big drink of water at one time does not have the same effect as several drinks spread out in smaller quantities. It is recommended at all times to have on us a water bottle from which to drink a little bit.
• Drink a glass of water before meals. Drink water before meals, on one hand, it will “wash” the digestive tract, and on the other hand it will reduce some of the appetite.
• Give up on energy drinks. They contain sugar, and sugar consumed with water, promotes weight gain. Drink still water instead.
• Drink cold water. One study shows that the body’s effort to heat the water we consume accelerates fat burning and the carbohydrates metabolism.
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Drink Water To Lose Weight And Better Your Silhouette

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